To my readers,

Thank you so much for all your support, past and present. It is a big boost to my confidence to see my views on Snake Charmer so high every month; it really encourages me to keep working. I hope you will continue to support this book in the future as I work on rewrites, edits and additions.

I want to encourage you to leave feedback too, if you feel I have left something missing, would like to see more development somewhere or just want to share your thoughts on characters, settings or otherwise, please feel free to leave me a review. I try to check them regularly so I can reply. It helps me to know how you view the book!

As an aside, I have put up a secondary poll (to run until the completion of the second draft) to vote on a name for my novel. I am not certain that Snake Charmer properly describes the theme or feel of it anymore, and I would greatly appreciate reader input!

Again, thank you so much everyone for continuing to read Snake Charmer. I do hope you will enjoy the second draft even more.