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I don't think this is normal.

Okay, maybe it is, since I am a hormonal teenage girl. Though, I am pretty sure I shouldn't be having these...feelings towards my best friend.

What feelings?

Well, I feel like jumping his bones when I see him.

His toned, muscular body, strong arms and the way he walks... These oh-not-so-little details about him makes me crazy.

His deep, sexy voice, the way he whispers...

Okay, you get the point. I am getting carried on here.

Oh, I shouldn't forget about the dreams. The dreams which start with him kissing me senseless and end on a whole another level. If you get what I mean...

You would think not seeing him for a month would help me get over him. But noo...

While he had been visiting his cousin in England, I was at home moping around. That is, until my mom decided to take the matter into her own hands and get me a job in an ice cream parlor.

Let me clear things up a little bit, my name is Emma and I am completely in lo..I mean like...with my best friend. And Ryan has nothing but brotherly feelings towards me. So yeah, story of my life.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, he had been flirting with God-knows-how-many girls in England and I had nothing to do because all my other friends were on a vacation. That is what you get for staying at home in summer.

I started working at an ice cream parlor and that is where I met Leo, my temporary new best friend. Okay, that didn't sound right.

Leo and I met at work and hit it off right away.

He is a cute guy with messy brown hair and gray eyes. Not as cute as Ryan, though. Ryan has beautiful blue eyes and messy brown hair, slightly lighter then Leo's.

Not that it matters, because Leo is gay.

Okay, I am rambling again. The thing is, I told Leo all about my crush on Ryan. And how he would never see me as a girl.

I think he said something along the lines of "Are you fucking kidding me? You can turn a guy straight!" After the look I gave him, he added "A gay guy, I mean."

Right now, Leo and I are shopping. He decided I needed a make over and I am going along with it. Leo thinks that this will help me get Ryan's attention.

It can't hurt to try, can it?

"Hey, Em, I have an amazing idea!" Leo tells me as he pulls me towards a big clothes store. "Ryan is coming home tonight, right?" I nod and he continues talking. "Your hair is already done, all we have to do is get you some pretty clothes." He squeals.

It is weird hearing a guy squeal. I know he is gay but if you didn't know Leo, you could never guess he was gay.

I think about telling him I already have clothes but he is already in the store. I sigh and follow him.

While he is looking at the dresses, I check my reflection on the mirror. My new hair style does look good. I smile when I think about what Ryan's reaction would be.

Leo interrupts my thoughts by pushing me in a dressing room. I turn around and glare at him but decide to obey anyway.

My phone's annoying ring tone fills the room and I flip the phone open.



"Ryan?" I recognize his voice. His deep, sexy—oh for God's sake! "Are you home yet?" I ask excitedly.

"Yeah I just got here." I can practically see his smile. "Should I come over?"

"Yeah sure!" I reply, a little to happy. "But I have a friend over. Would that be a problem?" I ask nervously. I want him to come over. I glance at Leo, who tries to look like he is arranging my closet but it is obvious he is listening to our conversation.

"No problem." I smile, forgetting he can't see me. "And Ems?" He says before hanging up. "I missed you."

I can't help but grin like crazy. "I missed you too, Ry."

Leo shots me a look and wiggles his eyebrows. I toss him the nearest pillow.

"Shut up, dork."

"Well, this dork will give you something cute to wear." He retorts, holding out two different outfits in his hands.

"Oh god, I am not ready!"

Leo and I are running under the sprinklers in our garden and getting dressed up is a lost cause. Well, I actually did get dressed up but it was too hot inside the house, considering it is summer, and we couldn't resist the fresh air.

The fact is, I don't care about my wet hair, pulled up in a messy bun or my white, completely wet t-shirt. It is so worth it.

When we hear someone clearing his throat, I push myself up so I won't be straddling Leo anymore.

"Ryan!" I run and throw my arms around his neck, getting him wet in the process.

"Ems," He pulls me closer and hugs me. "It's great to see you."

He pulls away and stares at Leo, who is grinning like mad. I roll my eyes and mouth him to stop. He just shrugs and introduces himself.

"Hey, I'm Leo."

"Ryan." My best friend/crush replies, shaking his hand. I can't help but notice he is acting unfriendly.

Now, when I think about it, he is acting weird in general.

Ryan and I have always been close. We've hugged, wrestled and had tickle fights... And we were never uncomfortable with each other. But now, even on the phone, we act strange, distant.

I frown unintentionally and Ryan notices this immediately. "Hey, what's wrong?"

He sounds genuinely concerned. I fake a smile. "Nothing, let's go inside."

They follow me inside the house and we sit at the dining table. I open the freezer and take three Popsicles out. I turn around to see Ryan and Leo sitting in complete silence.


Okay, seriously, I hate awkward silences.

I look at Leo and he sticks his tongue out. I roll my eyes but I don't say anything because the situation is extremely awkward. I hand him a Popsicle and turn to Ryan to give him one too but I stop when I see him staring at me.

Not exactly at me.

At my...chest.

Uhm. Talk about awkward, huh?

He slowly looks up and meets my gaze.

Now, I am blushing. Oh this is just great!

Leo is trying to stifle a laughter and I throw him a oh-not-so-graceful look.

Ryan tries to explain but he starts stuttering. "I-I...uhm...y-your shirt is...uhm...wet."

"Oh." Really? Wow, Emma, what a clever response.

I look down and see my t-shirt is now completely see through. Which means everybody can see bra.

I feel like I blush even more but I am not sure if that's possible.

Thankfully, Leo intervenes. "I'll get you another shirt. The black tank top?" He asks me and I nod because I am not sure if my voice is still functioning.

In the corner of my eye, I see Ryan raising his eyebrow.

Before he leaves Leo throws his arm around my shoulder and whisper in my ear. "I think lover boy is jealous."

I chuckle as he climbs the stairs to my room.


"What?" I ask, not understanding what he meant.

"Nothing." He shrugs like he didn't even say anything. "It's just that, you guys must be really close friends." He adds with a hurt expression on his face. He pushes the chair back and gets up.

"I'll see you later, Emma."

"Ryan...Please don't be mad at me. I missed you. Let's-lets talk." I say pathetically.

"It's okay Em." His expression is a little softer now. "We'll talk later, okay?"

I nod. God! I am such a loser!

As I watch his retreating back, I can't help but feel a little bit turned on. His body is just so...delicious.

I slap myself in order to get rid of these thoughts and throw myself on the couch, fantasizing-I mean thinking about Ryan.

It has been two days since I last talked to Ryan. I am moping around again so Leo came over to fix the situation.

Apparently, he has a plan. I am not exactly keen on the plan but whatever.

Right now, he is going through my closet again, digging even deeper in order to find underwear.

"Emma, move your ass and find a nice thong in this mess!" He cries out, frustrated.

I sigh and get up, sitting next to him on the pile of clothes.

My phone rings and when Leo sees I have no intention of getting up, he answers the phone.

I am so focused on the clothes that I don't realize Leo has put the phone on speaker and is still talking on the phone.

"Leooo!" I call out, frustrated. "I can't find my red thong."

"That is what I said a minute ago, babes." He replies not caring there is someone on the phone. And he doesn't even warn me. That bastard.

"Ugh, you must have done something with it. It is supposed to be right here. What did you do? Take it as a souvenir?" I realize my mistake when I turn around to see Leo who still has my phone in his hand.

Then, there is a noise coming from my phone, like someone is choking. My eyes widen and I ran next to Leo to see the caller ID.

"Uhm...o-okay then, I-I guess you guys are...umm...busy." I hear Ryan say, before he hangs up.

Leo smirks knowingly. I hit him with my pillow over and over again.

"Are you fucking crazy? Why would you let me embarrass myself like that?" I scream at Leo but he doesn't look affected.

"Hon, this is good." Was his reply. Oh, I hate him soo much.

"How? Is he going to realize his undying love for me when he thin—oh..." I stop screaming when I understand what Leo was trying to do. "Well, I am sorry but that is the worst plan I have ever heard."

I am officially pissed off. The plan is completely ridiculous. And now, Ryan thinks...well I have no idea what Ryan thinks.

God, I hate my life.

I scoff and throw myself to my bed, ready to cry.

Suddenly there is a red clothing on my face, thrown at me by Leo.

"Try it on sweetheart. The second part of the plan."

"Come on Emma! If he doesn't feel the same way, you don't have to do it. Okay?" Leo asks me as we walk to Ryan's house.

I am not sure if I can do it but I nod anyway.

Leo stops when we are at the door and kisses me on the cheek.

"Good luck, babes."

"Thanks." I smile hesitantly.

I don't think I have ever been this nervous before.

I breathe in deeply before I knock on the door.

"Hi Emma!" Ryan's mom greets me. "Long time, no see."

I smile at her words. I have always loved her. She is such a friendly women.

"Hey Mrs. D."

"I assume you are here to see Ryan." She says as she opens the door all the way. " He has been really moody lately."

I smile nervously.

"Come on in then. Do you want me to take your coat?" She asks me.

"NO!" I shout, startling her. "I mean, no, Mrs. D. I'll be fine."

GOD! Stupid stupid stupid...

"Well, okay dear. I am just going to the neighbors, Sarah invited me to brunch." She says smiling brightly. "You guys behave, okay?"

And with that she leaves the house.

Oh God. We are completely alone in this house right now.

I don't think I can breathe anymore. I think I am hyperventilating.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

It's not working!

After 10 minutes of panicking I finally make my way to Ryan's room.

I knock on his door twice and he tells me to come in, probably thinking that I am his mom.

I open the door slowly and quickly close it behind me.

"Emma?" He has a surprised look in his eyes.

I stare at his eyes before realizing something much more important.

He is not wearing a shirt. His jeans are dangerously low and his hair is wet.

A drop of water trails down his chest and I keep staring at his delicious delicious body.

God, this boy is hot.

"Hi, Ryan" I manage to say. "I came here to... talk."

"What do you want to talk about? Your new boyfriend? How hot he is? Or how you don't want to be friends with me anymore? Oh, I got it, the hot steamy sex you've been having?" He spits out angrily.

He is not the only one who is angry, though.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I yell at him and he flinches.

"Sorry, it's none of my damn business, right?" He sighs and sits on his bed.

"Ryan..." I trail off. "You are my best friend."

Great move Emma. Fucking fantastic.

"Yeah, I know." He says bitterly. "That's what I am to you. Nothing more."

Well, here goes nothing."Do you want...something more?" I ask.

"Are you kidding me? You are driving me fucking crazy, Em. I find myself staring at your...umm...assets and stuff." I blush but he continues talking. "I think about you all the time. And I..." He bites his lip like he always does when he is nervous.

I wait for him to finish his sentence. He takes a deep breath before talking again.

"And I...fantasize about you."

There isn't a mirror nearby but I am pretty sure I resemble a tomato by now.

I open my mouth but Ryan cuts me off. "I know you don't feel the same way, you probably don't want to see me again. I understand, you have Leo now."

"No, no Ry, of course not. And Leo is nothing more than a friend." I inform him.

"Just like me." He mumbles.

"Ry, there is no way I can tell you how I feel without fainting so I'll just do it." He looks confused.

"Do what?"

And then I do it. I drop my trench coat on the floor, standing in the middle of the room, with nothing but my underwear on.

Ryan stares, and stares, and stares...

"Holy shit!" He exclaims, his eyes wide.

He glances at my red thong, then at my red lacy push-up bra which, I must admit, compliments my breasts.

He tries to focus on my face but he fails...miserably.

I wait for him to say something but he doesn't.

Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe he doesn't see me that way.

Millions of thoughts are flying around in my head.

I bend down the pick my coat up but I stop when I hear him speak.

"Stop." His voice is barely audible but it's enough for me. I straighten up and take a step towards him hesitantly.

"Emma. Does this mean what I think it means?" He asks me before taking a step closer.

"It means that you are driving me crazy, moron." I take one more step and we are pressed up against each other.

He smiles brightly right before he leans in and captures my lips. I immediately respond and snake my arms around his neck. His hands are on my bare waist and his thumbs are driving circles, which causes me to shiver.

He chuckles at my reaction and pulls me even closer.

"I like your new hair." He murmurs, making me chuckle.

I push him on the bed and he stares at me wide eyed. I climb on top of him and he lets out a moan. I trace his muscles and let my hands roam around his body.

I freeze when I feel something. Something...hard. Ryan stops kissing me when he realizes what I realized.

"Oh shit. Emma, I am so sorry. I should...umm..." He trails off, not knowing what to do.

"Ry, relax. I came here in only my underwear, do you think I didn't think about this?"

"God, it's embarrassing." He states, avoiding my eyes. "We didn't even do anything yet." I don't think this last part was meant for me to hear.

I don't know what to do so I do the only thing I can. I tell him the truth.

"I don't think it's embarrassing." I tell him. "Actually, I think it is hot."

I lean in and place a kiss on his neck. And one more. And one more.

No need to go into the details... But I'll let you know, I'm so glad I got rid of my coat.

We lie on his bed, cuddling, after some...very intimate activities.

We stare at each others eyes for a while. He places a kiss on my nose and starts talking.

"How did you decide to do this?" He asks, an amused expression on his face.

"You can thank Leo later." I answer truthfully.

He gives me a look that says 'are you serious?' so I add.

"He even chose my underwear." I say, smiling sheepishly, knowing this will make him jealous.

"He WHAT?" He asks, no longer amused. "So he saw you naked? Why?"

He is now half sitting half lying on the bed, looking at me for answers.

I shrug. "Why shouldn't he?"

I admit. I am pissing him off on purpose.

But he looks so damn hot when he is angry.

I can't hold my laughter in anymore and I start laughing.

"It is not funny." He scoffs.

When I don't stop laughing, he turns his back to me.

"Ry," I say between chuckles "Leo is gay."

He immediately turns back around. "He is?" He looks so happy that I can't help but laugh at his cuteness.

"Yes. I think he even has a boyfriend." I tell him.

Suddenly he frowns. "So I've been jealous for nothing?"

"Well, I wouldn't say this is nothing." I say before leaning in for another kiss.

Still, I don't think this is normal. Having these extreme feelings towards someone.

Oh well, as long as I can kiss him anytime, I can live with that.

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