Hey everyone! I'm back and this is my new book that I'm working on. :) Promise it'll get better. I've been working on it for a year or so.. it was actually a RP.. and still is but has a lot of tweaks and much more dramatic. Basically some ideas that we didn't use cause it was too much will be in here. Hopefully you like the story.. promise it gets much better. Promise I'll update periodically too! Hahah. Anyway, hopefully you guys like this one as much as my other stories! Lucien © Kay Zayn/Amalesh © Night Play Storyline/Plot/Ideas/etc © Kay & Night Play BTW. I'mma tell you this ONCE IF YOU DO NOT LIKE BOY LOVE/YAOI/SLASH. DO NOT READ. THIS WILL GET A BIT VIOLENT TOO... SO, YEAH. I WARNED YOU.

Enjoy! XXXXXXX Night Play


Murder By Death


"Ari! I'm backkk!" A squeal came from the other side of the door as it slammed open. The squeal of happiness instantly turning into a look of fear before he gave a scream of fear instead. Two large men grabbing Zayn as his crystal blue eyes looked around for his lover, partner and husband, Ari.

When his eyes finally found the man his heart sank. The tall, handsome mafia prince beat and on his knees as he bled from his face, mouth, and nose; bruises already forming on any piece of skin Zayn could see from his position... the whole idea of the man being beat in such a fashion brought him to a stop as he had been struggling in the larger mans grasps.

"Amalesh, you're late." A man purred in Zayn's ear as tears were forming in Zayn's eyes. Zayn was able to see Ari's jaw flex in anger as he was hit and doubled over from the pain. It was then that Zayn saw Ari's arms tied behind his back as the man behind him stood harshly on his calves from keeping him from moving… a strong hand gripping his hair to pull him back so he was forced to watch.

"Let him go!" Zayn's accent only became thicker as he spoke, his Egyptian background coming through as he was soon speaking in Arabic. His panic mode on full blast as he started to struggle again.

"Say your last words, Ari… because we are going to make him just like you. A whore, mute and possibly dead." A chuckle came from deep within the man's throat and the whole speech made Zayn tense as his eyes jerked to look towards Ari; head now shaking in disbelief.

"Ari!" he screamed, loud, as the man finally brought his hand over his mouth. He continued to scream through the man's hand though as he was soon knocked down onto the ground and straddled. The man taking no time for any pleasantries as Zayn's clothes were now being ripped in all directions. He swore he could feel a knife digging into his skin before he heard the loud 'RIP' sound of his jeans being torn.

Ari was struggling now... a low growl heard from him as he tried to move to help Zayn. The screaming fueling his boiling blood as he was soon up, shouldering the man that was holding him down and lunging over to where Zayn was being attacked.

He didn't get far before he dropped to the ground, the echo of a gunshot resonating of the walls.


Zayn's eyes snapped open as he laid there in shock for a moment before he finally shot up from the couch and took in a deep breath. Slowed reaction but for a moment he couldn't believe that he had had that dream again. It made him shake as his hands came up to brush away the tears that had formed in his eyes; body covered in sweat.

Slender legs kicked off the throw as he planted them firmly on the ground and took several breaths before deciding he needed some water.

A heavy sigh escaped him but the mood quickly vanished as his roommate was heard coming through the door. Zayn's brow rose as he took another drink of water and quickly wiped his eyes to make sure he didn't look like he was crying.

The large man clad in black walked into the apartment, shutting the door with a boot clad foot, before dropping a large bag by the door and giving a heavy sigh. Zayn's eyes weren't exactly nice as they traveled over the toned body in the dark and liked what it could see… even if it was just an outline.

A grin was on his face now as he moved over to the man, leaving his water bottle behind, and let his right hand take a firm grope of his ass before signing,

"Look at you trying to sneak in. Did you have a hot date?" he was teasing as he peered up to the man in the dark. The man was perfection… at least would be if he didn't have such a rotten personality.

"Aren't you suppose to be in bed, Kid?" he muttered as he waved the hand away and pushed passed him to grab a cup and fill it up with faucet water. It's not like there was much of a difference between bottled or sink… he down the cup before eyes moved back to the Egyptian only to find him already behind him. Chills ran down his back as he hadn't even realized the boy moved… how he did that he could never figure out.

"You didn't answer my question… one could die worrying over you, you know that?" Zayn signed as his eyes rolled. He was giving off the impression that was exactly what he did… when really it hadn't been.

"Yeah right, you were asleep before I even left… who do you think put that blanket on you?" his hand came out to ruffle Zayn's hair, if only the kid really knew that he in fact could die by just knowing him. He sighed tiredly before he moved passed him again and grabbed his bag.

"Night, kid."

And with that, Lucien was now moving into his room and locking the door. Zayn smiling a bit before he would do the same.