"Babe, wake the fuck up." She pushed his shoulder roughly and he's shoved against the window of the car.

His head, which was resting on the steering wheel, shot up. He blinked, momentarily confused. His girlfriend sat in the passenger seat with her arm crossed over her chest. Her eyebrow was arched above her emerald green eyes.

"Sleeping on the job? Really."

He rolled his eyes; he knew he should have taken Michael with him instead. At least he would have kept watch for him instead of nag.

"How long was I out?" he mumbled, running his hands over his face.

She checked her watch, "About five minutes."

He closed his eyes slowly then looked back to the brunette, "Five minutes? What the hell, Court."

She shrugged like she didn't give a shit – which she didn't. "You're the one who said you wanted to do this 'right' blah, blah, blah."

She pulled her dark locks into a ponytail and placed her Aviators on. She opened the door and slipped a long leg out, "The parking lot is clear now," she said; it was what they were waiting for. She gave a loud sigh, "Are you ready to start school, Travis?"

"No," he grumbled. But it was the fastest way to meet her; get to know her – save her.

He got out of the car. Closing the door, he scanned the lot, searching for the main office. "You know our story?"

Court rolled her eyes that he saw perfectly, even through the dark lenses of her shades. "Yes, Babe. I know our story." As to prove her point, she stated, "our parents are long time friends and business partners, they got a good offer here, decided to move and now we start school."

He smiled at her, "and here I thought blondes were dumb."

She glared at him, "I'm a brunette."

"Since three days ago," he mumbled, leading the way.




"Travis Dale and Courtney Levine." The office secretary, a middle aged women who was already graying, had mumbled while searching them up on the computer. She was probably pretty, Travis supposed, when she was younger.

Courtney gave him a look as if guessing his thoughts. He shrugged – not caring that his girlfriend was getting jealous. It's not like this was something new.

"Here you are," she printed some papers out and handed them over two the two teenagers, "Have a wonderful first day." She smiled at them.

"Will do." Travis tipped the baseball hat that was placed on his dark hair.

"Whatever," Courtney mumbled as she exited the office.

Travis looked over their schedules; "Looks like I wont see you till lunch." He handed her the paper and kissed her. He placed his hat on her head and slipped her Aviators on to his own face, "Do me a favor; try to keep your panties from twisting." He smacked her ass lightly and walked to his first class.





Celine nodded her head absently as Tiffany droned on about a recent hook up.

"Really?" Tiffany asked loudly, "You'd rather go out with Dylan Parker than hook up with Peter Prescott?"

Celine blinked – how much of the conversation had she actually missed? She was way to busy staring at the new kid. With his gorgeous head of hair, his tone and tanned body – a bit muscular, but more on the lanky side – and his hazel eyes.

"What?" she asked staring at her fellow cheerleader.

The blonde girl with blue streaks in her hair chuckled. Her brown eyes shimmering with mischief, "I asked if you wanted Dylan over Peter and you shook your head yes."

Celine frowned; Dylan was the nerdy boy who was obsessed with aliens and conspiracies. His glasses were too big and his clothes were out dated. Where as Peter was head of the football team, grade A student and a hot piece of ass, admittedly, but he was just…so common – not interesting.

Her lips twitched at the side. By now, nearly the whole English class was glancing her and Tiffany's way – even the new boy – seemingly, having heard Tiffany's outburst. "Why of course." Celine answered. "Who wouldn't want them a nice piece of Dylan" she purred his name out and glanced at his direction. He was sitting in the front of the classroom, staring open mouth at her. She winked in his direction and he blushed furiously.

Tiffany giggled, "Oh, your evil."

Celine smiled wickedly as she got up from her seat, "Who said I was joking?" she grabbed her bag as the bell sounded, signaling the end of class.

She glanced over at New Boy. He stared at her with a slight turn of his lips – he was frowning. She furrowed her eyebrows; did he not find the little Dylan joke funny? He must have been one of those people who believed in equal rights and shit.

She shrugged to herself as she exited the class with Tiffany behind her. She used to be one of those people.

"So, I know its not just me, but is Travis hot or what?" Tiffany gushed when they reached her locker, which conveniently, was right next to Celine's.

"Who?" Celine asked. She went to open her locker, but as soon as she touched the metal, it sparked her fingers. She shook them quickly as Tiffany went on, not noticing.

She rolled her eyes and reapplied her lip gloss, staring at herself in the mirror placed on the inside of her locker door, "The boy you were drooling over a few minutes ago."

She smiled, so that was his name, huh?

A tingle went up her spine and she turned her head, just in time to see Travis open the locker, right next to hers. She opened her mouth to say something, but a dark haired, supermodel hot, girl with striking green eyes came up beside him. "Babe, I'm contemplating cutting."

Travis turned to her, "So soon? On your first day? Well, isn't our golden girl being naughty." His voce was musical – he should be the lead singer of a band. It seemed as though the way he said 'golden' was some sort of inside joke.

The girl mouth grew into a sly smile, "Maybe I need to be punished." She said it seductively and in a whisper Celine was sure she wasn't supposed to hear. Celine frowned.

A weird feeling erupted in the pit of her stomach. Maybe she was hungry. She turned back to Tiffany, who was just finishing with her mascara. She frowned at her English textbook in hand then to her locker. She touched it again but it shocked her. "Fuck it." She mumbled and walked away from it.

She heard Tiffany's locker shut, "What the fuck, Bitch. Wait for me."

Celine clutched the textbook to her chest with one hand and flipped off her friend with the other, walking towards the cafeteria briskly.

She was quite aware of the two pairs of eyes staring after her.




"I don't like her." Courtney said as she watched the blonde girl – she was sure it was bleached – walk away with her heels echoing in the almost deserted hallway.

"Who do you like?" Her boyfriend asked rhetorically.

"She's your charge?" Courtney asked ruefully.

Travis nodded his head while following behind Celine and Tiffany.

"I don't like it. The idea of you and her... but whatever – anything to even out the balance, right?"

"Court," he sighed, slipping his hands into hers, "I don't care how bad she is, but I'm not giving up on her. She's going to make it through." He wasn't as confident as he sounded.

The door to the cafeteria opened and Celine is sitting with a group of people. She has a textbook close to her and tray of food in front of her.

She looks up to a guy across from her and rolls her dark eyes, "Fuck you, Tyler."

"How hard, Baby." Tyler asks. He's a tanned kid. He looked Persian, maybe. His hair was black but streaked with blonde.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Courtney mumbled as Travis started walking towards them.

"Making friends." He answered.

He walked up to the table; a short Asian girl was first to look up. She smiled, "How may we help you?"

Tyler gave them a once over, "But keep in mind; our services aren't cheap."

Tiffany flicked him, "What is wrong with you?"

"We're just looking for someplace to sit – do you mind?" Travis asked charmingly.

"No. Not really." The Asian girl said. "I'm Anna, by the way. This is Tyler, Tiffany and Celine." She said introducing each one of them. "There's usually more of us, but our lunch periods are all mixed up this year and some of them are practicing or studying – over achievers here – speaking of which," She turned to Celine as Travis And Courtney took a seat. Travis placed his hand behind his girl's chair. "What's this I hear about you wanting to date Dylan instead of Peter. Kyle's going to be mighty pissed."

"Also," Tyler added, "What's with the book? Studying?"

Goosebumps were visible on Celine's skin. She peeled her eyes away from the window behind Tyler – something had caught her eyes, but she blinked and it was gone. She scoffed at Tyler, "Babe, I never study. And yes. I rather date Dylan than Peter. Peter's a bore – and Kyle can suck my dick."

Tiffany's mouth fell open – unattractive really. "You weren't kidding?"

Courtney raised an eyebrow, "Why doesn't it surprise me that you have a dick?"

Anna spat out her drink.

In truth, Celine was joking at first, but now that she thought of it… she frowned, wait – what did this bitch just say?

Travis chuckled nervously, "What my girlfriend means is that –"

"No," Courtney said cutting him off, "I meant exactly what I said, so don't decipher me, Travis."

"It doesn't surprise you," Celine said getting up, "Maybe because you have a dick yourself."

"I'm pretty sure I don't have a dick – Travis can vouch for me."

He groaned, "Don't drag me into this."

Celine's eye twitched. She opened her mouth to reply, but a hand slapped her ass. She squealed and turned around to her assaulter. Travis' body twitched to defend her. Courtney glared at him, guessing his thoughts.

Her assaulter was tall, lean, muscular, sandy blonde – kind of resembled a less tan version of "The Situation" from the Jersey Shore.

She stomped her pointy heel into his foot and he groaned, "Ah what the fuck!"

She poked his chest, "Touch me again and you will get fucked in the ass." She turned and made her way out of the cafeteria. She turned back halfway there, "With a rake. Side ways."

"Fuck you!" he yelled clutching his feet. "Go run along to your boyfriend, Dylan."

"Go run along to your mom, Asshole." She slammed the door shut behind her. Travis looked around; the whole cafeteria was nonchalant about it as if it happened daily.

Tyler frowned at him, "Why are you such a dick, Kyle?"

Tiffany just glared, "He's just mad that she's the only piece ass he didn't fuck."

"Wow," Anna mumbled, "This Dylan rumor is spreading fast."

Kyle scowled, "What the fuck ever. She needs to get off the rag and stop being such a prude." He then glanced over at Travis and Courtney. He smiled at Courtney "And who might you be, Gorgeous?"

Courtney got up, "Your worst nightmare." She looked into his eyes. "Cuddles. How cute." She smirked and left with a shocked Kyle and the others confused.

Travis raised an eyebrow and chuckled. He followed his girl out as his phone rang. Once outside, he picked it up.

"Honey Bun," a mocking voice said, "How's the first day of school going for my big man?"

"Fuck you, Mike." Travis said.

"Oh" Mike mock-moaned, "You dirty boy. Do you talk to everyone like that? Or just me?"

He rolled his eyes, "What do you want?"

The other boy chuckled, "Nothing, I just ran some background info on your girl."

Travis cocked his head and glanced at Courtney who was rubbing her temples, walking beside him. "You did a background check… on Court?"

"No," Mike chuckled again, "your other girl. Celine."

"She's not my girl – but what do you got?"

"What exactly do you want to know?"

Travis considered it, "Future."

"Well, to be honest, its still blurry, but you two need to find the seven Aurums Ultricies, obviously, and um… something big is going to happen by the end of this week."

"Great," Travis muttered, "Seven medals, a life changing week and a bitch. When did life get so complicated?"

Michael sucked in a breath, ready to answer, but Travis ended the conversation. "Let's go find Blondie." He said, much to Courtney's dismay.









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