Something I've been meaning to write for years but never really got around to it. Enjoy.

The night was moonless. Good. The tracker had some business to do, and he did not want to be seen.

He seemed to glide through the night, melting into the shadows, becoming no more than a blur to the naked eye.

He made his way down the street to Number 312 Crooked Arrow Court, home to the Williams. Carl, the father, was a middle-aged professor. Jessica, the mother, was a special education teacher at a middle school. They had three children, Erin, Madelyn, and Nicholas.

But there was only one that he was interested in. Madelyn.

As he faced the house, he tried to persuade himself that he was only going to Awaken the girl. But this was a different case. He'd been told by his Lady that her aura was incredibly pure. More pure than ever seen before. If he had actually been doing just business, he never would've visited this house, which would typically be for beginning Trackers. He was the best at what he did. After all, he hadn't survived several millennia for nothing.

But as he climbed the walls, his mind was back on business. Get in. Awaken her. Leave. Get in. Awaken her. Leave. This was his steady mantra. The window was lighted, and he had to squint to see inside the room, finding a girl with straight dark brown hair asleep, a book in hand. It seemed that she had fallen asleep while reading. He tensed as he heard the soft thump of footsteps on the stairs beyond the closed door. He dodged out of sight as the girl's mother came into the room. Jessica Williams crossed to Madelyn's bedside, and bookmarked the book, and pulled the blue quilt over Madelyn's curled up body. She laughed and whispered something in her daughter's ear.

"Sleep with angels."

There were no angels coming for Madelyn tonight, that much was certain. The Tracker idly wondered what Jessica would think of him Awakening the girl. But he dismissed the thought. Mortals would never learn what had happened to her.

After all, he thought as his lips curled back in disdain, mortals can't handle anything outside of their safe little bubble.

He climbed through the window, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, then reopened them. And as he did, they widened in shock.

Madelyn Williams's aura had two layers, the first one, a layer of pure white surrounding her body, and a deep purple layer on top of that.

And for the first time in all of his millennia of experience, the Tracker was shocked beyond belief.

And then a thought fell into his mind. This is the chosen one of the prophecy by Cassandra. You will Awaken her now. She will be my champion.

He murmured, "Yes, M'lady," and wondered just how big of a life that he was destroying for her, how much of a future he was mutilating.

And then he sunk his teeth into her neck.