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Chapter Eight

Madelyn had been given only one textbook in school. It was a thick book, the sort that was so heavy that you could knock out someone with. The cover was unassuming, a modest green that was neither bright nor dark. There was only one problem.

It's pages were blank.

As far as she could tell, nothing had ever been written in there. So when one of the professors had given her homework using pages in the book, she had been utterly confused. Asking Andy was out of the question (she was still recovering) and Madelyn didn't want to bother trying to hunt down Logan.

"History of Vampires," she muttered to herself. "The only time we have homework, and I have no idea what to do." She turned to a blank page, and a sheet of paper fluttered to the floor.

It had the messy handwriting of a guy, scribbled carelessly. On it was a note that when read contained a spell. However, Madelyn did not know this at the time, so she simply cast it aside, putting it in a notebook that she kept.

She looked down at the paper with the pages she needed to read. The chapter that she was meant to read started on page 7. She idly turned the page, and there it was, having materialized onto what had been a previously blank page. Madelyn blinked, and turned back to the other page. It was still blank. She then turned to many other pages ahead. They were blank as well.

Having turned back to the correct page, she leant down over it and began to read.

The first man had two sons, two brothers. The first brother seemed to be the better man than the second. The second brother sometimes felt as if his parents couldn't care less about him. The first brother was the definition of perfection, and the second was the blemish among the picture-perfect family.

He decided to kill his brother.

After the nasty business was done, the second hid his brother's body. He even gave him a decent burial, which was surprising for someone whom he had hated so much.

Barely after the second brother had left, and angel of darkness came with the intent of helping to create another one of the beings of darkness. As soon as the venom coursed through his veins, he began to change. Had he hated his brother for killing him, there would have been no hope for him.

But he softened his heart and understood his brother's actions. This is how the first vampire was created.

The vampire walks the earth as a hybrid. It is half-human, half-devil.

Many years passed, and soon a righteous man began preaching repentance unto the hordes of the wicked. Vampires had begun to be noticed by the people. The vampires were able to control elements, usually only one, the one that responded to their spirit the best.

Vampires began to be hunted, and soon the people of the earth grew to be so wicked that the water elementalists flooded the earth. But there was a flaw in this plan. Those without the power or ability to breath underwater would die off. So they created the city of Atlantis.

The city vanished under the sea, protected by water elementalists. And there they stayed.

Eventually, the vampires resurfaced, and soon became creatures of legend. Prowlers of the night, they preyed on human flesh.

Soon, the fear of the dark became widespread. The fear began with what lurked in the dark. By the time Dracula had showed up, they knew that they had gone too far. And so vampires sunk from the world again, under the waters of darkness and obscurity.

Vampires are now located all over the world, and humans are ignorant that they exist. Peace exists and they live in co-harmony.

"Wow," Madelyn said. "Well, that escalated quickly."

And she began her paper, having learned the beginnings of vampires.

"This might take a while..."