You found your passion

You found your style

But in the process

I am in the background

Faking a smile

You notice only

After the game is done

I am glad for you though

You did your best and won

I won't be the one

To stop your fun

I won't be the one to ruin the day

All I will do is stay away

I'll let you be with those who care

I won't be the one to dare

I'm not mad

I'm not sad

I'm not upset

But you may not get

The kisses that we enjoy

The games within this ploy

I may sound mean and possessive

But I'll stay quiet about my motives

Enjoy yourself all you can

You will still be my man

Just promise when the time comes

And the day is done

You won't blame me for being me

You won't keep apologizing for not being free

I will say good night

I don't want to fight

Tomorrow is a new day

Just promise to let me have my way

Next time you better have time

Or else you will have a higher climb

To reach my good mood

You didn't notice it from where you stood

Next time leave the others

Or you will no longer be smothered

With the touch of my happiness

For I will become venomous

So for now I'll leave you be

Maybe without me you will see