He was sitting contently at the cafeteria table, talking to his best friend Travis when all of the sudden an ice cold bottle of water was poured over his head. He closed his eyes and gaped stupidly like a fish. He brushed his thick, wet hair out of his eyes and looked up at the only girl who would dump water on him.

Nicki was fuming. Her red hair was thrown behind her shoulders and her pretty lips were set into a disturbed line. Her cheeks were stained an angry red and her brown eyes flashed. He couldn't help himself when his green eyes traveled down the length of her body. She was dressed in a white tank top with a flowing black vest over it and a black pleated skirt. Black ballet flats adorned her small feet and beaded bracelets jangled on her right wrist.

Nicki threw the water bottle at him when she saw his eyes travel back up her body. He caught it and drank the last few sips from the plastic. She narrowed her eyes at him and put her hands on her hips.

They had gathered a small crowd with the majority of the cafeteria watching. Dylan placed the water bottle on the table and leaned forward so his elbows were on the table.

"Why did you do that?" he asked, almost laughing. Nicki huffed, hands balled into fists on her hips. "I don't know, Dylan. Maybe you could tell me." Dylan smiled and raised his eyebrows before slowly standing. Nicki looked up at him, unmoving. "Could this have anything to do with a certain freshman and my cock?" Her hand moved faster than he could blink.

There was a collective gasp in the cafeteria when his head was whipped to the right sharply. Dylan sighed and rubbed his hand over his swiftly reddening left cheek. He looked at Nicki's face. Her eyes were filled with tears he knew she would never let fall. He licked his lips and shrugged.

"Did you?" She asked her voice still strong. He kept his gaze steady on her. "Fuck her, I mean?" She crossed her arms and sniffed. The cafeteria was eerily silent.

"It's okay, Dylan. You can tell me. I won't be mad." He shook his head. "No, I won't tell you because you'll be mad. Even if you say you won't be."

She shook her head. "How do you know how I'll react? You're not me, Dylan." He rested his palms flat on the table and stared at her. "Every girl says that and never means it. She always says she won't get mad and she always gets mad. It's a trap." She huffed and looked away. "Just tell me. I don't care anyway."

He laughed out loud. "Now that. That is the stupidest lie you've ever told me. Of course you'll care or you wouldn't be asking me if I slept with her. I was drunk and she was hot." His eyes grew wide and her face fell. The crowd started to whisper.

Nicki and Dylan were famous for their public fights. Nobody knew what they were. Were they dating? Were they friends? Friends with benefits? Nobody knew because they hadn't clarified. Nicki had a tendency to call him out in public. Dylan never backed down. The crowd knew for a while that Dylan and Nicki had some weird relationship but this was the first time they'd heard of Dylan sleeping with another girl since he had started sleeping with Nicki. Apparently it was.

Her bottom lip trembled and he ran his hand over his face and through his hair. She looked around at the crowd and bit her tongue so she wouldn't cry. She looked at Dylan and he couldn't even meet her eyes. She crossed her arms and took a deep breath.

Dylan looked up when she let out a broken laugh. "I guess I deserved it." Dylan shook his head and reached for her. She shrank back and took a step away from him. He began to walk around the table and she backed up to the door. They were in the middle of the cafeteria at this point.

She shook her head. "I just thought you were different, you know, then what they said." He licked his lips. "I am different." She scrunched up her face and whimpered.

"How? How are you different? They said you slept around. That you never stayed with one girl very long. And I thought I was different. You bastard." He shook his head and felt a movement deep in his chest. A tightness that had never been there before. He felt tears prick his eyes. "Nick, I swear it didn't mean anything."

She shook her head. "It does, though. It means something to me." A tear trailed down her left cheek and she angrily wiped it away. "It means that I'm not good enough anymore. You don't want me." A single sob escaped her lips and she covered her mouth with her hand to stop it. Tears were freely falling from her eyes now.

He took a step forward and reached out for her. She shook her head and took a step back. "No. Don't touch me. I don't want you to ever touch me again. Not after you've touched her." Dylan closed his eyes and forced his tears at bay. "I was drunk. I didn't know the difference between a door and window." She shook her head and stood up tall.

She walked over to him and stood directly in front of him their chests barely touching. "I hope you enjoyed it. I really do because you can't have me anymore."

Dylan reached out for her as she began to walk to the door. She didn't look back once on her journey. Dylan stood, broken, in the middle of the cafeteria. He'd made a stupid mistake and paid for it by losing the only girl he'd ever loved.

He looked up and drew his eyebrows together. He loved her. He'd never said it before, not even in his head.

He ran out the cafeteria doors and turned the corner but she was already gone. He ran a hand through is hair and began searching.

Nicki rushed to the nearest bathroom and held her hand over her mouth. She locked herself in the first stall and sat on the toilet seat. She wrapped her arms around her middle and rocked back and forth. She couldn't stop the tears from falling.

She had never felt this much pain in her life. It felt like he had ripped her heart right out of her chest and stepped on it before placing it back behind her ribs. She was devastated. No one should be able to function with this much pain in their system. Surely someone had died from this pain before?

She froze when she heard the door open and two voices talking. "I didn't even know he had a girlfriend." A worried voice said. Nicki looked at the locked door. That stupid freshman and her friend were in here. "Well, not anymore. Didn't you see the way she bitch slapped him in the cafeteria five minutes ago. If you ask me, he's all yours, Bree."

Nicki slammed the stall door open and looked at the girl who'd just spoken. She saw Nicki and her face fell. She turned from the mirror and looked at Nicki. "I… I… I didn't know you were… I mean… I thought we were alone." She finished lamely.

Nicki gave her an evil smile. "Clearly. What's your name?" The girl gulped. "Anna." Nicki nodded and looked Anna up and down. "Would you have said that if you knew I was in here?" Anna shook her head quickly. "Then why did you say it when you didn't?" Anna looked at her.

Nicki turned her eyes to Bree who shrank back at her gaze. Nicki walked slowly towards Bree until their faces were an inch apart. "What is your name?" She asked Bree quietly. "Bree." She answered quietly. "What did he call you, when his cock was sliding in and out of your tight pussy?" Bree blushed at her words and shook her head. "He…he didn't call me anything."

Nicki tsked and ran her hand over Bree's hair. "Don't lie. What did he call you? Was he your first? Did you actually want him?" Bree trembled under her gaze. Anna looked at Nicki. "Why don't you just leave us alone?"

Nicki rounded on Anna. "I'm trying to have a conversation here with your friend. Don't interrupt." Anna nodded and looked at Bree. So did Nicki. They both waited for Bree to answer.

"He…he…he called me Nick. I wasn't a virgin and no. I just thought he was cute and I heard he was good." Nicki stood up straight and looked down at Bree. "Listen to me, little girl. You don't ever touch him again. I should beat you for what you did to me but that's just not me. But be made aware. I can make your life a living hell. Stay out of my way and don't mess with me."

Nicki backed away and smiled sweetly at both girls before exiting the bathroom.

Dylan was sitting on the couch in the practice choir room. The choirs were at state and wouldn't be back for a few more hours. He sat with his elbows on his knees and his left knee bouncing. He was looking at a drug free poster taped to the broken desk in front of him.

He looked up when he heard the door being pushed open. Nicki was leaning against the door jamb with her arms crossed and her head bowed. He waited. She came to find him and she would talk first. She looked up at him and just looked broken.

"It really hurt me that you would feel so little respect for our relationship that you could go and sleep with a freshman whore. It thought I meant…we meant more to you than that?" Dylan didn't move. "I don't even know what we are." He said. She nodded. "I know." She entered the room and closed the door behind her, twisting the lock into place.

She stood in front of him and straddled his lap. He moved his hands to her waist but she pushed them away and placed them under her knees so he couldn't move them. "You don't get to touch. I do." He nodded. "I want us to be more. More than just fuck buddies or friends with benefits. I want to go on dates and meet your parents." He smiled at that.

"I want you to meet my parents and my brother and my family. I…" She looked down. She took several deep breaths before answering. "I love you, Dylan." She whispered. He flinched slightly. She looked up at him with a broken smile.

"You don't have to say it back if you don't want to." She moved her hands between their bodies and sat up, slipping her hands to his belt and undoing his jeans. He groaned but kept his gaze on her.

"I just thought you should know so that the next time you decide to hurt me you'll know that I won't come back because when you love someone you should never, ever hurt them." Her voice cracked and she stopped moving. She began to tremble and she leaned forward, resting the top of her head on his chest.

She looked up at him and reached under her skirt, pushing her panties to the side. Dylan was already hard as rock and Nicki was soaking wet. He slipped easily inside her.

She moved closer and wrapped her arms around his neck, aligning his ear with her mouth. "Did she feel like I do?" He moaned and shook his head. "No." Nicki sped up and gasped at the feel of him. She clenched her eyes closed. "Did she taste like me?" He gasped as she clenched her muscles around him. "No." Nicki nodded and pulled back to look at him.

She pulled the hair at the nape of his neck and he moaned. "Did she drive you crazy with the sounds she made like I do?" Dylan stared at her through half-lidded eyes. "No." It was an agonized whisper. She smiled and closed her eyes as she rocked hard against him. She was so close.

"Did she pull your hair when you came like I do?" She pulled his hair back so he was looking at the ceiling. "No." He groaned. He was so close. Nicki whimpered and clenched around him. "Did she scream your name like I do?" Dylan moaned and shook his head as much as he could with her fingers wrapped around his hair. "No."

Nicki nodded and stopped moving as she came around him. "Does she make you come like I do?" She rocked against him and licked the shell of his ear before freezing on his lap. Dylan moaned and rocked his hips as best he could. Nicki looked down at him without mercy as he tried desperately to get her to move. "Come on, Nick. Move, please." Nicki smiled at him and kissed his neck just behind his ear tenderly. "No." She sat up and got off of him, standing before him.

He gaped at her as she straightened her underwear and skirt. She looked up and smiled. "I forgive you but it doesn't mean I'm not going to punish you how I want." She ran her eyes over his frozen figure. His palms were red from where she'd been kneeling on them. His fingers white as the circulation began. His jeans open and his cock glistening in the air. His mouth was open and his eyes stared at her in shock.

She stood up straight and patted her hair. "You might want to do up your jeans before someone walks by. I'm not closing the door behind me." She unlocked the door and opened it as he found his brain and scrambled to do up his jeans.

"Wait!" She turned to look at him. He was standing now and she smiled at the painful tent in his jeans. "What does this mean?" She met his eyes. "You're my boyfriend and I'm your girlfriend. You're in the doghouse." She started walking. "I love you!" He called down the hall.

She stopped but didn't look at him. The smiled that lit up her face was electric. "Really?" She asked. He smiled to himself. "Truly." She turned around. "Madly?" He smirked. "Deeply." She licked her lips and giggled. "I'll see you tonight." He smiled and watched her walk away. He couldn't wait for tonight.