I used to hold on tight
Afraid to fall
Into the dark I knew was there.
I used to breathe
Barely feeling
Wishing each breath would be the last.
I used to cry
Feel the tears
Fall silently down my cheeks into my hands.
I used to hate
Scared of myself
Afraid to come out of my closed up heart.
I used to love
So blindly
Wishing to be noticed and loved regardless of way.
I used to keep
All my secrets
Locked away in a small box hid from everyone.

But that was before
Before I met you.
Before you changed me
And made me
And broke me
And saved me.

Now I'm stronger
Unable to be beaten down by the trials of life.
Now I'm braver
And I don't care
About those people who think they control me.
Now I'm happier
With the life I now live.