Hard to Love


Are you even there?

If I reached out to touch you

Would I feel anything or just touch air?

You said that you would be there for me

To catch me when I fall.

But when I begin to stumble,

I see you're not there at all.

And I always thought that it was me

Who would back away when push came to shove.

I always thought that it was me,

That I was hard to love.

It started off so great,

I couldn't stand to be apart.

But as time when on you drifted,

And opened an old wound in my heart.

You tell me that you love me,

That I'm the one for you,

And no other girl could take my place,

That only I could do.

You want me to say I love you

But I can't bring myself to say it.

The word would have no meaning,

No emotional attachment.

You're never there when I look around

Or even when I call.

Never there to catch me

When I'm about to fall.

You want me to say I love you

But I won't even dare,

Because it's hard to love someone

Who isn't even there.