I Can't Make Your Decisions for You

Chapter 1: Dedication

"You'll never really find those perfect words,
something more than just, goodbye.
It's hard to remember the good times when there's just so much heartache,
And they deserve more than that,
They deserve more than just one single moment of sadness,
So just remember,
That when there's enough love in our hearts to burst like a fucking supernova,
Then there's sure as hell is enough love in our heart to smile for that famous smile,
We all lose someone at some point in our lives,
But don't ever let go of that smile,
Hold on forever, because that's our final dedication." -Asking Alexandria

The phone was shaking in my hands. I quickly dialed his number, and held the phone to my ear. I tried to concentrate on the rings, but my heartbeat was quite loud and hard to ignore. I tried to breathe through it.

He answered on the third ring. "Hullo?" He said. His voice was quiet, like I had woken him from sleep.

"Luca? Can you meet me at the park?" I asked quietly, hoping my voice wouldn't betray how nervous and scared I was.

But of course, I failed. "Kace? Baby, what's wrong?" He asked, fully awake.

"I.. j-just meet me at the park, okay?" I asked.

After a moment of silence, an answer, "I'll be right there."

I hung up the phone, and got out of the car. I had been in the parking lot, trying to dredge up the courage to call him. The wind blew heavily as I got out. I wrapped my arms tight around my body and made my towards the swings. I sat on the shorter swing, saving the taller one for Luca. I didn't kick off like I normally would. I didn't have the heart. I dragged my feet through the dirt and thought.

I thought about everything I had gone through so far this year. I thought about the problems between Luca and me. I thought about how I had so carefully planned out my future. I thought how everything was changing around me, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Soon, I heard footsteps on the path. I looked behind me and saw Luca walking up the path. All again, I was lost in his beauty.

I stared at his gorgeous brown hair, unlike any style I had ever seen before, almost a puffy wavy Justin Bieber 'do. His dark brown eyes that matched my own, and straight nose that was marred only by a single black hoop. A straight jaw and full lips with matching snake bites to accompany. Hidden underneath his piles of hair are two gauges that are twice the size of my thumbs. He was wearing a black hoodie over top of a black V-neck and a black scarf. Dark blue skinny jeans hugged his legs, and the outfit was finished with black Toms.

He shot me his famous grin, the one that competed with Helen of Troy's beauty, the beauty that set sail a thousand ships off to war. He sat beside me on the swing, and pushed his legs out in front of him.

We're both silent for a moment, but I know it won't last long. I know that I have to say something. And I was not going to keep this from him, no matter how scared I was. I trusted him, and I needed him to trust me.

"I'm pregnant." I whisper.

He says nothing for a moment, just looks down at his feet. So I go on.

"I took the test today. I didn't want to worry you for nothing, because you had your driver's test yesterday. But… it turns out this isn't nothing. It's real, and I'm terrified." I say.

"Something like this was bound to happen. We were never careful." He whispers.

I look at his beautiful face, not sure how he was taking it. Was he mad? Sad? Scared? Happy?

"Just… give me a moment to let it sink in." This I could understand. It had taken me a while to fully comprehend as well, even though I had been the one with the missed period and the test in my hand.

"What are we going to do?" He asks me.

"Have the baby. I won't do an abortion. I can barely kill a freaking spider, I can't do…" I trail off.

"So we have the baby. Do you want to… keep it?" He asks me.

"I don't know yet. I don't know how everyone is going to react. I'm sixteen years old, and I'm having a baby. My parents are going to freak out…" I whisper.

"I'll be here for you. No matter what, Akacia, I will be here for you." He says, and I look into his eyes. He is giving me his look that means he is being dead serious. Tears well up in my eyes.

He comes over to pull me into his arms. I sob on his shoulder.

"I'm too young for this." I cry. He just pulls me tighter to himself, and lets me cry all of my tears out.

When my tears are finally exhausted, he pulls away and tells me he'll take me home. His brother dropped him off, as they shared a car. He puts me into the passenger seat of his car, and starts driving towards my house.

"Could we go to yours, actually? I don't want the thousands of questions…" I say, referring to my huge family and their tendency to ask way too many questions about everything.

He nods, and turns down the street in the direction of his house. We drive in silence for a few moments, and he grabs my hand, running his thumb across mine.

Soon we arrive at his house, and I am glad to see that no one else is there. He leads me into his bedroom, and I lay down on his bed beside him. He pulls me towards him to rest my head on his chest, my body curled up to him.

"I don't want to tell our parents yet. I just… I just need to get my head around this before they put their opinions in." I tell him.

"Whatever you want. I'll go find a job as soon as possible, now that I have my license I don't have to rely on anyone for transportation." He says, wrapping his arm behind my back and resting his hand on my stomach.

We both look down at it.

"That's our baby right there.


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