I Can't Make Your Decisions for You

Chapter 2: Forever My Father

You don't have to be so scared and you don't have to go tonight
Cause we just need to hold on tight for one hell of a ride
Cause we lost it all just now to the nights that left you out
So we'll let this go somehow but you're gonna be proud (So proud)

Although it was quite comfortable, lying there in Luca's bed, I knew that I had to return to my own. I rolled out of his arms, and he groaned.

"I have to go home. I have to eat." I tell him.

"Eat here." He whines, his head in one arm, the other around my waist.

"You know your mom doesn't like me."

"She's a bitch, she'll get over it."

"She's going to hate me now. I've ruined her little boy's life." He pulls me back to him, and lays atop me, using his arms to hold his weight off of me.

"You have not ruined my life. You are my life, and anything that happens in our life, I want. As long as I'm with you, everything is perfect." He says. He trails kisses over my lips, cheeks, and eyes. "Stay." He says between kisses, starting down my throat.

I nodded against his lips, giving in, and he rolled off of me to pull me to his chest.

"Asshole." I laughed. He smiled and went back to sleep. I stared at him as his breaths evened out. My fingers found their way to his face, brushing over his soft skin. I traced the rings in his lip, my finger tingled where it touched his plump pink lips. The breaths from his nose were cool on the back of my hand. I traced over his eyes, and he smiled in his sleep.

"My baby." He whispered, and pulled me closer.

"Our baby." He said, and kissed my forehead, falling into a deeper slumber. I followed him down.

My dreams were filled with laughter at first, but they soon turned scary. I was eight months pregnant, nearly ready to give birth. I went into premature labor. It was Memorial Day, and we were having a picnic. It was nearly eighty degrees out, and I was wearing a giant hoodie. My water broke as the fireworks started. My mother noticed, and I got scared. I hadn't told her yet. Everyone was yelling at me, hitting me, hitting Luca. Luca pulled them off of me and took me to his car. I could see the tears in his eyes. Tears that he meant to never show. He told me he was sorry. He told me he loved me. Then, he was telling me he loved me. He was shaking me, and his voice was worried. So, I woke up.

I opened my eyes, and I was in his bedroom. I wasn't in the hospital like I thought I would be. My stomach wasn't huge, and it wasn't May. I looked at Luca, who looked very worried, and I noticed I had tears flowing from my eyes.

I let out a huge sob and he pulled me into his arms.

"It's okay, baby. It's all going to be okay. I'm right here, and I won't let anything happen to you." He rubbed my back, and the sobs kept wracking my body.

"They're going to hate me." I cried.

"Everyone loves you, Akacia. No one could ever hate you." He told me.

"We have to tell them as soon as possible. They'll hate me more if I tell them later."

"Well, we're not telling them anything today. Mom's not cooking today, so we're going to go get some dinner, and then either take you home, or go sit in a park somewhere." I nod, and we get up. I go into the bathroom, and look at my reflection. My eyes are puffy and red, and my contacts are dry. I use some of Luca's eye drops and fix my makeup. I go back into his bedroom, where he is answering a text, and sigh.

"I have to tell Cedes too." I whisper, referring to my best friend, Marcedes Piona.

"And I have to tell the guys…"

"They already don't like me, now they're going to hate me." I sigh.

"I don't know what's up with you. They actually love you, they just enjoy messing with you." He shakes his head.

"Well they mess with me too much." I say, crossing my arms over my chest.

"They're guys, that's what they do."

"They don't mess with Aria and Makenzie." I say.

"That's because they have been part of the group for years. I didn't even know you until last year."

"So now it's my fault?"

"No! I'm not saying that! What I'm saying is that you're new and you're fun to play with. They like the fact that you joke back with them, even if you don't realize they're joking."

"Whatever, let's go." I say, turning out of his room.

He catches my hand, and pulls me back to his chest.

He tries to catch my eye, but I don't look at him.

"Hey, look at me." He crooks his pointer finger and puts it beneath my chin, raising it so I look at him.

"I love you." He says.

"I love you too." I say, and he leans down to kiss me.

We go out to his car and drive to go to Steak N Shake. I order the chicken tenders, and he gets the Portobello Swiss Double Steakburger with no Swiss. We go to a playground, and sit at a picnic table. I tear apart my chicken, and slowly eat it.

"I want a baby girl." I say, looking at some ducks across the playground that are following a little girl around. She is giggling her head off and trying to outrun them.

"You've known you are pregnant for a few hours, and already you know what you want?" He asks.

"I've known what I wanted since I was five years old." I smile. "I actually want twins. Elisabeth Rae, we'd call her Ellie, and Sophia Lynn, we'd call her Sophie."

"Elizabeth and Sophia…" He muses.

"Not Elizabeth, Elisabeth. With an s. Or we could call her Effie. I like Effie."

"Sophie and Effie. I like these names." He smiles. He rolls up his empty wrappers and throws them in the empty bag. I follow suit, and he throws the bag in a nearby garbage can. We go sit on some swings, and I pump my legs back and forth. He stands behind me and pushes me.

"I think I should apply at Steak N Shake. They're hiring." He says.

"They're always hiring." I tell him.

"Well, I need a job, and it can't be that bad. Better than working at McDonalds."

"True." I sigh. "Apply at PetSMart and Hot Topic, too."

"I know, baby. Don't worry, I'll find a job so I can take care of you and the baby."

"I know. I just don't know how everything is going to work out. There's barely enough room in my house for the people that already live there, there's no way we could squeeze in a baby. And we can't stay at your house, your mom despises me."

"She does not despise you. She just thinks I'm too young to be this serious about someone."

"And now I just turned this a thousand times more serious. I'm really going to be her favorite person ever."

He stops the swing and moves until he's in front of me. His hands frame my face and looks me in the eye.

"I don't care what anyone in this world thinks about you, other than myself. And you know what I think of you? I think you are the most amazing, talented beautiful, smart, funny, caring, respectful, and ambitious person I have ever met. I am so in love with you that is scares me, Kace. Every day I'm afraid that you'll wake up and realize that you deserve so much more than me. I'm terrified that I'll hurt you in some way and you'll never forgive me. I need you, and as long as I have you, I don't care about anything else." He says. He leans his forehead against mine, and I close my eyes.

"I love you." I whisper. He kisses me, slow and intimate.

"Come on, let's get you home before your parents hate me before they even know I got their little girl knocked up." He pulls me to my feet.

"You know they're going to blame this on me. They absolutely adore you. Luca St James can do no wrong." I laugh.

"Oh, shut up. Come on." We walk back to my car, and I drop him off at his house, then drive to mine. I go straight into the bedroom I share with my sister, and lock the door. I ignore Nikki, and go into our private bathroom. I turn the hot water on and step under the spray. The heat relaxes my tense muscles. I let out a long sigh, and soon tears follow. How could I screw so much up? Why did I have to ruin everything that was given to me? I step out of the shower and wrap myself in a towel, and walk to our walk-in closet. I grab one of Luca's shirts and throw it over my head, and a pair of pajama pants. I fall into my bed, and grab my iPod. I had just gotten Go Radio's new album, so I turned that onto shuffle, and closed my eyes. The soothing sounds of Jason Lancaster's voice threaded through my ears and danced in my head. When it got to a certain song, however, I stopped. The song was Forever My Father, and it made me think of something. There was a secret that I had been keeping from everyone, especially Luca. I knew that before anything else happened in our relationship, I needed to come clean and tell him of my secret. I couldn't believe we had gone this long without my telling him. I had sick feeling in my stomach when I turned off my iPod, and rolled over in my bed, willing sleep to come quickly.

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