Skirts high, heads too; with everything you do.
Words sweet, eyes blink and blank but your conscious knows the truth:
with those bribing words you managed to phrase,
little by little, you began to tear down every defense there was,
around every layer of me; there just wasn't enough to recover.
Those judgmental lips and eyes that watches,
you never really listened to what I said or even tried to understand
all the things I've gone through.
Childish whimpers, phrases and things just don't suit me
even if I try to act childish, you said I was acting cute.
I could have left, I should have looked the other way
but I don't know since when I've turned into another hypocrite.
Society judges you on appearance,
these people judge you on your personality and the things you say:
well, I tried my very best not to be someone you hate.
But as following down that road, tears drips and lips zipped
couldn't even cry if I wanted to.
I've fallen too deep to rescue, slept in too much to have woken.
A coma, though if it were paradise then maybe we'd get freedom:
it's the first time I didn't want to wake up since
it's better than waking up to fakers.