You were so close, so near; yet my lips froze out of habit
like so many months ago when I was still that naive girl,
crying over simple things, oversensitive to the brim
and I combed my hair laced
with jealously each morning just to face you.
Now takes us a few months away- and away to the
unexpected me, just sitting with deaf mutes;
no, they weren't really deaf mutes, that was a metaphor:
all the words they never listen, from me they came yet it didn't matter,
and the things they said never made any sense, to one ear it went,
from another it escaped. Now back to you,
just standing there talking with people I don't recognize.
Yeah, it kind of hurts, least than what I expected;
but still, we used to talk so much, now just an empty silence that would
never be cut through even with the loudest scream.

Now you're with other people, and me too, I am:
but it somehow doesn't feel the same, something's just not quite right.
I don't know what went wrong, don't know if I should start again,
but messed up was my heart and head all crashing down at once.