Months went by and time flew pass,
like the wind just asking for more to come:
my once naive smile turned into one
of a deceiving, lying, two-faced half smile
while I think I'm just not myself anymore.
And once upon a gentle smile,
the teary drops of every night's soft mumbling-
though incoherent; though I can't hear it no more;
I know of the person I used to be.
So soft, so gentle: easily crushed with mere words
and nothing but lies.
Every single time I walk pass you,
my skirt brushes pass; a slight collision,
not much meaning to life now, was there?

But I still remember the times
I looked at you through these windows called eyes,
yeah, you had me breathless:
with those eyes; withering white roses at your whims
while I, a hopeless romantic, just smothering myself
with the fantasies mankind may have and just
buying roses I'd never give,
writing letters I know I wouldn't send,
going to all the places I saw you at, all the memories pasted at-
knowing what we had won't come back no more.