Once again, I drowned in those eyes;
and into the same warmth I've felt over and over again,
even though it's been a few months since I thought that
I might have forgotten all those memories,
yet I still find myself wanting to embrace you,
and whisper those three words even though you'd brush it off
no matter how many times I repeat them desperately.
I may have seen your smile a thousand times- none directed at me-
but love is when everything you do
makes me clumsy and blush.
Overhead, a patch of grass waves at us and we lay on the ground,
admiring the sky from where we are now, like how tiny we are
when we look at the vast azure.
A smile found its way to my lips every time I know for a fact that
we were just inches away from each other,
that your heartbeat's close
and happily I would smile
like a naive fool who doesn't know the world.
Even if the dawn comes and I know we will go separate ways,
and you'd never look this way again;
that the fiction my head has created:
wanting you more than anything- it'd stay forever a day's fairy tale.

Tears may drip down my cheeks for the millionth time knowing you,
but regrets never voiced out
and loving you's the only thing I know, in the end;
even if it's a dream inside a dream, a fragment of desires-
it's already enough for me, to be able to feel your warmth up close.