That crooked grin,

It led me to blissful trouble.

Those days when all we could do was laugh,

Our stupid big grins in that photo booth.

Or that time when you fell on your arse when we went ice skating.

Those warm cuddles when the cold days set in.

You'd always wrap me in a cuddle or lend me your comfy jacket.

I reached for your hand whenever I felt nervous,

Like when I met your parents for the first time.

You'd squeeze it back to let me know you were there, so I wouldn't feel so alone.

Do you remember how nervous we were when we introduced each other to our parents?

And then to hear your words on the other end of the line,

Whenever you missed me,

It showed me you cared;

Whenever I woke up to your text,

Mornin' babe, have a good day xx

It makes me smile.

And when you're home,

I know that all my anxieties melt away.

Because when I'm with you,

I lose myself,

All over again,

In your big brown eyes.