Newspaper reporter Ben Jameson walks with a gloomy expression on his face as he walks in the streets of Chicago. It's after midnight, and even here in a city where it's quiet and deserted. The wind still holds up though, giving Ben an icy chill to his cheeks. Ben's little brother who studies in Boston thinks it is pretty cold up there during the winter, but he doesn't realize that it can be just as cold in the windy city, the winds never letting warmth into the air. Ben would need two layers of sweater shirts just so his arms can feel a little bit of warmth. It isn't exactly a winter wonderland down here in Illinois. Ben wished he took the job offer in Miami instead.

Of course Ben takes the news reporter offer in Chicago because it's closer to home than down south, and he can go around looking for any story that would seem intriguing. The only problem to the offer is that there is nothing juicy to write about for the paper, one that gives him front page fame. Ben can't find anything worthy to write about and be excited finding out the scoop of the story. He did covered that story about how ten cats that were saved from a fire by a local volunteer fire fighter, but the only praise he got was some funky smelling brownies from the owner of cats. Something told him there was more than chocolate in the brownies. Hell he would even take any sports team shutting out a visiting team. Sports aren't as great as it used to be here in Chicago.

The one thing Ben wishes right now is for some story to come falling out of the sky and he gets full coverage of it, knows every detail, has photographic evidence, and his Christmas bonus be a little jollier than it usually is.

Ben shook off his dream for a bit and took a left to get into his street. Down the street was the food RV that is always stationed in front of his apartment building during the fall and winter. It was large, big enough to bring a family of five on a camping trip. The blue paint was covered by white icicles leaving the logo that read "Vinny's Italian Cuisine" barely visible.

"Shouldn't we be closing up by now Vinny? It's nearly one." said Ben as he walked over to the vending window. Vinny, the owner, stood in front of him with his greasy t-shirt, the red and white apron looking just as greasy. His tanned skin was covered in sweat, and his jet black hair was patted onto his head. All the heat from the ovens was making it too cozy for Vinny to be in there.

"Come on Benny, you think I'm stupid to not wait for you? You always order a nice plate of Calamari after a long day at work. You want a beer with it too, or would you prefer eggnog?" Vinny gave a smile to Ben, the same smile he gave to all his hungry customers.

Ben gave an exhausted laugh and said "Yeah that sounds great Vinny. A beer will do just find though."

"So what will I see on the Chicago Informer tomorrow morning?" asked Vinny, striking up conversation as he takes the Calamari out of the fryer.

Ben shrugged his shoulders, not looking excited as usual. "Oh you know the usual: The Cubs can't find any new players with talent in the offseason, an old lady found a gold bar in her basement, and the youth choir is singing near town hall this weekend, if they don't freeze to death first."

"This doesn't seem to excite you I take it?" said Vinny as he popped the cap off the beer bottle. Ben shook his head, agreeing with Vinny.

"Come on pal, you're telling me your job doesn't excite you at all?" said Vinny, crossing his arms.

"Not in the slightest way, Vinny." Ben sighed and took a sip of his beer. "Just waiting for a story to fall out of the sky I guess."

Vinny brought out his customer smile and said "Well hey it is the time for miracles right? Maybe one—"

Before Vinny could finish his sentence, his entire RV shook and stumbled, as if it was just dropped on the ground. Vinny cursed in Italian and turned around to see if anything was damaged. He wished he didn't turn around because he saw the ceiling of his RV lowered in a curving shape. Something dropped down on his RV, and he got right out of RV, feeling the intense cold on his bare arms. He ignored the chill.

Ben was just as surprised. He dropped his beer and plate of seafood when he heard the crash, and wondered what the hell it was. Before any more questions popped in Ben's head, the RV started to grumble, and tilted slightly to the left. After a few more grumbles a man hopped down twenty feet away from them. Ben blinked twice, because he thought he saw a man in white metal armor, like a modern version of a medieval Knight. His body was covered in a white metal, gauntlets, shoulder pads, chest plate, shin guards, even a helmet— the eyes a dark and luminous blue—made him look like something out of comic books. The white metal man bowed his head and turned the other direction, running at an incredible speed.

"What the hell was that thing?" gasped Vinny, rubbing his arms together.

"I don't—"

Just then there was another slam on the roof of the RV, and Ben looked up this time and he couldn't believe what he saw. It was a man covered in some kind of black plastic, or something other than metal. Ben didn't know what. Whatever it was it molded against the man perfectly. It was just like the man in white, only in black. His body looked more like a suit or armor, much sleeker and smaller than the man in white metal. His head was covered in all black, his eyes shining a vibrant green color. Those green eyes were dead set on the white metal man, and jumped off the RV. He made an incredible leap—farther than any man could jump— and raced after the white metal man.

"Christ almighty, is there a movie being filmed here or what? Those are some whacky costumes!" Vinny was more excited seeing this than scared. The feeling was mutual with Ben.

"Hey, are you two alright?"

Ben and Vinny turned around to see a young boy in front of them. He was tan, like he just came back from Miami, with sandy blonde hair that grew like a mop around his head. He had on a thick jacket, one Ben has never seen before in his life. It looked like something from a movie, a spy movie in fact. He gave them both a smile that seemed careless and welcoming, like one of those kids 'who don't give a damn about anything' Ben met in college.

"Yeah, we're fine kid. What's with the costumes? You making a movie or something?" asked Vinny, his customer smile coming out.

The boy looked confused, but then it went back to a casual happy look and he replied "Yeah, we thought no one would be out but looks like we were wrong. Did one of the actors do that to your vehicle?" the boy was directing his question to the RV.

"Boy did he do some damage! You guys need to be more careful with your equipment. I hope you're going to pay for the wreck he caused." Vinny was now serious, a look that could scare any teenage boy.

The boy showed no intimidation, and before he could say anything, there was a sound of a revving engine coming their way. The boy turned to it and Ben saw that a large SUV-like vehicle was coming down the road, going at a pace way over the speed limit. Inside was two people—a boy and girl. The boy was driving and the girl was holding some kind of black object, sticking it out the window. The girl saw the sandy blonde haired boy and yelled something at him, calling him "livewire". Ben didn't understand what that meant.

"Sorry guys I gotta jet. This will cover the damages, sir. See you later!" the boy handed a piece of paper to Vinny and ran past Ben, and disappeared from sight, literally disappeared. One second he was there, then the next a flash of light came in the streets and he was gone. The car with the boy and girl made a screeching turn, and the street once again became quiet.

"Talk about special effects huh Benny?" said Vinny, laughing at what he just saw. "It would have been nice if they didn't wreck my RV, giving me this— Holy meatballs! This check will cover my RV and my summer vacation."

Ben just stood there, staring down the street where the mysterious men and young teenagers ran off to. Ben couldn't believe what he just saw, something extraordinary, a series of strange yet phenomenal men are running down the streets. Ben knew what was really going on.

"Vinny?" Ben simply said.

"Yeah?" Vinny looked up to Ben as he was in a crouching position, picking up the now frozen food.

"I don't think those were actors making a movie."

Vinny raised an eyebrow. "What are you saying there, Ben?"

"I'm saying I think I found my exciting story." Ben gave a ten dollar bill to Vinny, and ran upstairs to his apartment to grab his camera and audio recorder.