Chapter 13

I took a minute to gather some air in my lungs before I opened the door to where Janelle was resting. Since Sophia just told me she's awake, she's probably wondering where the hell she is and who brought her here. I hope it won't be a surprise to see me. I exhaled my breath, prepared for whatever reaction Janelle was about to give.

I opened the door, and saw that the bed was ruffled, with Janelle's head risen and her eyes blinking, trying to regain her sight. Her eyelids must be heavy, keeping them closed for so long. I walked over to the chair next to her bed, and waited for her to notice I was in front of her. I waited patiently, giving her time to wake up. She started to groan, and her body shifted. Her eyes started to depart open, and quickly jolted up from the bed. She started to yelp in panic, ripping the IV tube from her arm, and cradling her knees up, trying to lean closer to the wall.

I rose from my chair and grabbed Janelle's arms, saying her name over and over again. "Janelle," I repeated at least six times. "It's me, Oliver. Calm down, please."

At first Janelle's head was moving in all directions, scooping out her surroundings, her eyes darting to all corners of the room. It wasn't until I said my name is when she looked at me, or the direction my voice was. She was looking right at me, but her eyes were glossy, so I assumed her eyesight was still adjusting to the light. A flash moment later, her eyes widen. Her mouth was ajar, her chin trembling.

"It's… you?" she chirped, her voice shaking.

"Yes, Elle," I said softly. "I'm here, you're safe."

One thing I knew about Janelle is that she could have dozens of emotions flow through her at once, and this was one of those moments. I saw happiness and sorrow, rage, betrayal, and guilt go through her face in quick seconds. Her eyes began to water, and she lifted her hand to my face. Slowly, her hands touched my cheek, shaking the moment she touched me. She inhaled a breath, gaping in shock. She thought she was dreaming, but the warmth on my face was more than enough proof to show that I was alive and real.

She closed her mouth, controlling her tears. I smiled at her, ready to let out my tears of rejoice, and I was about to tell her everything: Where I've been, what I've been through, what Helen did to bring me back, and the process I went through to bring her back. I was even going to tell her that we're back in the protection of the Zulu Unit. Before I even made a peep, my face was flung to the side, a stinging pain on the left side of my face.

I turned back to Janelle, who just swatted me right in the face. Her eyebrows were now in a V-shape, the eyes below sparked with rage. Her mouth was now in a scowl, her teeth grinding in anger. Before I could ask Janelle why she slapped me, I felt a horrible pain in my neck, choking from thin air. It wasn't until I was off my chair standing up I realized Janelle punched me in the Adam's apple. Even as a Alphahuman getting hit there is just as painful.

Janelle was now standing up, strength summoned from her anger to hit me in various places of my body, each punch coming with an outrageous cry of anger.

"What the hell did you do?" she yelped so loud the entire city of L.A. could hear.

"You leave me with a stupid letting saying you're protecting me; break my heart in a million pieces, and just when I get over you, some fucking drug lord kidnaps me just to get you out in the open? I thought I was done with this."

Her attacks were well choreographed, as if she was taking self-defense classes, or in this case, all-offense. She was chopping me, punching me in places that were sensitive, and even worse: they were hurting me.

"Did you have any idea what I've been through? I finally stopped being afraid for me life, that some Lab 13 creep was going to kidnap me at any moment. I barely made it through high school, and I couldn't go to Boston without something reminding me of you. You made me believe you loved me, you really cared? Well that was bullshit wasn't it? Since you left me a God damn letter for breakup."

She was now slapping my face, every slap sharper than the last. She was attacking me endlessly, and I did nothing to stop her from it.

"You were nothing but a liar, Oliver. How could I believe some really hot guy could fall in love with me within three months. God I was such a kid. I grew up, learned to not have some stupid little prick like you make me feel like I belonged in this world. I finally went back to theater, since I had another year to do because of that fucking mess with Lab 13. I got accepted to my dream college, finally something was going right. Then what happens? I get kidnapped by God damn junkies. I knew it was because of you because they wanted some dude with glowing hands to come after me. It took me forever to stop drinking, to stop getting stoned to forget about you. Half of my friends got sick of me being depressed, Helen still kept asking me if I knew where you were so we can arrest you, hell I traveled over a thousand miles to get over this stupid shit. But I can't get a break, can I 'Ollie'? No, I have to get stuck in your mess again, like you always did to me!"

Janelle then palmed my nose, sharp pain going through the insides of my nostrils, and I felt something warm ooze down my nose. My face was streaked with tears, but I think Janelle was in too much of a blind rage to pay attention to my face.

"Do you have any idea what they did to me, those bastards in the apartment? They drugged me up, where I couldn't even tell the floor from the ceiling. They put stuff in me that was so was fucked up I shouldn't be standing right now. They touched me, Oliver. They violated me, and you know exactly what I'm talking about. Where the hell were you? You said you would protect me, you two faced, lying, piece of—"

I grabbed Janelle's wrists, just tight enough where she couldn't move her arms. She silenced herself and looked at me, and her face fell from the rage she had just a millisecond ago. She saw my face, where my mouth was trembling, my eyes leaking with tears, my nose pouring blood down my face to my chest and staining my shirt. My hands were shaking, rattling her wrists along with me.

"I swear to you Elle," I said, my voice shaking uncontrollably as my body. "That if I knew this would happen to you, I would have stayed. I would be by your side every moment of every day. I would enroll in school, and move to where you would go to college, and make sure you were safe from harm. What I did was to protect you, so you would not get hurt from Lab 13."

Janelle's arms were limp, gravity bringing them down, where now the anger was gone and the sorrow was now flowing through her. Tears were coming down from her as well and she was listening to every word I said. She didn't whimper though. She didn't make a sound. Despite not yelling anymore, her eyes were still filled with rage.

"Everything I did, from fighting overseas against terrorists, to coming to L.A., was all for you. I fought in a fight where you would want me to fight in. I saved people's lives like you would want me to. I did it so I can be hidden away from Lab 13, and still fight the good fight. I couldn't believe those bastards used you to get to me, and then you got shot. I swore you would never get in the crossfire, and I failed you. You died Janelle, your heart wasn't beating. I couldn't let you die because of me, so I brought you back, with all my power. I'm not letting you die because of my fight. I love you too much for you to die like that, and that was exactly why I left. I didn't know this was going to happen, because this was exactly what I was trying to prevent: and I failed."

Janelle's legs became weak and she fell down so I brought her down gently, where she was sitting on her knees She looked at me with the same amount of rage she shown before. "You don't love me," she said, choking on her words. She was so angry she could barely speak. "I thought I loved you, but I was just some stupid kid who wanted to love you. I realize a long time ago you never loved me. Because no matter what bullshit excuse you give me now, you wouldn't have left me because you felt like you needed to protect me. People who love each other? They protect each other, asshole. Don't talk to me about love."

I've been shot in the chest, I've been beaten by a man that weighs two tons, I've been hit by an energy beam that should have turned me into ash, but I have never felt this kind of pain by a couple of words. My knees started to become weak, and my heart felt like it was about to jump out of my chest and explode. I let go of her wrists, and she walked back to her bed, sitting by the edge.

I didn't want to move, and she didn't move an inch off her bed.I asked her if she was hungry, she nodded to me and I told her that I was go tell Dimitri to make her something. I turn around for the door, wiping my eyes and blood off my lips and noses. Before I opened the door, Janelle said something to me.

"Did you really bring me back to life?" she said quizzically, snapping me out of my daze.

I turned around to her and nodded slowly "You were shot in the abdomen, and I heard your heartbeat no longer beating. So I absorbed Kirk's ability and shocked your heart back to life. I gave enough juice to get you operated on."

She looked down at the sheets, grabbing onto the stale, white covers. "Thanks," she said to me flatly.

I look over to her and smiled faintly. "You're welcome Janelle."

"Does Dimitri know how to make a Pizza? I'm dying to have one." She said to me.

"Sure," I said, exhausted. "I'll go tell him to make one for you."

I got out of the room and close the door gently. I walked down to the kitchen slowly, my heart beating irregularly. I can't believe what Janelle said to me. I had no idea what I did—for her—would have these kinds of consequences. She hates me, more than I hate Lab 13. More than anyone here that hates Lab 13. What have I done?