The world is dark and cruel
in shadows and in dark
Each and every living thing
leaves its filthy mark

The world is pure and light
People smile and beam
it's the happiest place to be
the air is fresh and clean

The world has lost all hope
Beasts own the rayless land
they tower tall, with no mercy
strike you where you stand

Angels fill the heavens
there is no hell below
greenery, running rivers
and mountains topped with snow

Poverty reigns on high
what do they do for food?
"Anything we bloody can!"
They're stripped and bare and nude

A world where all is fair
a place where no-one cries
hospitals are not needed
in a place where no-one dies

A place where work is hard
each hour they slave away
they're crippled and decrepit
but decent is the pay

What are these chores please tell?
What is work we don't know?
We don't slave the days away
don't even sweep or sew

Toiling hard hurts like hell
at least the work is real
we're rewarded for our work
tell me, is this ideal

Sit back, relax, just breathe
so do nothing and we'll
do it all for you, stay still
we'll feed you the ideal

So which is which pray tell?
Is it the dark or light
both have pros and cons I guess
but which is wrong or right

Is there even such a thing
as dark or light, no or yes
which is fake, is either real?
To me it's anyone's guess