Flickering flame, dancing
With passion. Life prevalent.
Winds' turbulence swaying
The bright light, side to side.

Darkness scatters
To the corners, out of sight.
Shadows contort against the wall
Afraid of the lights anger.

Eyes of scarlet flick towards
The hard wooden door.
Locked from outside,
Keys strung around pale throats.

Demons fill the room
Staring blankly
Into the faithless flame,
Fire burning their colorless irises.

White eyes, mica-like,
Fluid, twisting beneath
The reflected fire
Burning like pale paper.

Screams erupt from within
The cavities so empty.
Here there is nothing to stop
The sound from piercing the lost.

Broken and dying
On the hard stone floor
Until the shadows brave the flame
And swallow you up.