There are still a few of your scattered remains

Lying around here

These thoughts were in the back of your brain

That's why they're still here.

Your glass, two guitar picks, and your warm flannel blanket

Little insignificant things

But as little as they are, with you, I wish you took it.

Because memories back it brings.

Silly and shallow and full of hate,

Full of love of course,

Jealousy brings about all things great.

I wish you'd show some remorse.

So, Brother, I miss you

Please come home

Brother, please, no more issues,

I'm not better on my own.

Brother, oh please

Stop the tears

Brother, oh please

Take my fears

You were the only one who could,

No, the only one who can.

I just wish that you would,

Please just take my hand.

Sing for me again? I can't without you.

Not that song, at least.

"Because the hardest part of this, is leaving you"

Again, stop my tears please.

I never realized just what you meant

When you chose to sing that song

But saying it out loud, I see what you meant

But by now it's been far, far too long.