A/N: This is another story I wrote long before I actually started getting into writing (when I was in highschool and just did this stuff as a time killer). So yeah back then I just slapped some stuff into MS Word from whatever came to mind and said looks good! Gave a thumbs up and kept it onto my computer to let it eat dust...that is until I got a fictionpress account and then posted on here without really going through this story again (was before I actually started putting effort into editing my stories, I was uber lazy back then okay...still kinda am, don't judge me :P). So I appreciate you all taking the time to read and comment/review on the story, especially constructive criticism. Thanks and hope you enjoy the story (even with all it's faults).

~ Monty

The Sacred Land

Diary entry 56,

I have been seeing strange visions in my sleep lately. Visions which are unexplainable, visions in which I see a different race of beings more superior to us humans and far more capable of comprehending the universe's hidden meanings. I walk the dark corners of their world as I witness how this race lives and exists. To me it is still unclear whether this race is real or not. When I explain such unimaginable dreams to others, they recoil in fear and retreat to their own safety. I reach a point in my dreams in which I am faced with a stack of books which I believe to hold the secrets of the universe. I search through this stack as it only seems to grow bigger by each book I remove. This stack seems endless and also is taking a serious effect on me. I am now obsessed with the fascination of other races existing in the universe which is still unknown to us. I can't cope with all this as I have so many questions in mind I feel as if my own curiosity is ripping me apart and yet I must struggle through these questions to keep my sanity intact. It is through those dark corners I really see what might lie in the universe to which we call our home. In those dark corners I feel insignificant and weak to the sights which behold before me, a new fear which rises in me day by day. A fear of other beings out there which may be more advanced than us humans. I recoil in my own fear, a fear of those beings.

End Entry

"Jack, Stop goofing off and get back to work"

"Yes Boss", I work my linear job which brings nothing new into my life and does nothing new for my life. I'm a thirty seven year old man, married with one daughter, and a loving wife "Martha". Every day of my life after getting this job was the same. The only thing different is my daughter and my wife. Even though that may be the only different thing, there lies another, my strange visions in dreams. I went to the doctor's clinic, they said that it could be because of work stress and recommended that I should take a few days off. Like that will ever happen considering my boss. I reach home about at about six in the afternoon. I would have my dinner, help my daughter with her school work and complete other little tasks such as lawn mowing. Then at ten thirty I would go to bed as my wife Martha would stay up reading books. When I close my eyes to this world of reality, I enter the world of dreams and nightmares. A dream comes which may either bring comfort or haunt me. I hear a loud noise shouting out to me, saying, "Wake up Jack. It's almost time for you to leave for work". I woke up, "I'm up Martha, no need to be shouting". I leave the house feeling the world revolve all around me, the constant change being brought to it by us humans. I left for work in my new red sports car, which was still in its payments. Though the world felt normal I didn't seem to.

When I reached my work building, there was a notice of renovation. In such a surprise I walked back to my car thinking the period in which the building is being renovated, I could probably take that time to find answers to these fascinations and questions. Sitting in a café, I pondered the great thoughts of mine. Looking out the window I thought how far human race itself has come from being a bunch of primitive creatures to the ones we are today. Though does such a race deserve such luxuries as we have it? We are the same species that nearly brought global warming, yet somehow managed to prevent it. Now yet again, we lie on the brink of global warming happening. So do we really deserve what we have and what we have created? I left the café for the library. It is there I begin my search to find possible answers to my questions. I brought a stack of books based on aliens and outer space life alone. Before I had such fascinations, I used to think of such books as being a waste of time and paper. Yet now I think of it to be my only resort to these mind bothering questions. I search through endless number of books, only finding more questions to solve. I reach a point in one of the books which intrigued me the most. Reading the title, "The Great Race of the Uthlas", it described the creatures of this race to be the same as the ones in my dreams. Reading each and every word carefully, "Though I write about these great beings, it is still uncertain to me whether this race is real or not. My dreams tell them to be. It is not just dreams which convey this feeling to me but real life visions as well in which I see this race walking amongst us here on earth. We are not alone here on this planet. We are not the smartest beings we thought of ourselves to be. There exists a higher and smarter being. A whole race of them, my dreams told of them to be as The Great Race of the Uthlas. Now I see the truth that we may be only as pets to these beings. A mere side experiment product. I have a theory of these beings sending some of its own in the form of a human to watch over us and observe our development. I fear though, that once they see our true nature as they might have already our race maybe doomed to its downfall. Us humans who are so insignificant to these beings, we lie in their hands as mere puppets. Many may claim my theories to be fake and preposterous, yet I only hope they are right as my theories end with the prediction of the end of humanity. The great ones maybe among us even now, it could be me or it could be you. I only know not to make them come to the decision in which we are of no more use to The Great Race of the Uthlas."

I finished reading that little passage and put that book away thinking of the things that were said in the book. I took out another book turning to another section related to Uthlas. This section described how they may have looked. It described them to be as large creatures. They wore richly made robes, with long necks and great minds. They seemed to absorb their knowledge from The Great Common Room. A room filled with endless numbers of books and endless knowledge. It is said by authors that this room may contain books in all the languages of the world and the universe. I looked up at the time nearly twelve. I better start making my way back home. I left the library leaving those books which may have finally given some answers to some of my questions. In my neighborhood, it was quite. As I drove along the way I thought more of what those books said, "The downfall of humanity". If it is true of what that author may have said then we may already be dead. Humans after all have had a violent history and I'm sure the Uthlas wouldn't want to see a screwed up experiment. As I drove past a house it suddenly lit on fire. I stopped the car and quickly got out. I tried to see if anyone was in there and it looked empty. I decided to call the fire department, when I got my phone out, another house lit on fire and it continued. I knew soon, it would reach my house. I rushed over there in the car and saw my own house in flames. I could hear the screaming of Martha as I could very well see her body burning right before my eyes. Suddenly I heard a gas leak; I checked the car as the flames were working towards it as well. I started running. I kept running yet I wasn't fast enough and when the explosion occurred, I was knocked out unconscious.