Diary Entry 57,

Now at my end, I saw what truly lied in the Universe we thought to be filled with life forms which may be insignificant to us. I now feel as if that fear of the Great Beings has swallowed me whole. I now only see one way out, a way which is common amongst us Transferred Minds. I now only see a solution which will lead me to either my own utopia or hell. I can now only see suicide as I had witnessed what lied in the dark corners of the universe and what those beings wanted from us. I can only say I love you Martha and you to my little girl. The Great Beings are too much for me take, and remain as I am, now that my sanity falls so does my mind towards the world of suicide.

End Entry

The voice of that Uthlan rose up in me again this time advising me, "Jack, there is still time, you can stop this and join your true family". I ignored it and kept on working through the rope as I hung it to the ceiling. "Jack, you can live in a world full of peace".

I then said slowly, "What peace lies there for me if my mind lies in chaos"

Slowly taking the rope around my neck, I swing off the chair in which I end my own world and enter the world of what is unknown to me.