Hi everyone! Just an update on this story as I received a review concerning this matter, something I did forget to mention (silly me) the basis for the sick and twist mentality of the twins in this story is inspired by the twins in the anime show Black Lagoon. However while it is inspired, I simply rewrote the fairy tale to fit a much darker description. And in no way do I claim rights to Hansel and Gretel nor Black Lagoon by writing this story. Funny enough, I wrote this dark rewrite after I did a futuristic one for the fairy tale. I hope you enjoy the sickness behind this piece XD.

Chapter 1

Hansel and Gretel: Vampires in the Dawn

"They don't deserve this nice bed and food they're given! You know what you've to do!" spoke a cold harsh voice of a woman.

A man stood remaining quite. "Do you know how many rations we're down by because of those two gluttons?" again spoke the woman. The man remains standing taking the abuse. "We've to do it carefully...abandon them or kill them...it's your choice." again spoke the woman in a threatening manner.

And the two ears pressed against a door fell back in panic looking at one another. One was a boy, short hair; pale and gray with blue eyes. The other was a girl, long hair; pale and gray with blue eyes. Twins the two of them. Huffing and panicking the two stumbled to one another closer holding one another shaking and scared.

"Brother! Brother! What do we do? They plan to abandon us or worse, kill us!" spoke the sister.

"Gretel! Don't panic! There must be some way!" spoke the brother.

Gretel then looked at her brother Hansel in disbelief and spoke "How can you say so? We're just children while they are adults!"

Hansel and Gretel both remained quite looking at one another in the eyes. Eyes filled with panic, distance from their families and darkness. Something very dark remained in the two ever since one fateful day. The day their father remarried after their mother died. The day their lives changed forever.

The relationship between the twins and their Step-mother had never been too good to begin with. But as time progressed, their relationship worsened as the Step-mother started to soon abuse the children. She took sick pleasure in it, watching them squeal in pain. She would tie up Hansel to the bed in her room and take a bat. Hit after hit she would continue on his stomach, she would laugh as she would do it and then she would look at Hansel with a truly horrifying expression, she was evil. Gretel would be tortured differently; the Step-mother would hang Gretel from the ceiling taking a rope and tying it around her hands. She would then take a whip and hit Gretel's body over and over again; hearing Gretel's cries were like music to her ears. Gretel would scream and shout, Hansel would be powerless with a broken body lying on the bed and Gretel would be broken to. As they grew, the torture started to worsen. She would forcibly make them participate in sexual acts with one another for her own sick viewing. She would command them to kiss one another, hold each other's body close. Kiss each other's body and lick one another. She would refrain from having one another molest each one; she didn't want another mouth to feed. She indeed was truly evil. The twins at first scared for their lives to the sexual abuse soon adapted to it, not becoming an addiction and soon developed a far worse addiction. An addiction of blood. They would each other cut one another with their teeth and lick the freshly pouring blood; tasting it. Taking pleasure in it. Vampires.

The abuse started to tilt the twins' mental stability towards a world of insanity. They soon started to continue these sexual acts in their bedroom; their pure, sweet and innocent world was now lost. And all that lay was a dark looming shadow watching over their abuse; their Step-mother.

The two now still in panic looked towards the door of their room waiting for their Step-mother to come in, continue her sick entertainment. And father, he would simply let this happen, he would rather than protect his children drown them in forgetfulness and sorrow. The Father always had been a drunk, and that did not change after the death of his real wife, he became more of a drunk. He became distant from his children and a simple instrument for the Step-mother to use. After some time she convinced of the Father to abandon their children in the woods and Hansel looked over to his sister reassuring her with a soft kiss on the lips. The two parted as Hansel had quietly climbed out the window of their wooden house to go collecting stones. He came back later that night with several small stone in his back and sneaked back into the house gently and quietly. Setting the bag of stones down under the bed, he looked up and sat down on the bed. Hansel gently looked at his sister and caressed her sweet, gentle sleeping face and laid a soft kiss on her forehead saying, "I love you Gretel..." and then went to sleep himself.

Next morning came and the family at what little they had to eat for breakfast rations. The Step-mother came up with a plan for their abandonment. They would go into the forest to collect fruits and vegetables as extra emergency rations. The family would trek deep into the forest, deeper than normal and ask the children to rest. During their time they rest, the Step-mother and the Father will walk away leaving the two alone in the forest to fend for themselves. The plan succeeded and Hansel and Gretel remained in the forest sitting by a small lake on a rock. Gretel began to worry and Hansel simply held his sister's hand. The twins looked around only to find dark shadows surrounding them, night time. The forest, huge, but their escape, possible. Hansel pointed to a trail of stone pebbles saying, "Look! See I told you I would get us out of this! I left a small trail of pebbles as we walked in the forest. That's why I walked in the back of the group. And they shouldn't be able to notice anything because they must've taken another route back home." and Gretel instantly lunged at him hugging him. Hansel blushed at bit but then a mischievous smile took its place. Hansel slowly moved his sister back from their hugging position and faced one another. He slowly started to move Gretel towards his lips to contact hers when she suddenly put up a finger on his "First get home and then that!" she said as Gretel ran off following the trail back home. And Hansel happily chased after her.

Now back at their footsteps of their home, the two held hands squeezing them tightly and knocked on the door. No answer. They knocked again, but louder and the Father came to open the door. He stood shocked, and soon the Step-mother followed. Both now stood at the doorway staring down at the twins, wide open mouths and frozen bodies. The twins looked up at them smiling, smiling in victory. Now back in their bedrooms the two proceeded to continue what they were going to do at the lake. Hansel kissed Gretel on the lips over and over again; and slowly moved his mouth down to her neck, kissing it. Then he started to pinch at it with his teeth and slowly dug his teeth in there, letting a bit of blood flow out. Hansel slowly licked the blood of feeling the tasty pleasure as Gretel moaned in the pleasure of his bite. Gretel then made her move as she forced Hansel onto the bed and lay on top of him. She kissed him on his forehead, his cheeks, his ears, his lips and his neck. She dug her teeth in his neck and watched the blood flow. She felt a rush of adrenaline running through her; it was heaven for the two of them. The then licked off the blood flowing from his neck, taking deep pleasure in it and the two lay on top of one another tired, yet holding onto each other's body and warmth.

The next morning, the Father and the Step-mother spied the twins very carefully at breakfast and a new plan of abandonment was in the making. But before they had left, the Step-mother took one last pleasure in her tools created for torture. The new trail into the forest had come as a shock to the twins, but more of a shock was the last minute torture their Step-mother decided to implement. She would order both the twins to bow down on to the floor. The she started to wildly swing her foot around at the twins kicking then left and right. Kicking them in the back, internal pain slowly rising and the two twins now shuddering. Hansel and Gretel slowly begin to bring in their hands towards one another. Their fingers almost intertwined; they were support for one another, they were the only remaining support of life to one another. Their fingers almost touching when a foot suddenly came stampeding down on their hands. "You gluttons think you can come back this time? We will see...you're better off dead! All you will be is a burden!" spoke the harsh Step-mother. The twins now left shaking and shuddering on the floor in pain; crying and moaning in pain. The Step-mother stepped back taking a seat down on the floor and watching the show from afar while laughing. "Serves you right! Ha ha ha" the Step-mother spoke. She then ordered the twins to get up and get changed so the Father does not feel any guilt of letting the Step-mother harass his children. The Step-mother left the twins lying on the floor, Hansel reached over to wipe his sister's tears and she did the same for Hansel. They both attempted a smile at one another but pain wouldn't let them. Hansel then started to crawl for his new cloths and put them on; He slowly got up regaining his composure and walked towards Gretel. Hansel then started to help Gretel stand up and guide her to her cloths. He looked at his sister and told him that she will be fine changing alone. The two changed and lay on bed resting, trying to recover from the abuse and the tears. They held one another hand and moved closer to one another turning their heads towards each other. The two then smiled genuinely at each other while Hansel looked on in worry, he had no plans this time; now way for their return.

The family trekked through a new route into the forest this time and the Step-mother planned on using the same plan of abandoning the twins. The plan again succeeded, but the twins knew better; it was intended as they had learned from past experience. Different spot and no rock pebble trail to follow back. The two twins were now stranded or so Gretel thought. Hansel took his sister's hand and started on a route ignoring Gretel's questions.

"Brother! Brother! Where are we going?" she spoke frantically as she tried to keep up with her brother's pace.

"We're going to follow the trail of bread crumbs I left...I took some bread before we left and made a trail with its crumbs."

"I see...so they don't know about it either" Gretel spoke in sudden understanding of the situation.

Hansel and Gretel walked on only to come to a halt in the middle of somewhere within the forest. The bread crumbs remains no more, the trail ran cold. A bird stood before them happily eating the bread crumb while the twins looked on at the bird in disbelief. Their way out, now all but lost. They were now stranded in the forest, with the company of the dark shadows encompassing them all round. Hansel and Gretel lay against a tree, stomachs growling of hunger and pain from their previous abuse. The two gripped each other's hand, while shaking of the cold they found some comfort in the touch of one another.

"I'm hungry..." Hansel spoke quietly looking at his sister. Gretel looked at Hansel and moved closer to him kissing him on his forehead saying, "We will try and figure this out tomorrow okay? How about some sleep?" and Hansel simply nodded as both the twins leaned in close to one another and closed their eyes. Shoulders touching, Hansel's head on Gretel's shoulder and Gretel's head on Hansel's head. The two now slept peacefully yet a twisted life awaited them.