Are you a hero looking for a quest in the wondrous, magical land of Phoenicia? Do you dare to stop the heinous civil war within five gigantic neighboring island countries? Would you venture throughout the most dangerous landscapes just to complete your destiny? Sail off the edge of the planet? Face the death of your most loved? Spark a revolution? Our countries need your help, brave heroes. Which side will you choose? Read more about Phoenicia and it's countries, and send in your character today!

Here are the five listed countries: Montes Nix, Sterilis, Terra Aliena, Pluvia, and Bonum Annulum. The former four are the biggest countries, each one placed and separated by the sea so that the four islands create a giant ring. In the center of that ring lies small little Bonum Annulum, an island not even close to the size of the others. All countries are ruled in a democratic style, but Bonum Annulum has always considered to be in charge of the others. After reading about the modern culture of each one, decide where your character will be from. Choose wisely….


*Update: I have a more organized list of the countries on chapter two. Trust me, it is much more easier to read!*

Table of Contents

Country Information: Chp. 1 and Chp. 2

Character Sheet: Chp. 3

List of Characters: Chp. 4

Character Groupings: Chp. 5

Map of Phoenicia (Poorly Drawn by Me): Chp. 6

Important Update: Chp. 14

Montes Nix:


-The northernmost country, and the second biggest out of the five.

- The entire coast is surrounded a giant mountain range (Tuendae Montes) ; the only two exits to the coast are by following the giant frozen river, Flumen, through the mountains.

- A giant pine forest range ( Magnus Saltus) lies in the center, only a few people are known to live in it. It is highly dangerous, and filled with many horrible beasts and monsters.

- The river Flumen (which is frozen ¾ of the year) is connected to a giant fishing lake, Piseium (many ice fishing towns are located on this lake).

- The capitol city is Glacier, it is located to the west of the great pine forest Magnus Saltus and north of Piseium. Unlike the other countries, Montes Nix's capital city is as far away from the coast as possible.

- The entire country faces harsh winter for most of the year, there is very little sunlight, and the weather usually consists of blizzards and snow storms.


-Montens are often characterized as quiet, self-sufficient, reserved people by the other countries; this is most likely due to the giant mountain range that cuts off their connections from the outside world.

-They hate getting involved with the other countries' wars, they usually like to only fight for themselves.

-They are brutal survivors of their own landscape, as most Montens live in rural areas where it is always below freezing and many monsters are always lurking about in the woods.

- The Monten people live on a strict diet of meat and fish, for it is nearly impossible for them to grow crops in their climate, and they do not trust other countries enough for trading.

-Most people in Montes Nix have the air ability, and are able to summon the winds to aid them in battle. This also means that they can communicate messages with birds and can pray to the wind goddess, Borea, for help.

- Most towns are small and tight nit, even Glacier is not much bigger than most other villages. Montens learned long ago that living and traveling in close packs of people is the safest way to keep the dangers of the land away.

-Some towns and huts are built upon the mountain tops. Most of these mountain people are either keeping watch on the coast for intruders or up so high just to be away from all the dangers and worries down below.

-Montes Nix is at war with Terra Aliena for an surprise attack on their coast for unknown reasons, is on tense terms with the other two big countries (the people are paranoid of future sneak attacks), and is on tense terms with Bonum Annulum for failing multiple times to support Montes Nix through many of it's conflicts and hard times.



- The easternmost island, and the biggest out of all five countries.

- The entire landscape of it is hot, barren, desert like, and dead. There are very few trees.

- There are no rivers or lakes in Sterilis, just underground, running fresh water.

- In the northern center of the country exists a giant stretch of plateaus named Oriens Rupes .

- In the exact center of the country there is a giant crater (Craterin) of the mark of a massive nuclear bomb; this bomb was sent many years ago in a past war and has effected the climate of the country for many years.

- South below Craterin lies Valle Mortis, a gigantic, hot valley with no running water, many mazes of rocks that go on for miles, and many other dangerous extremities. No Sterins live in this "Death Valley."

- At the southern-east part of the country lies a strange, magical cave named Wormhole. Many Sterins populate this area.

- The capitol of Sterilis is Tellus,a coastal city located on the southern west part of the island. Many other Sterilis cities are also located on the coasts as well.

-The weather is always dry no matter what season, is freezing cold in the winter (but does not snow) and blistering hot in the Summer.


- Sterins are usually perceived as desperate, clingy, and sometimes even evil people by other countries. Unlike the Montens, Sterins almost completely rely on other countries to support themselves. Ever since the nuclear bomb struck the country, it has been nearly impossible to grow anything on the radiated landscape.

- Although Sterilis is the biggest country, it is the least populated. Many people who have tried to live in the country have given up hope of its survival a long time ago.

- Some angry and revengeful Sterins plot to destroy the other countries with the same thing that destroyed their own: a nuclear war.

- Sterins eat the leftover food of the world, they usually trade everything they have just to get food other countries didn't want.

-The land of Sterilis is aided by the element of earth, they can summon the rocks to move and attack at their will. They can also communicate with land mammals magically and pray to the Earth god, Aion.

-Many Sterins are pirates who steal supplies and people for their own county, and many costal towns on Sterilis happen to be dangerous pirate ports because of this.

-There is a major radiation problem within the center of the country, many Sterins believe the crater to be cursing the country with a forever awful climate and loss of hope.

- They are at bad terms with every single country for their pirate problems, and are at war with Bonum Annulum for bombing their country many years ago and ruining their entire ecosystem. This war has gone on for ages, and Sterilis has been losing the war ever since it began.

Terra Aliena:


-The southern most country of the five, and the second smallest.

- The entire landscape is a dense forest land, also with many flowing streams, rocky hills and a nice sized lake to the east (Vivius).

-The western area is the least tree-populated, and where the capitol city (Ignis), lies.

-Scattered inside the giant forest are many hidden, ancient tribes who refuse to associate with the outside world, the "capital" of these tribes being Tribu Igni, which is near the south center of the island.

-The eastern lake, Vivius, is supposedly magical and sacred to the Terran people. They believe it gave life to the first humans on Phoenicia.

- Many areas are filled with both normal and magical animals, some much more dangerous and others more placid.

-Most modern Terrans live on the coast, where it is the easiest to trade and farthest from the forest tribes.


-Modern Terrans are perceived of by other countries as wild, fanatic, and power-hungry people. Nobody admits it, but they are second-in-command to Bonum Annulum, and are always struggling for even more power over Phoenicia. They are not exactly evil, but Terra Aliena would start a war if they knew they had the advantage.

-Most other countries are most scared of Terra Aliena, and try not to get in the way of their fierce moves towards Bonum Annulum.

-Terrans try to keep their forest tribes hidden from the rest of the world. They do not like to be seen as crazy, uncivilized tribal people. The tribes were what the country was named for long ago, something that modern Terrans are now embarrassed of.

- There are rumors of a secret project going on in the western forest, but the Terran people deny this.

-The element of the Terrans is fire, which the tribes use in many rituals to bring a sort of "new life". They are the masters of the reptiles, and speak to the fire goddess, Hephaesta, in their prayers.

-Many modern Terrans, unlike the previous two, care too much about other countries issues. The country makes it a point to involve themselves.

-They have a nice variety of food from both the animals from the forest and the crops from the western plains, and overall have a nice economy and wealth compared to the other countries.

-They are at war with Bonum Annulum due to an ongoing power struggle and Montes Nix because the Terrans attacked their coast line to show a sign of only country that Terrans are on okay terms with is Pluvia.



- The westernmost country, and the third-biggest.

- The entire country is a giant rainforest, from coastline to coastline. It rains nearly every single day, and there are many rivers flowing through the island that bring life to all areas.

-The capital, Humidum, is located on the eastern coast. It is the international trading center in the whole of Phoenicia, and is heavily populated.

-There are many hidden cities and ancient treasures hidden, in the forests, but only a few have so far been discovered. One hidden city is rumored to connect to a completely different country, but it's existence has neverbeen confirmed.

-A few other well-populated cost cities include Thesaurus on the southern coast, Terra Kings in the north jungle area, and Aliquet on the south jungle area.

-The country is abundant in food. It supplies food to almost every county, except for Montes Nix. Many rainforest trees are magical, and allow farmers to harvest fruit five times quicker than ordinary trees. This is the same for many other plants and soil on the country.

- Animals found in the rainforest, like Terra Aliena, come in many different varieties. There are supposedly more animals than people on the country, and the population of the country people-wise is already very high.

-Much of the inner rainforest is unmapped, as the rainforest is magical and always moving around as time passes on.


-Most others see Pluvians as trustworthy, helpful, pacifist people. To some countries (Montes Nix and Sterilis), this is bad, for it either makes them feel too in debt or it makes them feel as if there is something bad behind Pluvia's nice gestures.

-More than half of Pluvians are farmers, and much of the other percent are traders. Most farmers live deeper in the forest, while the traders populate the coastline ports and cities.

-Pluvians try a little too hard to befriend all countries and please everybody at the same time, and are constantly pushed around by the more powerful countries without ever revolting or fighting back.

-They are very protective of their forest animals, and their nearby sea animals as well. They are usually the butt of other countries jokes, and most Pluvians are unused to harsh conditions.

-Pluvians harness the element of water, and sail/trade much quicker than others due to their control over the ocean waves. They can talk and communicate with the fish and undersea animals, and pray to the water god, Pontus.

-The Pluvians are more well-fed and more overweight than the people of other countries due to their easy lifestyle and over-the-limit amount of food. They eat fresh food from the trees themselves, mostly consisting of fruits and juices.

-Pluvians are not at war with any country, but are about to unwillingly declare war on Bonum Annulum due to much pushing to do so from Terra Aliena. They are also very upset with the Sterin pirates for multiple attacks on their ships and ports.

Bonum Annulum:


-The smallest island out of the five, in a circular shape and in the center of the ring of countries.

- Bonum Annulum has been protected by a magical ring circling the island ever since the beginning of Phoenicia. Only welcomed people can enter through this wing, therefore it is nearly impossible to attack the land.

- The capital of Bonum Annulum and "the capital of the world itself" is Britanniarum, called Brit for short by most of its inhabitants. It covers the entire center of island, and is the most populated city in the entire world.

-On the outside of the massive city lies a forest range (Silva Terrae) skirting the outer circle of the island right before the coast. Located in the eastern forest area is Phoenicia's international prison, Carcerem.

-Wild animals live in the woods, but are in fewer variety than most other woods and most are not magical. Many are hunted each year by the growing human population, and only a few animals still remain in the woods.


-Brittan (*Not from England!*) people are described of by other countries as snotty, arrogant, and ignorant. This is mostly because Bonum Annulum has always lead Phoenicia, and the country has always taken the blame when countries are suffering. They are disliked by most countries, and their everlasting protecting from their magical ring only adds to the hatred.

-There are two distinct categories of people within Brit: those who are rich, and those who are poor. There is no middle class. The rich are in control of the government, and therefore make decisions for the entire world. The poor are in bigger numbers than the rich, yet are completely invisible to the other countries. Most other countries overlook the problems in Bonum Annulum just to make them hate the country even more.

-Brittans are considered very educated compared to the rest of the world, and are the most technologically advanced people out of all other countries. Their military is of great prestige, and the country is a force to reckon with in wars.

-Bonum Annulum was the country who bombed Sterilis many years ago and "cursed" the entire country. They are absolutely loathed by the Sterins, and have been in a war since then.

-Brittan people harness no certain element, instead, they have certain talents that can be quite random (*These talents can be compared to the varieties of super powers of different super heroes, except not quite as powerful*). They have no special animal, and no special god to pray to. One talent that Brits share in common is that they have such good charisma skills, they are nearly hypnotizing.

- The country eats food from all over Phoenicia, as they are in charge of Pluvia and therefore the food trading system as well.

- Counting aside Pluvia, Bonum Annulum is at war with every single country. There is a call for a "revolution" from the other countries, and a huge power struggle between the country and Terra Aliena is once again taking place. Of course, the world war is not going well for the countries, as the Brittans are literally untouchable to their enemies.


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