About this Dream: Yet another dream I am not quite sure where came from. I think part of it came from World of Warcraft, because the actual dream itself was quite like a video game up until the end part (You'll see (; ) , but I am not going to go too much into the dream aspect of it. But for those of you who play WoW, the world that my dream was set in greatly resembled the Night Elf world (Even though In my dream we were all humans). And for those of you who don't, I will still explain everything.

***As usual, my dream is rated M. This one has femslash in it, if you don't like it, choose a different chapter.***

I glanced down over the edge of the balcony. Beautiful aquamarine water that sparkled like a thousand crystals met my eyes. I smiled as I stepped back a few feet before I took a running leap off of the balcony. I reveled in the feeling of the wind caressing my body as I fell, rushing faster and faster towards the gorgeous water before me. Just before I hit the water I put my hands out before me in a torpedo shape, allowing me to enter the water with swift grace. The water was so warm, and it surrounded me like a perfect blanket. I opened my eyes. It was surprising that everything was clear, and I was able to see around me perfectly. The water was just as beautiful underwater as it was above.

I heard a disturbance in the water, and glanced around me. A few feet over there was a beautiful girl, her dark brown hair floating around her head; the dark tendrils looking soft even when submerged in water. Her eyes were an icy blue color, and her lips a dark pink.

"Come with me, I need to talk to you."

Somehow her voice was as clear as my vision. It was confusing, but her seductive allure made me nod and follow her to the surface. As soon as I made contact with oxygen, I took a deep breath of it before I propelled myself in the water after her.

We made it up to the shore, and I worked against the weight of the water as I stepped out of it. I noticed a few small water holes that were just like the one I came out of, but far tinier. They somewhat resembled hot tubs. I smiled at the beautiful girl, and ran my eyes down her near bare body. I imagined the little ties of her scarlet red bikini coming undone by my hand and falling away to reveal the breasts beneath them. I pulled myself from the thought just as she smiled,

"I am glad you followed me, I wanted to talk to you."

"What about?"

"How about we sit in one of the hot springs and relax while we chat?"

I watched her slender arm extend towards one of the small pools of water I had noticed before.

"Sure." I would be lying if I said that I didn't think dirty thoughts as soon as she mentioned the pool, but with that smile, she was almost implying dirty intentions.

We both walked towards it, climbing into the hot steaming water together at opposite ends of the small pool. It was circular, with rock seating looping around it. I couldn't tell if it was natural, or If someone had carved the rock to make a pool and it's sitting area. Our legs brushed against each other when we both relaxed.

"I really didn't want to talk to you; I just wanted to be sitting here in this hot spring with you." Her smile was coy.

"I can't complain." I returned the smile. I scooted forward and reached down, taking her small hips in my hands and pulling her onto my lap. She purred seductively.

I didn't waste any time in untying the ties of her bikini top, the exact ones I had been dreaming of no more than a few minutes ago. As soon as I pulled it off, her beautiful wet breasts bounced out in front of my face. I shot a look upwards, making eye contact with her as I licked her little pink nipple with my tongue. She sighed, tilting her head back and closing her eyes. I continued to knead her soft breast with my tongue, and her moans grew louder. I felt her reach down below the water and pull my bikini bottom's ties off of me, and she let it drop into the water. Her fingers found my clit and she stroked it. The water wasn't the best lubricant, but the friction that was a cause of that felt amazing. I shivered along with each long drawn out stroke of her finger, the sensation reverberating through my body.

"Oh, yes." I moaned when she slipped a finger into me, using her thumb to massage my clit. I realized I didn't know her name, but that honestly didn't matter at this point. While her one hand worked me down below, her other hand untied my bikini top and threw it on to the side of the pool.

I couldn't stand it anymore; I removed my mouth from her chest to focus on removing her bikini bottoms. Just as soon as I had her bikini bottoms off, I was readjusting. I somehow managed to get her off my lap, and wrapped her leg over mine. Our clits came in contact and we both shuddered violently. I began to undulate my hips and grind into her. Her high pitched gasps grew louder and somewhere in there mine mixed in as the sensations overwhelmed my body. Feeling her against me was so wonderful, I never wanted to stop. She shrieked loudly as she reached her orgasm, pushing me over the edge into my own state of euphoria. Each wave of the intense bliss took me on a wild ride, until they finally ebbed away. We both collapsed against the edge of the hot spring, panting wildly; our legs still tangled together.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I enjoyed dreaming it up and writing it up. The ending seems a little too soon, so I may continue in another oneshot, but for this one it was just wear the dream itself ended. Until next dream, goodnight!