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It was a cold night in the forests of Druidslum, and Doman Sedlramm had just gotten back from a week long hunting trip.

I wonder why its cold here in Druidslum, its only supposed to get this way during the deep freezes, but there two months from now. And the village is abandoned. Why is that? There are lights in the huts, yet no one's in them.

Then he heard a noise, a low growl that could only mean one thing, the Azels were back. He spun around and saw one of the heaping beasts growling at him, he drew his Darkblade and prepared for the fight. He pulled out his circlet and pulled it on his head, through his midnight eyes he could see the monsters fangs crimson with blood, elven blood.

"NO!" He screamed. They attacked his village, and killed the elves, that's why no ones here,

Or maybe they fled. he hoped as he began casting protective magicks on himself

The fiend leaped at him, attempting to pin him and tear his throat out, but the elf wasn't there when it landed. It looked around in confusion before feeling a sharp stab of pain in it's back and howling in pain and rage. The elf leapt off its back and did a somersault in the air and landing gracefully on his feet before changing weapons to his Maedelin. The elven crafted blade bore his families coat of arms and could cut through solid steel, for the blade was a mixture of metals melted with diamond that gave it a golden hew with the speed and the strength that was so desired by the Elven armies.

He was a flash of gold in the dark village, Moving at blinding speed and striking the Azel with incredible speed and strength, and soon the giant wolf fell dead. Doman went over to the corpse and pulled out one of its blood soaked teeth.

"This isn't a normal Azel fang." Doman said as the blood on the fang started seeping into the tooth and draining out the hollow end.

"Mahtan Elensar " he heard the voice of his friend, Enkloth, approaching him from the shadows, he turned and greeted Enkloth.

"Enkloth, what happened here?" He asked.

"The Azel were different from before." he replied "they attacked not for survival like they usually do, they attacked for the pure pleasure of killing"

"But why?" Doman asked

"I don't know but… you should see something." Enkloth said and signaled to follow him.

What is it? Doman wondered.

Shakaroth: I don't like this.

They arrived at Domans' hut, And when Doman opened his door, he saw a sight so horrible, it was maddening

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