A/N Chapter 3 They make they're way to a Village called Whiteblade, This village is relatively close to Druidslum, and was also attacked By the Azels.

Doman looked around in the village of Whiteblade, It was a wreck, But not as bad as Druidslum. The villagers were okay, Various mages were healing The warriors who had Gotten bitten. Doman went to the town hall, to speak with the leader. When he arrived he saw the leader reading a large book with various glyphs glowing on the pages.

" Ah, About time you arrived Mahtan." The mayor said to Doman without looking up. The mayor was a tall, greedy, fat man, Doman did not like him

" I no longer go by Mahtan, My name is Doman Sedlramm."

" Figures. I know why you're hear. You want to know who and what attacked your village Right?" The Mayor Replied.

"How'd You know?" Doman questioned. The mayor signaled to a ball that had various swirling gasses in it. Scrying.

"Yes, that is correct. Do you know anything?" Doman asked.

"I might. What do you have to offer?" The Mayor teased. Doman drew his Maedelin and Pointed it at the Mayor. In all of Rina why'd this guy have to be leader of this town. The town has nice people, They had delivered supplies to Druidslum in times of famine, even though it was in secret, because the mayor refused to do it. At least publicly. He hated Druidslum because they refused to sell him 200 Darkblades, Just for his own collection. Druidslum will not sell weapons that will sit there and rust. Weapons are made for a purpose, to defend yourself. And Druidslum was respected for it.

"Guards." The fat sloth called lazily. Twenty or thirty guards rushed into the room, armed with stoneblades, Orlisis rifles . Doman quickly assessed the situation. Take out the Guards with rifles then the Orlisis, and finally the Stoneblades. He used various signals to let Enkloth know of his plan, Enkloth nodded in agreement, Drawing his great sword and strapping on his large sized shield with a red ribbon tied to it. Doman leaped onto a wall, beheading two guards, and kept leaping higher and higher until he reached the ceiling. He ran his thumb along the blade, cutting his thumb, enchanting the blade.

"BLOOD DROP SLASH!" Doman shouted before becoming a hazy golden blur. Enkloth put his hand along the flat of his great swod and closing his eyes while the guards approached him, suddenly his eyes opened wide and he stabbed his sword into the ground.

"STONE OF THE DEAD, GIVE ME YOUR STRENGTH!" he shouted before the spirits of the dead poured into his sword, and, drawing his sword back out of the ground and started destroying the guards in a single blow. This went on for ten or so minutes until all but one was dead.

"Now then, is that the best you have?" He said in a mocking tone.

Shakaroth: watch out, I sense a great evil from him.

Yeah I figured. Doman replied.

"My name is Draknoth, I am the dragonslayer. And you, Mahtan, Hold the last dragon." Draknoth said.

"You cannot kill me. I was the dragon ancient. And I still am." The voice of Shakaroth erupted from Doman. Then the dragon, possessing Domans body, began weaving runes that revived the dead guards into mindless zombies.

"your puppets have no effect on me, for I am undead as well." Draknoth laughed.

"Your undead?" Enkloth asked confused. How could this guy be undead? He was perfectly Human looking, but then again, Enkloth had left the sanctuary of the elven lands only twice., for special missions requested by Doman because he was needed there.

"yes. You have a problem?"


"Undead or not, your still going to tell me what killed my village!" Doman shouted and attacked.

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