The Baron

The moon had just perched itself above the land while the sun

gave a fiery kiss to the horizon. The fingers of color where the sun's goodbye for the day. As beautiful as they seemed Fred new what it really was it was the suns promise to

return the next day with a vengeance. The red at the bottom of the sky was the sun saying"I'll be back tomorrow and you will be boiling". Yes Fred sat by the fire and watched the suns promise, as the desert night came in with its signature cold. A cold that crept up on unsuspecting tourists and left them shivering in their footwear.

I wanted to say boots but that would be stereotyping. I know the world would be much simpler if everything fit into it's stereotype but that's just not the way it is. I know this because I yes the author hiked the widow maker in a pair of broken sandals.

Fred the loner the drifter the hobo what ever you could call him sat by the fire and puffed away on his pipe. The sweet smoke long gone what our dear connoisseur

had was a stale tin he lifted from one of the many tobacco shops left in the big city.

A place of wonder now abandoned and left in ruin. The once proud residents

left to fight amongst themselves for the commodities left on the shelves of the decaying metropolis they. They had leaders and flags and slogans and songs, The fools still didn't realize that part of the reason why the world was the way it was today was because of all

the aforementioned niceties.

Yes Fred the anarchist smoking his pipe and pondering the goings of the world as it turned true to it's nature. The cycle of events going just a scheduled.

Man made themselves great at the cost of nature and when she nature rebelled it sent all

of mans greatness tumbling back to the earth, for the most part. Now the plague of man

returned to the more simple problems, finding fertile land for crops or following the herd

it lived of off.

OK so there were a few hold outs, a couple of cars a few radio stations hear or there. Nothing that was simple enough to maintain or keep going forever.

Yes Fred puffed away enjoying the vanity he was able to plunder from the dieing grace of man. His pipe it would usually cost around eight hundred dollars but because of the times he got it for free. It was one of those deals a man would spend a few years breaking in he would take great care to clean it and put it in a safe place.

Fred our pilgrim in search of nothing but serenity and maybe a can of Dr. Pepper. Of course there wasn't a can or bottle of the stuff to be found anywhere so he settled for a trip far far away from his dear desert home of southern California and to a nice Colorado river bank where he could catch fish and grow vegetables. He didn't know what was going on in that part of the world but he figured it was better than what was happening in California.

With the break down of civilization came the break down

of the gun laws and pretty much all laws except for the big ten for the most part. When the laws left the West became wild again with people began having shoot outs again, every boy got to live his dream every boy grew up to be a cowboy. Everyman was the baddest man of all time everyman was armed. It got so bad in some parts pretty soon there was only a few men left.

The break down of the land of fruits and nuts was pretty bad.

Freddie figured out in Colorado things would be different so he headed out with a pack

full of tobacco and bullets. To see what the future would hold for him in a quieter place.

The Drifter

Well if you thought maybe Freddie had died along the way then your wrong,so you lose about a few points if you think he survived than you get the grand prize. Ok maybe not so grand but...Just keep reading.

Freddie our dear friend the home owner the baker the butcher the

store owner made it good for himself, while you wonder what the hell

I was talking about. He managed to make it Colorado, he managed to build a home

plant a tree and make a baby. Hell Freddie even managed to start a new town

a little post card village where people would stop at a bed and breakfast for a weekend

far away from all the nasty of their life at home.

On the farm of his he had a son or two or three. Two or three

got bogged down In growing the village they became territorial assholes who remained weary of strangers. They became condescending on the youngest brother, the dreamer

who always wanted to go explore outside the village the little good for nothing wanted to see what was going on with the rest of the world and it's chaos.

Ray Ramos sat on his porch looking at the horizon. A cigarette

perched in his mouth Ray was sitting and pondering the goings of the world,as it circled

and went through it's cycle. Ray looked at the moon who took it's spot as the Govnor of the night sky. "Your damn right you just read the word govner"

Ray took a drag and looked at the horizon he looked at the sun as it said it's goodbyes

for the day. He took another slow drag and let the smoke out with a sigh. The silence

of his free form meditation was interrupted when Fred walked onto the porch and tamped out his old briar pipe.

"What seems to be the problem son?"

"Nothing Dad just restless"

"I see boy you got the wonder lust"

"The what"

"You want to go travel and see things"

"yeah I guess"

"Well seeing as how you can't go to colleague I guess it's a swell idea"

Fred walked over to his son and punched him in the shoulder.

It was his way of saying I love you son. Not to talk down on how far man digressed

since the collapse, but I will say in a way Man has moved forward by going back to the ways of the old breed.

The Local cider Baron sat back down on the rocking chair on his porch. Looking off at the sunset. The red of in the distance told him it was going to be another hot day.

It's gonna be another hot one tomorrow boy"

Ray just nodded as he sat down next to his father.

The Out law

At the edge of town lived a young woman, Not an ordinary young woman but the kinda girl who followed trouble around. Ashley wasn't so much of a trouble maker it was her father and her three brothers. The lazy bums made their living

by robbing the people who worked for their money. Everybody knew about the family business, but they kept quiet because Papa Stetson made a deal with Franks eldest.

Every time The pocket these misguided children picked happened to have something Joe needed than he got it.

Guilt by association was a terrible game to play, but Ashley played it well keeping well hid from the eyes of the townsfolk and their children. She developed a

great imagination and she grew some of the best grass in town.

So she further backed herself into a corner by supplying many of the towns fine christian children with the devils weed. Her only real friends were a girl she met

on the internet and her computer which she fixed. The two of them chatted for hours

always talking about the things they heard about how the world used to be, and always wanting to leave their small towns and head off on a great adventure together.

Yes Ashley would have never met Ray if it wasn't for her friend on the internet, and Ashley's friend wouldn't have ever met Ray if it weren't for Ashley. We can go more into that later folks for know I have a scene to narrate.

Ashley had just finished watering her plants and doing the chores around the house. She had just finished washing up. The cold water wasn't such a terrible burden

to bear being that the sun was slow in going down and today he burned furiously.

It must have been Old Fred again pissing off the sun. She had just put on the Dress she traded about three ounces for. She looked in the mirror at herself.

Mirror mirror on the wall yes Ashley was your stereotypical

hidden beauty hidden in dirty jeans and a flannel shirt to big for her. These clothes didn't detract from her Radiant face though, The high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes,

which were framed by her long black her when she let it down of course her ponytail and bandana didn't really help. Today however was a world of difference all her self imposed detraction's were gone. Instead her smooth soft skin was exposed the little bit of cleavage from her perky bossism, her shoulders. Her curves her phenomenal booty" my book my characters and just like me

Ray is a booty man so I got to hook my man up" They all shone through when she wore her black clingy thingy"insert the dress you want here you have to see it as well"

as Did her long legs not too skinny not to fat just right.

Yes today our lovely Ashley was prepared to go out to one of the dances

being held in town to inhibit the life cycle "you know pick a lady make a baby"

She stood outside the barn waiting for her brother to hitch the horses to the carriage.

Horses became unbelievably popular once again. This was another reason old Joe let the

Stetson brothers ply their trade" the horse dealing schmuck". Fuel was something people

used to use. These days if you were lucky you would find a scientist in your village who would tinker until he found a way to make your car run on an alternative source of energy. Of course these poor schmucks were often very discreet, not wanting to be abducted and used by men of bad intention.

"Dale hurry up"

"relax sis we will get there on time"

Dale a name from a time when Race cars where in some circles the dogs bollocks.

Good Ol number three Papa Stetsons Tribute to his fallen hero, even today if Papa Stetson where to think about the fate of old number three he would break out in tears. Its not that he was crying there was just always something caught in his eye.

Dale walked out the barn and gave a loud whistle which resulted in a handsome horse trotting out. Dales favorite horse Marsh mellow he was a magnificent creature too big to ride but big enough to pull a buggy and that's what he excelled at.

Out on the track they made on the edge of town. Dale and Marsh mellow where stars

and under the table they where well paid stars.

Dale climbed up into the buggy. It was a funny sight the slight man stood at about 5'4 weighing roughly about 115. The fact that marshmallow the giant charger allowed himself to be bound to such a man spoke of Dales way with horses.

He offered a hand and helped his sister up into the buggy.

Ashley stood up in the buggy looking at her dress just to make sure everything fit.

"you look fine sis like a super model"

"Thanks Dale I was just checking"

"Yeah sis just relax...but not too much on don't let them horn dogs get at you"

The buggy started off on don the road going off into the sunset.

The Fairy

Steph was a Parrot amongst The flock of pigeons that made

up it's surroundings. Steph was a Two spirit an old part of the Indian medicine tradition

Tonight she sat in front of the mirror looking waiting waiting for an answer

You see just like in the days of old Steph was a seer she was able

to see things in the astral realm things other people couldn't she saw the spirits around her. Not so clearly they were visually just blotches of color that floated past but she was able to tell what they were trying to convey. Before such a person would be put on drugs

or locked up or have their mind picked apart and then put back together until they were overcome with guilt than they would suffer their lives out trying to be normal.

Lucky for Steph one of the folks living in the village was an Indian shaman he saw what it was and he advocated for Steph to be left alone. Unfortunately

Laughing wolf passed away two years ago leaving the village and the two spirit

to go alone. Or so everyone thought. Laughing wolf didn't leave he returned to guide Steph on her journey. The old man had returned to help her until she could do it on her own, but this required a spirit vision which would require a quest.

In front of the Mirror Steph sat brushing her hair waiting

for a visit from her patron spirit. Laughing wolf always came and spoke to her when she

sat in front of her mirror painting her face or brushing her hair.

Laughing Wolf never one to disappoint Made his appearance

His wrinkeld leathery face framed by his long gray ponytails. The face of plains Indian broke into a smile.

"hello Laughing wolf"

"Hello Stephanie"

"so whats going on Laughing wolf?"

"You need to go to the dance tonight"

"why ?"

"Because that's where your spirit quest begins"

Steph let out a hearty laugh "ok I'm gonna go dance with a bunch

of yokels" ? The Shamans face grew serious "no with two of them".

Stephanie picked up the brush and began to brush her hair again.

Fine but what should I wear?

That's up to you.

Laughing Wolf waved and disappeared.

Stephan looked in the mirror His body had managed to shirk it's responsibility to be big and brawny instead she developed into a lithe frame with

perky little tits and a little bit of ass and hips. This was guided by Laughing wolf.

You see children back in the day a two spirit was aided by it's community.

Fortunately it was much easier for Stephanie instead of being jerked dry and forced to ride a horse for two days. She just drank lots of soy milk and rode horses for two days.

You might ask what happened to Stephanie's mother well I'll vouch for her

competence. I'm the author trust me I know about these things.

She dolled herself up and jumped on her horse ready to hit the party and see what would happen

Mano E Mano

Ray sat with his father on the porch looking at the sky as the stars began to make their grand appearance. And of course the fire flies these lights putting on their show making the moment more special.

Fred looked over at his son and slapped him on his back.

"Son I know why you got that wonder need to find yourself some of that good stuff."

"Whats the good stuff?"

"son why don't you go to the dance tonight...hell maybe you could pull a skirt"


Rays face broke out in a confusion

"Yeah son it would be good for you it'll help you clear your head, just don't tell your mother I said so ya hear"

"sure Dad"

"good now go put your good cloths on and hit the dance boy matter of fact come see me before you go I'll give you a flask to share with your friends"

"You'll let me drink your whiskey"

"sure your old enough right?"

Ray got up and hurried to the wash room.

Yes the wash room these days indoor plumbing was something people remembered from back in the day. Most folks took their baths at the bath house the beauty of the system

was it fell on one mans shoulders to make sure that everyone's bathing experience was a warm one. Here in our village there where three bath house's one for the men one for the women and one for the Ramos family. Of course there was also those hold outs that

ran their baths at home.

The rich son of The Cider Baron enjoyed the luxury of his bath very much. From this we learn why the nobility looked down on the dirty smelly peasantry. Which I could understand. Let me ask you have you ever had a meth addict want to hug you or hang out in your house? Some of them get pretty darn nasty.

Ray looked in the mirror at himself Fresh from the bath draped in his good shirt. The young man looking back at him didn't have any of the anxiety flapping around in his stomach. Rays stomach wasn't his only problem in general

The other rich kids would be at the party as well. These brats didn't like his last name Ramos.

You could believe in a world without colors flavors discrimination

but other people would look at you like a retard trying to get to sesame street. Old man Ramos was a driving force behind the community but the children weren't afraid to

say what they learned from their fathers. These little bastards were not afraid to say it to

Little Raymundo.

Unfortunately for Ray this was how things went. Ray shelved the butterflies and went to speak with his father about the little flask of courage. The fire water that burned away most inhibition. Together on the porch they stood.

" Don't drink too much son or it will make your dick not work."

As Ray rode off to the party he could hear his father laughing on the porch, a big belly laugh that rocked his whole body.

The Intersection.

The Dance was being held under a large gazebo

The winds of the night crept in through the gaps in the walls cooling the warm sweaty

pack of humanity. The strings of light bulbs which went up from the pillars along the ceiling to the center fit too. The one just bare concrete wall. The D.J. Booths back being held

against the wall The Old dancehall music from the eighties pulsed through the speakers"my story my music,or just imagine what you would hear."

Yes everything was great except for the angry crowed ready to kick the crap out of the D.J.