Chapter one The Beginning

Blood soaked my muzzle. I could feel a chill run down my spine. Today was the day I made my official kill. The day where I knew I would not ever have to return to normal civilization. My black fur had bits of scarlet on it from my kill. I felt warmth behind me before a tongue was lightly licking my ear. I shivered violently as my ears were the most sensitive part of my body. The wolf wrapped its' tail around mine affectionately. I looked up and saw beautiful blue eyes.

Suddenly, I woke up.

I sat up in my bed. I glanced around but I did not see anyone in my room. I had that same dream for the last week now. Ever since I was bitten and all I saw of my attacker were its' eyes, its' beautiful blue eyes. I don't know if my attacker was a girl or a boy. All I know is that whatever my attacker was it had to deal with a wolf. I was guessing that my attacker was either a wolf demon or werewolf. I got up from bed and went to the bathroom that was connected to my room. I stripped of my clothes and hopped into the shower. I turned the water on hot enough to keep me cozy without burning me. I closed my eyes and I lost myself in a haze.

Someone's mouth was on my throat, sucking the skin hard enough to make a mark. I moaned loudly as the person's teeth lightly brushed against the newly made mark. The person turned me around and I noticed that the person was a female. The girl had wavy dark blonde hair that almost reached her bicep. I heard her whisper something which I barely caught what it was until she pressed me against the wall of the shower and whispered it once more. She had whispered one word. She had whispered, "Mine."

My eyes opened wide.

I looked around but I found myself the only one in the shower. I sighed sadly and finished washing my hair before stepping out of the shower. I quickly dried my body off before squeezing the water out of my black hair and into the sink. Once my hair didn't have much water left in it I braided it and then tied it off with a rubber band. My bangs swung into my left eye. Ever since I had been bitten I didn't have to wear glasses anymore. I could see even better than the average human. My hearing had gotten better too. For instance if I felt like it I could hear what the person in the apartment down the hallway was doing even if they were whispering.

I live in the large town of London, England. I draped my satchel bag over my shoulder before grabbing my keys and going down to the street. Within my satchel bag held pencils, a thick black leather journal, a sketch book that was slightly bigger than my journal but just as thick and last but not least I had a small digital camera that had eleven mega pixels and a huge memory. I walked down to the park and sat down on the ground with my back leaning against a tree. I stared out at the scenery. I heard a rustle of leaves and turned around to look at the person that was approaching me. It was the same female that has been on my mind since she first attacked me. She came over to me and sat down next to me.

"Who are you?" I whispered.

"My name is Brittany." The female said.

"Why did you bite me?" I asked curiously.

"You're my mate. Plus you smelled so good." Brittany murmured before pulling me into her lap.

I yelped softly in surprise before settling down between her legs. I curled up slightly before resting my head against her chest. Brittany wrapped her arms around me tightly making me feel warm and protected. I unconsciously drifted asleep and every time I felt her move I gripped her shirt tightly to make sure she stayed. I felt a sharp pain at the base of my throat and opened my eyes to seeing my mate biting me down hard to get me to submit. I submitted instantly. She grinned and lifted me out of her lap and sat me back down in my original seat.

"I'll come back for you my love." Brittany whispered before she disappeared.

I whined softly in distress. Brittany must have heard me because she came a few moments. She looked worried before she started sniffing and licking me. I wondered what was going on since she was doing this while still being human. Brittany bit down hard on my shoulder and for some odd reason my body slumped against the tree. Brittany picked me up gently and grabbed my bag as well.

"You're coming with me." Brittany murmured.

I nodded weakly and snuggled against her. She seemed to understand how I felt because she didn't get angry at my bare response. She kissed my forehead. I couldn't believe that such a gorgeous creature could want me. I felt the warmth of a bed press against my back so I knew she had laid me down. I heard a rustle from my bag and guessed that she must be looking through my things. I was too exhausted to care so I rolled over on my side and fell into a deeper slumber. Brittany found a journal in the bag that her mate was carrying and wondered what her mate's thoughts were so she casually opened the small black leather book and began reading.

October 1st 2011

Dear Journal,

I have been having these dreams… dreams of the one who attacked me. I don't know what happened exactly. I remember paying a guy to get be a bottle of whiskey because I knew I wouldn't be old enough to walk in and get it myself. I heard that whiskey helps you relax so I wanted to try it. The man got it for me and came back with five dollars' worth of change. I glanced at him before saying, "Keep the change. Thanks for helping a girl out." And then I left, walking down the street. I walked down the street and stole sips from my bottle. It sure was a strong flavor but I knew that I could get past the slightly bad taste when I felt that burn in the back of my throat and my body immediately relaxing. I was almost finished my bottle when I suddenly sensed a presence behind me. Their body was warm as it pressed slightly against my back but not enough to identify if the person had pecks or breasts. The person claimed the base of my throat and bit down gently. My vision began to blur, the colors all swirling together as I felt immense pleasure and slight pain. The next thing I knew I was back in my room and I was alone. The dreams are always of the pleasurable bite that my attacker left.

October 3rd 2011

Dear Journal,

I didn't get a chance to write yesterday because I lost track of time while drawing in the park. The people and creatures there do such wonderful poses it's hard to not want to draw them. People pay me a lot of money for my drawings. Today a man paid me two hundred American dollars for drawing him and his wife. I used that money to pay my rent for the month and, to get a few pieces of bread and fruit for dinner. My rent has now been paid in advance for the next two months. Every time I get money I pay some more off so that I won't be thrown out unexpectedly. I started to have daydreams in the shower but my attacker. I found out the person was definitely a female and was even more passionate than I thought.

I woke up to hands running down my sides. I yawned before opening my eyes. I found myself on my back as my mate hovered over me. I bared my throat to her in submission. She nuzzled my mating mark before she kissed me gently on the lips. I heard her whisper my name and I couldn't help but smile. 'She knows my name!' I thought excitedly. I let out a whine-like noise which made her look into my eyes worriedly. She then noticed my body was shaking and realized that I was probably cold since she had taken all of the blankets off of me so that she could see my body. She lay down next to me in the full sized bed and pulled me close to her chest so that she would radiate body heat around me. I immediately warmed up. I was just about to doze back off to the land of dreams when there was a loud knock on the door. I whined slightly in protest before getting up and going to answer the door. I found myself suddenly getting pulled into a forced kiss and whimpered. I felt Brittany's arms wrap around my waist and pull me back towards her possessively. Brittany stared at the psychotic dark haired woman and growled loudly.

"What the hell are you doing to my girlfriend?" the dark haired woman asked.

"She's mine. Not yours." Brittany hissed simply.

I hid my face in Brittany's chest. I did not want to see the woman who seemed to think we were still dating even though we had broken up weeks ago due to her landing me in the hospital. The bruises had only just finished healing and now I only had a scar that traveled from my left side down to my left hip bone. I did not want to go back that abusive creature and I could tell that Brittany shared my sentiments exactly. Brittany held me close and once she got rid of Rayne I finally relaxed completely. Brittany knew there must be a back story to the reason why that horrid psychotic creature thought that her mate was her own.

"Will you tell what that creature was raving about?" Brittany asked nicely even though I knew that she would want the information even if I said no.

"I used to date that psycho but she was so abusive that a few weeks ago she landed me in the hospital. During my stay in the hospital she came to visit me and while I was there I broke off the relationship. Needless to say she didn't take it well, and I ended up having to stay an extra day in the hospital. Everything is healed now except for the scar. Now she hounds me and acts as if we are still together. Hence the reason the night you attacked me I had drank almost a whole bottle of whiskey." I explained.

"Where is this scar?" Brittany asked.

I lifted my shirt up and tugged my sweats down slightly to expose my side and hip. Brittany gasped loudly before she began to sniff and lick at the scarred skin. I giggled lightly because her affectionate moves tickled. That reminded me of the question I had wanted to ask her for a long time. The question that had two possible answers, the question of what creature she was.

"What are we anyway?" I asked curiously.

"We are mates." Brittany said, slightly confused.

"No, no that's not what I meant. I meant what creatures are we?" I asked softly.

"We are wolf demons. Wolf demons are just like werewolves except we aren't controlled by the moon, it doesn't hurt us when we phase, and we have three forms; a human, a human with wolf ears and tail, and then a complete wolf in which the fur is the color of our human hair. For instance you have black hair so you have black fur. I have dark blonde hair so I have dark blonde fur. We have a stronger sex drive so we have more mating seasons than the average wolf or werewolf." Brittany explained.

I merely nodded and snuggled close to Brittany. Brittany scooped me up and laid me down on the bed. I looked up at her. I could tell by the glint in her eyes that she had many fantasies playing in her head but I didn't want to do anything just yet. Brittany seemed to understand this fact without me saying a word.

"I want to be closer to you in case the psycho comes back. Even though I am your dominant and should make the choice myself I will allow you to decide. You either move in with me or I move in with you." Brittany said.

"I like this area too much plus I already paid for the next two months so how about you just move in here?" I suggested and grinned when I saw her nod.

I suddenly felt something warm curl around my thigh and looked down. I noticed a dark blonde colored tail curled affectionately around my thigh. Brittany kissed my jaw gently causing shivers to travel up my spine. She allowed me to rest my head against her shoulder and when I looked at her as if to ask for permission to fall asleep she nodded so I laid my head back down and passed out. I felt horrible when I was woken up and she seemed to sense it. I took a glance at her before rolling over, curling up, and falling back asleep. I could feel her displeased stare. I let out a whimper when she bit my ear as punishment. I turned back to face her like she wanted.

"Tell me what's wrong so I can help." Brittany murmured as she licked the afflicting wound on my ear.

"Don't feel good…stomach upset…throat hurts." I whispered hoarsely.

"I'll go down to the market to get some herbs to make you tea. I want you to take a bath while I'm gone. The warm water will help." Brittany said kindly with a hint of authority.

I whined sadly, not wanting her to leave. Brittany snogged me gently before getting up and leaving for the market. I sighed softly before getting up weakly and going to the bathroom to draw a bath. It took merely three minutes for the bath to fill up with the right amount of water at the exact warm temperature I wanted. I shed my clothes and gently lay down in the tub. The water felt so nice against my skin. I slowly sunk lower into the water so that I was almost entirely submerged underwater but still had my head high enough so that I could breathe easily without any interference from the water. I don't know how long I laid submerged in the water but I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. I felt a small gust of wind against my wet skin and whimpered before trying to get more warmth in the water. I felt rough hands around my throat which caused my eyes to open wide in freight. I found myself looking straight into the dark brown eyes of Rayne. I tried to scream but her hands simply tightened around my throat. I whimpered almost silently. One of Rayne's hands drifted down to the scar on my side. She traced the scar from the start of it on my side down to its ending tip on my hip.

"I'm sorry baby…" Rayne whispered before moving her hand lower to regions that no longer belonged to her.

I squirmed violently to get her away from such sensitive private areas. I tilted my head to access more oxygen and then let out a loud scream. I heard someone running towards my rooms. I screamed as loud as I could before I saw a flash of metal and suddenly my vision went black. Brittany ran into the room and saw Rayne standing near the bath tub. The tub's water was turning scarlet. Brittany began to get worried but mostly pissed off that the psychotic bitch still had not gotten it through her thick skull that her mate was no longer Rayne's property. Brittany hissed violently before she attacked. Brittany faintly heard the knife clatter to the ground but was too focused on ripping her problem's throat out. Brittany made sure to make it so there was no way her venom would touch the psychotic woman's body but she did manage to kill the woman. When Brittany was completely sure that the woman was dead she scampered quickly to the tub. She scooped my body up and gently lay my body down on a towel. There was a gash close to my throat that was bleeding heavily. Brittany dripped her venom onto the wound and watched as the wound completely closed up. I felt extremely dizzy from the blood loss but I slowly opened my eyes anyway to look up at my mate. I saw Brittany's worried eyes and felt horrible having to put her through such a scare when I knew I should have kept my guard up while she wasn't home. I looked at her sadly and whispered the only words I have ever known,

"I'm sorry."

Those words, such simple words made my tough alpha, whom also happened to be my mate, cry. She cried softly as she pulled me close to her chest and whispered sweet nothings to me. She knew it wasn't my fault and sure as hell didn't want me to blame myself for something I didn't know was coming. She kissed my head, forehead, nose, cheek, jaw, and lips to try to calm me down. I slowly relaxed in her arms. I looked over at the dead body and mentally winced. I knew it must not have been pleasant for her but then again she deserved it so I didn't really care. We called the police and told them the situation. They took care of the body and had us write a report just to keep for records. This was only the beginning of our adventure but even though we already had some rough spots I could tell that I was going to enjoy my new life with Brittany.