Chapter 2 Life begins, I think.

I was asleep in my bed while Brittany lay beside me. I suddenly woke up to warm lips upon mine. What a way to wake up… I smile sleepily before opening my eyes. My mate, my soul's other half, was staring at me affectionately when I opened my eyes and I felt as if I finally belonged somewhere, as if I finally found someone to love me for me. Her lips were upon mine again before I had a chance to finish my thoughts. Those lips…those sinfully delicious lips… I kiss her back with such a passion that I can see that I have shocked her but she returns the kiss with a bit more pressure, a bit more love. We snog for a while longer before I break away. Her eyes immediately start to grey with sadness but I rest my lips on her jaw lightly before getting up. I use one of the blankets like a robe to cover my naked body as I move towards the bathroom. I could tell that my period would be coming soon as the sharp pains from my abdomen continued. I did what I had to but when I stood up to leave I found myself having trouble keeping my balance as the world started to spin. I gripped onto the edge of the sink and I stared at my reflection in the mirror. It had been two months since Brittany moved in and I had felt better for the most part now that I was being loved and kept safe. My face seemed fuller now since I ate more but it also seemed to be paler than normal. I heard Brittany call my name out worriedly. I sigh quietly to myself as I give up on trying to figure out what is so different about me. I walk back to the bedroom area and crawl into bed. Brittany didn't use me like Rayne did but we still had quite a few passionate encounters since she moved in. Brittany immediately wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me close. Brittany nuzzled my neck affectionately before biting my shoulder lightly. I can't stop the moan that erupts from my throat. Damn her, she knows how bad that turns me on. For some reason however I fall asleep before I reach my climax which causes Brittany to worry. Brittany has noticed that I have been paler lately, that I sleep more often, and that I have been having cravings even though I have yet to have my period. Brittany gently covers me up with the warmest of the blankets. I feel light pressure against my forehead before it disappears and I assume she kissed my forehead. I sleep for a long time. Brittany wonders what to do with herself before she gets out the journal inside the bedside table's drawer and reads the latest entry that I wrote yesterday.

December 14, 2011

Dear Journal,

I have been sleeping for longer periods of time, I crave a lot of weird food, I feel pain in my abdomen, and I have gotten paler. I wonder what is wrong with me. I usually don't have all these symptoms when I get close to my period so what are these symptoms of? I guess I am getting sick or something. I lost my balance today and almost ended up falling down the stairs but I didn't tell Brittany because I didn't want her to worry. I-

Brittany slammed the book shut and put it back in its drawer. She is worse than I thought and she lied to me when I asked her if she was alright yesterday… I slowly woke up and found Brittany staring at me. I could sense the anger radiating from her and wondered what went wrong. I tried to sit up but she gently pushed me back down. I stared into her eyes and noticed that they were mixed with anger and worry. I felt another sharp pain and hissed in pain through my teeth. Brittany immediately seemed to turn into worried mode and started nuzzling every body part that she could reach. When Brittany got near my abdomen I cried. Brittany frowned and used her wolf's hyper sense of smell to detect what was going on. Brittany gasped and backed away in surprise before returning. Brittany nuzzled and licked the skin near and around my abdomen as her wolf instincts had temporarily taken over. I wondered what was going on and why did her treatment seem to make my abdomen stop being so painful.

"What's wrong with me?" I ask curiously.

"I forgot to mention that homosexual wolf demons can get pregnant. It seems that you are pregnant with our pup. You aren't showing yet because you seem to only be in the early stages in pregnancy but I could be wrong on that aspect." Brittany announced softly.

I stare at Brittany for a long time. I am not sure if being pregnant is a good thing or bad thing but the affectionate looks she's giving me makes me think this is a good thing, a very good thing. I run my fingers through her hair gently and smile softly at my lover. I can't believe I am pregnant… of all things to be I end up being pregnant at least this will strength our bond even more. Brittany leaned up and kissed me gently. I could tell she was extremely happy that she finally had another thing to share with me that was actually personal. Brittany held me close that night, closer than any other time before and she kept whispering the same phrase,

"My mate and our pup."

I yawned softly and felt well rested. Most of the pain that I had been experiencing was gone leaving only paleness and dizziness behind. I looked up at Brittany and found her watching me, for some reason I found this hilarious and started giggling madly. Brittany smiled brightly and kissed me sweetly. I snuggled into Brittany's warm body before mumbling.

"What was that love?" Brittany asked curiously.

"Can we go out today?" I ask again softly.

"Sure, if that's what you want." Brittany says before loosening her grip.

I get up carefully and start getting dressed. I was just pulling my jeans on when I suddenly fell down. I was in immense pain and the pain wouldn't go away. Brittany seemed to sense something was wrong and walked into the room from the kitchen. When Brittany spotted me on the floor she rushed over. I was so blinded by the pain that I couldn't hear what she was saying. I whimpered loudly as I felt my stomach expanding. I calmed down after a while. Brittany stayed extremely close to me the entire time as well as nuzzled and licked at the offending stomach. As the pain vanished my hearing and eyesight went back to normal. What the hell was all that about? It had gotten late while I was in the painful state so by the time I felt better it was almost dinner time. I barely ate and was too scared to fall asleep. Brittany whispered sweet nothings to me as the hours grew late and the sky contrasted in various tones of light. Near three in the morning I finally fell asleep to Brittany's voice. Brittany's arms were wrapped around my waist and kept my body flushed against hers. I had a weird dream while I lay happily in her arms.

I was in a small cottage in the middle of the woods. There was a small garden in the front of the house that contained plants that held foods such as cucumbers and tomatoes. I noticed that there were some odd roses growing on a vine around the trees. I moved closer and saw that the roses were dark blue and the thorns were black. I heard small thudding steps and turned around to find two wolf pups bounding towards me. One wolf pup was black furred while the other had white fur. The pups barked softly as the jumped onto me, suddenly the wolf pups transformed into twin toddlers.

"Mummy! Mummy!" the wolf pups yelled happily.

I smiled brightly at my pups and held them close. The pups snuggled close to me and wrapped their arms around my neck lightly. I lay down on the grass while holding onto the pups close. We all unconsciously drift off to sleep and I suddenly find myself in a dream within a dream. The scene has now changed. It is the same cottage but now I am in the living room instead of the front yard. I am sitting on a couch while staring at the now teenage twins. They look a lot like each other yet they are so different. The blonde male twin seems to be a dominant like his "fatherly mother" while the raven haired male twin seems to be a submissive like me, his "Mummy". There seems to be strange air about them as if there is more than brotherly intentions between the two but I ignore the sense. If they decided to have more than brotherly love than I would accept them no matter what. Fate doesn't always give you the most likely choice as a mate. I worried about their future for I knew that incest wasn't exactly encouraged around the world however their possible homosexuality wasn't much of an issue in the eyes of the public. To think people could be cruel about something as unexpected as love really hit my heart hard. I always believed in people having the right to love whomever their heart desired and to have that right taken away seemed inhumane. While captivated by my thoughts I didn't notice what was going on in front of me. The twins were extremely close and their hands were laced together affectionately yet hidden under the blanket they were using. I heard someone saying my name, with a voice so soft that I could barely hear it.

I woke up to Brittany whispering my name. I looked up at her sleepily. Brittany must have noticed something wrong with me because her grip suddenly tightened around me. Brittany began to sniff and lick at my neck as her wolf qualities took over. I whined softly as I tried to relax. Brittany continued for almost ten minutes before stopping. Brittany's lips rested on my own lightly. I was in such a daze that I barely kissed back. I slowly sat up when her arms loosened. Brittany rubbed circles against my back to keep me relaxed. Brittany felt a bruise on my lower back and frowned. Brittany lifted my shirt up slightly and looked at the bruise.

"Where did you get this bruise from?" Brittany asked worriedly.

"A few days ago I almost fell down the stairs. My back ended up slamming against the wall as I tried to catch myself." I answered.

"Vik, you need to be more careful. I don't ever want to think about losing you or our pup." Brittany said softly.

"I'm sorry." I say as my eyes start to water.

"Baby, there is no need to cry. I completely understand what happened." Brittany said as she kissed my jaw affectionately.

I grinned and suddenly heard a knock at the door. I was dressed in one of Brittany's long t-shirts and a pair of sweats when I went over to answer the door. The door swung open to show a blonde haired man named Marcus. I had been friends with Marcus for a long time, practically since I entered elementary school. Marcus stared at my tummy before glancing at Brittany in my bed and then back at me. Marcus stepped forward and hugged me close. Marcus worked as a landscaper for the park I always went to go for drawing.

"I see you have gotten busy since the last time you visited me in the park." Marcus joked lightly.

"You could say that." I said with a smile.

"I got a part time job as a doctor for the hospital in town. I happened to see you on my list of patients so I wanted to come by and see what was going on." Marcus said.

"Brittany wants me to start going to a doctor because of the pup growing inside me." I said softly.

"Understandable, do you know how far along you are?" Marcus asked curiously.

"No idea, you think you could help us out with that dilemma?" I responded.

"I can take you to the hospital and we can get you a sonogram which will show how far along you are." Marcus suggested.

I nodded as Brittany came up behind me. Brittany wrapped her arms around me protectively before asking Marcus to wait outside for a moment. When Marcus agreed and went to stand out in the hallway behind our closed door Brittany started ravaging my mouth. I couldn't help it but I ended up giggling against her lips because it seemed so absurd that she merely wanted time alone to snog. Brittany and I finished getting dressed before we opened up the door. We were surprised to find Marcus snogging someone. I coughed lightly to catch his attention. Marcus jumped away from the man. The man Marcus was snogging clung to Marcus' shirt as if for an anchor.

"Who is he?" I ask curiously.

"My fiancé, Riley Carson, we have been dating for the last few years and got engaged just last summer." Marcus announced proudly.

"I hope I won't still look like a whale when you finally have your wedding…" I say quietly.

They notice how sad I have gotten and seem to wonder why I have gotten so quiet. They try to ask me questions yet I stay silent. Brittany wraps her arms around me affectionately to get me to feel better but I am really not in the mood. Brittany frowns not knowing what is wrong and not being able to make it better is seriously hurting her ego. We follow Marcus and Riley to the hospital. Since the part of town we live in sort of small we merely walk up to the clinic seeing as its merely two blocks away. I am not feeling well at all by the time we reach the clinic's doors. People immediately start to notice how pale I am and how my body is starting to sway violently as I walk. It seems as if my vision is fading. I can hear voices all around me but they are muffled. Brittany suddenly yells out my name but it is only slightly louder than the other muffled voices. My vision completely disappears mere moments later.

Three weeks later

I slowly wake up only to find myself in a hospital bed. I don't know how long I have been here or when I got here. I only know that my head is throbbing, my stomach got bigger, and I am utterly alone. Where is Brittany? Marcus? Riley? If they cared so much then why am I alone? Why do I-? The door opened and I looked up at the person walking in. Marcus was wearing a white lab coat that suggested that he was an official doctor. He was carrying a folder which I thought to be my medical history because the tab had my name on it. Marcus looked up from the file in his hands and gasped in surprise when he noticed that I was awake.

"Vik, you are awake." Marcus said in shock.

I don't know why but the way he spoke just now freaked me out. I immediately shut down. I curled up tightly even though it was kind of painful. My eyes must have spoken volumes because he seemed to take a step back before shaking his head as if in a battle with himself before walking over to me. Marcus rested his hand on my forehead and smiled softly.

"Your fever is finally gone." Marcus said ecstatically.

"What happened to me Marcus?" I asked with a mixture of emotions running through me.

"Something went wrong with your pregnancy. You were dehydrated, the baby started taking too much oxygen from you, and your appendix seemed to be failing." Marcus stated.

"Did you ever find out how far along I was?" I ask curiously.

"You are currently three months pregnant. It also looks like you are carrying twins, boys to be exact." Marcus announced.

"That's great and all but where is Brittany?" I ask worriedly, scared that she left.

"She is down the hall in the bathroom. She will be back soon. She stayed with you almost constantly the entire three weeks that you have been here." Marcus explained.

Brittany was gone for almost twenty minutes before she returned to my current room in the hospital. Apparently Brittany had just gotten her period and was having issues with the mess that kept occurring in her jeans. She came right over to me when she noticed I was awake.

"How are you doing Vik?" Brittany asked.

"Better." I answered softly.

Brittany stroked my cheek gently as I leaned into her hand. I missed her so much while I was unconscious that I gave her the 'puppy eyes' look until she lay close to me in my hospital bed. Marcus couldn't help but smirk at how much I seemed to need Brittany close to me. My stomach jolted slightly on its own as the twins moved around inside my stomach. The movement gained a hiss of pain from me but at the same time a slight giggle from Brittany and Marcus. Brittany held me close in her arms and after Marcus re-hooked my IV to a new bag of fluids my consciousness started to fade once more. The last thing I felt before passing out was Brittany nuzzling my hair while stroking my stomach gently with her free hand.