I awoke from my restless realm of sleep as the thunder crashed loudly outside. The rain pattered against the windowpane. My forehead was moist and sweat danced on my eyebrow. It had happened before, the nightmares often plagued me.

Chills ran down my spine as a breeze blew past me, I had closed the window before I went to bed. My room was covered in pitch-black darkness. The only light came from the bright letters of my digital clock. It illuminated the portion of my nightstand where I had left my glasses, but my glasses were gone.

I stood from my bed and felt my way towards the window. I found the cold brass handle of the window and glided my hand over it but the window was already closed.

An ominous rumble emanated from the doorway. I fled and hid under the covers, glancing at the doorway from underneath. The hall was completely dark, but I knew there was a figure standing there. Its glowing red eyes stared at me.

I reached for the light switch, still watching the figure, and pressed it with shaking hands. The light flashed once and died out.

The light flashed again and revealed the creature racing towards me. It was in front of me in moments, its hands curled around my throat. Its glowing eyes mocked me as its grip tightened. The light flashed again and it bared its bloodstained teeth.

Its tongue lapped up the tears in my eyes and it growled in satisfaction. Spots danced around my eyes but the pressure eased and disappeared. The light flashed again and the creature stood in the doorway.

It disappeared down the hall and I sank back into the covers. I had a nagging feeling that it would return. I knew it would.