You seemed fine

But as time went by

And he somehow made his way

Into your life

He caused so much pain everyday

I don't get it?

Is it really your price to pay?

You whine and whine all the time

'Bout him being on your mind

This just frustrates me so much…

One day you love him and the next day you hate him

Bipolar much?

Then you both go and fight with each other all the time

I hate that you let him treat you like trash

I hate that you still call him a friend

Maybe…I'm wrong and I just don't understand

But, hey…I'm a friend who cares?

There's no friendship between you two.

I'll I see is a hate relationship

You tell me there's love inside

But all I see is hate slowly eating it away from sight

And maybe one day you'll finally take time to listen to these words and understand

Before I explode and scream

Making China's Wall shatter down

But if you don't

I guess I'll just have to watch you become weak with suffering

For the rest of my life

With him by your side

So as you become a ghost

I'll slowly walk away…

Not wanting to see you, the…most