Life 2: Light of Life By: Monty Mason

Hello! This is an indirect sequel to the original "Life". This one follows different characters on their journey of love and self discovery. And I must apologize ahead of time if my writing is not that good in this narrative style; that's because I had been writing in a script format before this (please refer to my fanfiction profile under the same pen name). Anyways I do hope you enjoy Kinji's and Miki's "fated" XD journey together to find love and overcome their own personal barriers.



Life 2: Light of Life

Blood slowly flowed through the wooden floor. A slit arm rested lifelessly. The knife which aided in the act laid there smeared in red. And a distant voice called his name "Kinji!" and all he could do was look on with hopelessness in his eyes. The life this boy knew and the life he had expected to know two incomparable concepts. That screaming voice now getting closer screaming his name louder and louder "Kinji!" the voice of a girl; the girl which tried to become the light of his life; and the girl which sent his life on a spiralling journey from the moment their fates intertwined a month ago.

One Month Ago.

A boy silently stood staring out onto the river below the bridge he stood upon. Contemplating in silent thought of what he should do next. Jump or not jump? A question he asked himself routinely nearly every day of his life as he passed over the bridge on his way from school. He just stood there silently; thinking and then placed a hand on the bridge's side slowly pressing himself closer against the bridge and staring directly down at the river.

"Such a marvellous stream of water and a marvellous welcome to my end..." he said staring intently in the water.

The boy placed down the bag on the ground next to him and placed his other hand on the bridge's side. Then he slowly started to lift up one of his feet when a sudden shout of a girl stopped him from further lifting his feet.

"Hey!" a girl's voice called out. The boy set his feet down gently on the ground and looked to his right finding no one. The girl's voice called out again this time closer "Hey! Over here!" and the boy turned to look across the road of the bridge but no one stood there. Then the boy noticed a panting sound as it seemed to get louder and louder by each passing second. He then turned to look again noticing a girl running towards him in frenzy. She stopped as she reached the boy and started to slowly catch her breath as her heavy breath from her running still continued a while. The boy just continued to stare at this girl indifferently. The girl then just called out "What do you think you were doing there?" pointing at the boy. The boy stared at her without a response coming from himself and then went to pick his bag up and started to walk away while the girl was left confused. The girl followed in his footsteps and the boy taking notice of this walked faster and so did she. The boy then stopped and without turning to look at her asked here, "Why are you following me?"

The girl said, "So you don't do something stupid like that ever again."

"Stupid? You wouldn't understand." the boy said coldly.

The girl looked at his back and final said, "Why were you trying to kill yourself?"

"Like I wouldn't understand." and with that the boy walked on leaving her behind as she sadly stared upon this boy's existence. The boy reached home slowly taking out his key and unlocking the door to his apartment. He set his bag down on a chair by the table and sat in one of the other extra chairs. He turned his attention to his balcony staring outside, the boy got up and walked outside on his balcony and heard someone talking to themselves on another balcony.

"Taunting me with your wings...flying all you can. While we humans are bound to this inescapable gravity to which Earth ties us down by" the mysterious voice spoke. The boy just listened looking the directions on the voice. "Dreams...what are they really?" the voice spoke again and then the boy looked away from the direction of the voice and said "What is life?" and looked down from the building complex on to the busy city street and said, "I could jump off right now to my death and no one would one would miss me." the boy looked back at a clock hung up on one of the walls and noticed the time.

9:30 in the night.

He went and cuddled down in his soft bed and softly spoke, "What is it that stops me? I'm so close...I can join my parents in death...but why am I such a coward?" and a tear slowly formed and fell down his cheeks imagining the spirit of his mother beside him slowly caressing his head as he fell asleep. Morning daybreak came and the boy came to a rude awakening as he jolted up sweating all about with his bed sheets all crumpled and pillows on the floor. The boy wondered what transpired last night to make him sweat so much. He slowly picked himself off of his bed and picked up the items of his bed off of the floor and proceeded to the washroom. After fifteen minutes spent in his morning routine he prepared himself a toast and a chocolate glass of milk. He ate the toast without so much as a blink and drank the milk feeling its cool engulf his whole body making shivers go up his spine. "Too cold" he whispered. The boy then took his bag and left his apartment walking towards the bridge where he remembered meeting that strange girl. He stopped to look down at the river again and said to himself, "Better not right now...she might show up again." and walked away.

Reaching his school, he entered through the main gates and left his shoes at the student entrance; putting on his student shoes and walked towards his class. He sat down and took out a notebook, a pencil and an eraser setting them down neatly on his desk while he noticed other students talking with one another so calmly and happily. He thought to himself, "I'm different from them. I can't ever talk like them, I can't ever smile like them and I can't ever live like them." when a voice in distance called his name "Kinji!" as another boy entered walking to his desk and taking his seat in front of Kinji. Kinji called out, "Hikaro" and stared at him as he settled down in his chair putting his bag to the side and taking out all of his own stuff. Hikaro then turned back towards Kinji with a wide grin on his face and Kinji noticed that either he was up to something or something good happened for him.

"I don't like the look of that grin." Kinji said calmly.

Hikaro responded quickly "You will after I tell you something very interesting."

"Interesting from you? I doubt that"

"Ha ha ha laugh it up, but you won't be when you see the new transfer student" Hikaro said with great interest.

"Why? What's so special about her? Not like she can suddenly come and light up my life." Kinji snapped back.

"You still thinking about that accident?" Hikaro said with concern now displaying on his face.

Kinji didn't respond but looked away. Hikaro being the perceptive best friend he was, picked up on it and said, "You know Kinji...what happened with your parents wasn't your fault".

Kinji looked him directly in the eyes and said, "It was...if I hadn't been in the front seat at that time...they wouldn't have died..." and Hikaro just looked at his friend with a sad expression covering his face like a curtain. Hikaro opened his mouth to speak when the opening of the classroom door interrupted them and everyone else got in their seats. The teacher walked in and everyone got up to give her a bow. They all sat back down and the teacher started talking, but Kinji seemed to pay no mind to her as he stared outside at his surroundings. The teacher then spoke, "Now I would like to introduce you all to a transfer student who has come from America" and the face of other students lit up they heard "America".

"She is new to Japan and has no experience in our culture. I expect each and every one of you to help her to the best of your abilities." the teacher continued while everyone stared at the teacher and then she spoke for the student to enter "You may enter". The door of the classroom opened once again and a girl with long blond hair walked in. Her eyes; blue, kind and caring. Everyone's attention went to her as she looked at them and smiled simply. Then she started to introduce herself, "Hello! My name is Miki! Nice to meet you all!" and every one returned her introduction with a smile and then she bowed saying, "Please take care of me". The teacher then walked towards Miki and pointed her out to a free seat next to Kinji who was still staring outside in to the open space. Miki started to make way for the seat when she suddenly stopped and claimed "You!" and everyone turned to look at who she was pointing. Everyone suspiciously stared at Kinji who noticed their stares a few moments later and turned to look at why they are staring at him and his mouth suddenly dropped open thinking in the back of his mind, "My school life is over."