Chapter 30; final chapter, enjoy! I know for some it may have ended too soon but all good things must come to an end =). Remember that valentine's thing I said I might do...yeah I dropped the idea. I want to get started on the third one right away lol (I'm just way too much into writing these "Life" stories XD). My greatest thanks to those who have stuck with me from the beginning on this one; and yes there will be a "Life III" but don't know what it will be on yet. Still need to create a basic idea for it; but it will again be an in-direct sequel following the life of someone else. Also thanks for putting up with my "romance" take on this, for the record; I've never been in a relationship before so can probably imagine how that impacts my writing lol =). Thanks again for sticking with me from the beginning =), without further delay; enjoy the final chapter.


Kinji had spent a few more days in the hospital as the doctors then let him be discharged. Kinji began to get his life back on a steady trail and the rest of his holidays lied in front of him. Time seemed to flow at a normal pace for Kinji; it no longer flowed slowly, nor did it flow too fast as he would've used to stare in the face of death. Kinji had a new outlook on life; he discovered he had things worth living for. His meeting with his parents could wait; he knew he would meet his parents when he would die. But the time for his death was not now; it will one day come as he ages, but right now was not that time. He walked out of the hospital taking in the fresh air, feeling revitalised and filled with energy. He walked on when suddenly a shouting voice pierced his ears "Kinji!" called a familiar voice. He turned around to see Miki was running towards him with a bag in her hands; she wore a summer dress with a summer hat hanging off of her back. Her dress was white; beautiful silk white just as her skin, Kinji's heart began to beat faster as a blush crossed his cheeks remembering the night he told the sleeping Miki of his love for her. She came running up to him panting, gasping for air as she stopped.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Miki.

"Home...I just got discharged" replied Kinji.

"Not yet. We've to meet Hikaro first."

"What? Is today really the best day?"

"Come on! You just got discharged, so the least you can do is tell your friend to not worry anymore! Do you know how worried he was about you?" said Miki as she was pulling Kinji along his arm towards the direction of Hikaro's house.

"Miki! Slow down; anyways, how do you know where Hikaro's house is?"

"When you were in the hospital, he and I spent quite a bit of time talking about you at his house."

"What? About me? Why?" asked Kinji worriedly.

"Because we care."

Miki's brief answer was enough to make Kinji smile as he took her hand into his. He ignored her gasp as he locked her hand with his and started walking ahead of her; Miki secretly smiled as well while Kinji was not looking. They reached Hikaro's house; the blinds to the windows were down, lights were out and all was dark. "What's going on?" asked Kinji and Miki just remained quiet walking in on ahead. Kinji simply followed without question trusting Miki; when suddenly all the lights turned on with Hikaro and a few other people jumping out to shout, "Welcome back Kinji!" making Kinji jump in surprise himself.

"What?" Kinji asked confused.

"What do you mean what? It's your party on being discharged from the hospital party!" spoke Hikaro happily holding up a soft drink towards Kinji. Kinji slowly reached for the drink taking it; he looked around at the crowd. The participants were other students from his school; some he knew while some he didn't. He also noticed Renpai-sempai at the party; he had approached Kinji once giving him his best regards, yet Kinji didn't feel at ease at his words; after all this was his senior who confessed to the girl he came to love himself. Kinji played special close attention to Renpai-sempai during the whole party and how he tried to take every opportunity to talk to Miki; he still waited on an answer Kinji thought. It was afternoon and the party was over; everyone had already left with Hikaro, Miki and Kinji remaining in the house. The trio spent some time talking and soon afterwards; Kinji and Miki left as well.

The two walked together with a silence between them. Soon Kinji broke it, "So do you like Renpai-sempai?" catching Miki off guard.

"What?" spoke a surprised Miki.

"Well he did seem into you during the party and...he did confess to you before...all this happened."

"Kinji I-" but she was cut off as Kinji held up a hand in front of her saying, "You know, if you'll be happy with him; then you should just take the chance to grab that happiness."

"But don't you like me?"

This caught Kinji off guard as he backed off a little saying, "Wh-what?" and Miki looked away from Kinji up towards the afternoon sky saying, "I heard you. I heard you say it that night, "I love you" that's what you had said."

"You mean you were awake that time?"

"Yeah...I was so happy to receive an answer. I was so happy to know you feel that way about me."

"But if your feelings have changed about me in the slightest and think you'll be happier with him. Then you should be with him, I don't want to hold you back because of my own feelings. Thanks to you, I discovered my own light of life. Thanks to you I changed so much for the better. I owe you a lot and asking you to return my feelings can be too much."

"Kinji...I turned him down" spoke Miki as she looked back down to face Kinji in the eyes. The two had walked throughout their conversation reaching the bridge. Bridge of their first meeting; bridge of death and fate. Kinji froze still at her reply, he looked to Miki standing still and turned his head towards the river.

Time had flowed as they were walking back to Miki's house; now on the bridge it was night time. Silence had set in. A night breeze blew as the two took pleasure in the fresh air. "Do you remember? This was the place we first met at" spoke Kinji. Miki smiled at the memory; how she ran up to a confused boy about to jump off the bridge. "Yeah" she replied back.

"If you hadn't shown up that time...who knows what would've happened to me then. If you hadn't shown up, I might not have lived; or perhaps I would've lived the same as I was before."

Miki remained quiet looking at Kinji's back as he talked.

"I'm thankful for your existence in my life...Miki...I love you."

Miki then instinctively jumped towards him wrapping her hands around his chest with her head resting on his back. Kinji jumped a little at Miki's sudden action but decided not to struggle. The two shared each other's warmth for the moment they remained still; Kinji then turned back to face Miki holding her hand in his. He approached her face towards her cheek and gently kissed it speaking, "So how we do try it? I think I'm ready to take that first step towards making a relationship."

Miki closed her eyes resting her head against his chest and spoke, "I've been waiting Kinji...I'm happy."

Winter period.

It was a snowy winter in Japan. Kinji stood in the graveyard of his parents with Miki. She stood behind him as he stood by their graves bent down placing a few flowers on each.

"Hi'm back. I chose to live...and I don't regret that choice. I'm happy that I've lived and I'm happy that I know my existence is important to some. I've also found my light...I'm happy beyond measure and when I meet you two again, it will be in my own natural death. So wait for me mom and dad, until then I will live on and make you both proud."

Kinji stood up as Miki walked towards Kinji taking his hand into hers. Cold breath escaped the two as snow started to again fall; Kinji looked up towards the dark cloudy skies with snow falling gently onto his face.

"Merry Christmas Miki, Merry Christmas."

Miki looked towards Kinji resting her head onto his shoulder as he rested his head on hers. "Merry Christmas Kinji..." gently spoke Miki. The two walked out of the cemetery for the bridge of their fates. The bridge which brought them together; a bridge of death once was not a bridge of love. During certain dates, the two would always go to the bridge remembering the suffering they went through to achieve their happiness and their light.

"Life sure can be strange" spoke Kinji standing at the bridge with Miki. "Yep" replied Miki. Miki then looked up at Kinji asking, "Say Kinji, you never really told me about your light...I mean what is your light of life?"

"My light is standing right beside me. It's you Miki." spoke Kinji smiling down at Miki. Miki was covered by a huge blush as she looked away but soon brought her gaze back to Kinji. Kinji stared at the night sky with the snow still falling, Miki reached out her arm; gently touching Kinji's head and turning it towards hers.

"Thank you Kinji."

"For what?" he asked.

"For becoming my light to" then Miki slowly approached Kinji and laid a soft gentle kiss on his lips. The two remained still as time seemed to freeze as the ice around them. Warmth engulfed their bodies and the seeds of warmth shone brightly in their hearts. As they parted they smiled at one another as Kinji gently kissed Miki's forehead thinking of how strange life really can be. Life is like a spiralling roller coaster; and the path it takes depends on the choices we make. Life is a ride which we should all appreciate and choose to live for the sake of finding our own light. For the sake of finding something worth living for; our own light of life.