When we reach the dining hall, Mom is still nagging on Mia, but they stop when Charlie approaches the stage. "Hello everyone." People are seated at their assigned tables, and mine is next to Will. "Sorry about the events earlier." Mia approaches him onstage.

You're safe. Dad's voice came again. Relax, Aria. I'll always protect you. I let out a breath, but a small sound escapes my mouth. I can't help but feel relieved that I hear my own father's voice. When I thought he was dead, he was in heaven. Heaven. He's not dead. He's in heaven. It's all real. Will is real.

My shoulders visibly relax as I let out another breath. Charlie is explaining what had happened and how there is no marriage tonight. But the party shall not stop, according to him. Overall I think my mom is disappointed the most by everything; she really wanted this wedding.

"Aria?" Nate asks from behind me as everyone including me stands up to dance. I turn around, opening my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out right away. It is a moment of awkward silence before I can manage to speak.

"Hi." I say.

"So you're with Will, I see." He says, shifting his eyes to something behind me. I glance back and see William.

"Yeah." I say, turning to look back at Nate. "I'm sorry."

"Nathaniel," Will says softly with concerned eyes. There is something between the two of them, something about the way they look at each other, something past my understanding, that makes Nate relax and look calmer.

"That's nice." Nathaniel says, looking down on me again. "I guess I shall just-"

"Nate?" a girl calls from behind him. Everyone peers around and looks at her. It's Sage.

"Sage!" Nathaniel says with a warm smile. "I didn't know you were invited!"

"Indeed, I was." She replies, holding up her hands. "C'mon, Nate. Let's dance!" she doesn't acknowledge Will or I, which I guess is all right. I don't really care much, and there's nothing I can do now that she's pulled Nate to the dance floor and started dancing with him. He looks happy.

I smile as I feel someone kiss my cheek, and I can only guess it's Will from behind me. I turn around and see him smiling at me, looking as beautiful as I ever imagined in his fancy tux.

"Would you like to dance, Miss Hale?" he asked with a grin, holding out his hand.

"Why, of course, Sir William the Great." I reply, taking his hand. Will laughs as he brings me to the dance floor. We wrap our arms around each other, swaying slowly, staring into each other's eyes. This whole experience in London has completely played my emotions-one minute I'm happy, the next confused, the next surprised, and after that I'm just happy and at peace. I guess that's where I'm at now. I don't really know what's going to happen next; so all I can really enjoy is this moment right now. And I must say, I'm enjoying every second.

The End

ATTENTION: I believe this story still has strings that could lead on to a sequel perhaps, so please check in soon to get the first chapter of story 2! It will be titled, TWOTF: Bringing Back the Gone. I'm starting it today everyone! Stay tuned if you liked this story!