Hey everyone, this a new story that I have been working on for a while but never really got around to post it. I will be continuing Quest, but i am having a hard putting words onto paper right now. This also has nothing to do with twilight or Buffy the Vampire slayer! I know that the family is Vampire slayers and there are vampires and werewolves, but this is a completely seperate idea and plot from the two. So please Read and Review! Enjoy!

It's funny who you fall in love with and how you have no control over it either. Everyone has a soul mate and it takes time to find that right person. We never realized that our special person was right in front of us the whole time. As the war was going on our love helped us through, together we were able to overcome anything that came our way. Together we were able to survive, and this is our story.

Everything started that unfortunate night when everything was taken from a little girl, while she was out on duty with her mom and sister. Her mom and sister were helping her train to become a slayer, destined to follow in their footsteps, and to be the one to stop the war going on between humans and vampires. The three were out in a clearing in the middle of the woods at midnight, the only light coming from the full moon that shined above head.

"Again Elizabeth, you need to focus on your target. Clear your mind and focus." Someone yelled to the girl named Elizabeth.

"I'm trying Mommy. I'm tired and sore from last night's training session." The girl named Elizabeth commented back to her mom.

Elizabeth, or Lizzie for short, was 13 and was 5'1 and soft innocent facial features. She had long golden brown hair with caramel color highlights that went all the down to the middle of her back. Right now it was up in a French braid so it was out of her eyes. She had chocolate brown eyes that looked gold in the sunlight. She was wearing her slayers outfit. It consisted of a skin tight black cat suit. She wore 3 inch high heeled boots that went up to her knee. Around the top of her right thigh were her silver arrows. On her back was her bow and around her waist was a wooden stake. She wore a black archer's glove on her right hand. Finally around her ear was her communicator. Elizabeth specialized in mid to long range combat.

Elizabeth's mom was 34 and 5'2 with soft facial features. She had shoulder length blonde hair that was brown on the bottom. She wore it up in a ponytail as it was out of her eyes. She had a mixture of brown and hazel eyes that always look as if they have a secret. She also wore something similar to Elizabeth, except hers showed more skin than Elizabeth's and Amethyst's. It was still a skin tight black cat suit except hers was sleeveless and a v- neck collar. She wore 6 inch high heeled boots that stopped in the middle of her shin. She had a black belt full of throwing knives and a wooden stake around her waist. Around both of her thighs she had her dual pistols. Around her ear was her communicator as well. Finally on her back was a small black backpack that carried her extra ammunition and her sniper rifle. Elizabeth's mom specialized in long range combat.

"I understand that sweetie, but you're gonna thank me for this later in life." Elizabeth's mom, Isabella commented back. Then she had turned her attention to the other girl across the clearing. "Amethyst come here."

The girl named Amethyst walked over to her mom. Amethyst was the oldest between her and Elizabeth. She was 15 and 5'5 and sharp but soft facial features. She had long black hair with coca -cola brown lowlights that went down to the middle of her back. Her hair was in a ponytail with a braid. Amethyst also wore the exact same thing as Elizabeth. The only difference was that Amethyst wore black vans instead of boots. Around her waist she wore two black belts that criss- crossed each other. On the right side there was a wooden stake and on the left was a dagger. Then on her back, she carried her twin swords that were both a foot long. Finally around her ear was her communicator. Amethyst specialized in short range combat.

"What's up mom?" Amethyst asked.

"You and me are gonna spar against Elizabeth." Isabella answered.

Elizabeth was stunned at what her mom said. "That's not fair mommy."

Amethyst smirked. "Nothing is fair in war sister."

All three of them got into a fighting stance then waited for someone to make the first move. Five minutes had passed before Amethyst charged at her sister. Elizabeth jumped backwards and saw that her mom was to her right. Amethyst dropped down and swept her leg under Elizabeth's legs in attempt for Elizabeth to lose her footing, but she jumped up then was kicked in the stomach and thrown backwards into a tree. She coughed and got to her feet quickly. Elizabeth glanced left, hearing the sounds of her sister's footsteps running toward her. She flipped backwards and round house kick against her mom, who snuck behind her. Isabella blocked the kick, and then used an upper cut. Elizabeth grabbed her moms and twisted it behind her back and pushed her into the tree ahead of her. She quickly looked to her right and saw her sister running up to her, fist ready to strike. Elizabeth dropped down and swept Amethyst's legs from under her. She put her foot on her chest her bow and arrow out pointed to Amethyst's throat.

The two sisters heard clapping and looked toward their mom. Elizabeth put her bow and arrow away and helped her sister up. Amethyst brushed the dust off of herself and smiled.

"She's gotten much better mom." Amethyst commented.

"Yes she is. I was very impressed." Isabella said.

Elizabeth stood there and smiled. She was proud of herself for beating both her sister and her mom. She never thought that she would be this strong at such a young age. She stared at her hands, trying to control her thoughts. Moments later, she was ripped from her thoughts with the sound of footsteps. She turned her head to where the footsteps were coming from. Her eyes widened, knowing the sound of those footsteps. It meant vampires.

"MOM! AMETHYST! BEHIND YOU!" Elizabeth yelled, but it was too late. She heard the blood wrenching screams of her mother and sister.

She was going to run over to her family to help, but she got caught up with a pair of vampires who blocked her path. Elizabeth snarled. She quickly got her bow and arrows, and then shot two of them toward the vampires. One arrow hit one vampire in the heart, thus stunning him for a few seconds. The other dodges the arrow, but he was pushed back. Elizabeth took the few seconds she had to the stunned vampire, jumped on top of him, and ripped his head off killing him. She stole a glance at her sister and mother, who were not fairing so well. Elizabeth's vision went to the other vampire. She glared at him and grabbed her stake. She twirled it in her right hand as the vampire advanced toward her. Elizabeth kept her eyes locked on the vampire in front her, trying to ignore the screams of her mother and sister. The vampire charged at Elizabeth, she side stepped and put the stake through the vampires back into the heart. She spun around quickly and tore the head off. She then took off in a sprint toward her family, and was about to attack with her silver arrows, when she heard a howl.

The young vampire slayer and the vampires stopped in their tracks as they saw three wolves come out of the forest. They all growled at the vampire and the vampires hissed at them. The two groups stared at each other for a few moments, before the vampires pounced on the wolves. The two groups were locked in battle. Elizabeth took this chance and ran toward her mother and sister. Many thoughts were running through her head. She prayed that her mother and sister were alive. Moments later, she slowed down and looked at her mother and sister, she gasped in shock. Tears filled her eyes as she looked at her mother and sister's pale complexion and their lifeless eyes. Elizabeth sunk to her knees and the tears fell from her brown eyes. She balled her fists, and slowly got up. She heard a hiss a few yards behind her, slowly turning, Elizabeth faced the vampire.

"Well, well, well, this is not what I expected at all." The vampire said.

"You're going to pay for what you've done Jesse. You're going get what's coming to you for killing my family." Elizabeth coldly replied.

The vampire now named Jesse smirked. "Oh I am, am I?"

Elizabeth glared, "Yes, I will personal see to it that you die by my hand."

Before Jesse could reply, there was a growl. He turned and jumped back as a claw came slashing through the air. Jesse landed in the trees and then took off. Elizabeth was about to jump after him, but was stopped by one of the wolves stepping in front of her. She looked at the wolves quizzically, but thanked them. As she looked at the wolves, the one in the middle had caught her eye just by the way he was acting. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she had a feeling that they would see each other again. She then turned toward her mother and sister, tears starting to run down her cheeks again. She knew she had to call her dad, but it was just hard to take in right now. Ten minutes later, Elizabeth got her phone out and dialed a number.

"Lizzie, are you ok?" The person on the other line asked.

"Daddy, we have a problem. Mom and Amethyst they're…" Elizabeth trailed off.

"They're what Lizzie? What happened to them?" Elizabeth's dad asked.

"They're dead. We were training and then vampires came. They were too many for us to handle. They were strong too. I barley was able to put up with two. Mom and Amethyst had about six, and they didn't survive. I'm sorry daddy." Elizabeth started to cry.

"I'll be over there in a few minutes, stay where you are at, Elizabeth. Do you understand me?" Her father replied.

"I won't move. I promise. I'll see you soon daddy."

The two hung up and Elizabeth pulled her knees to her chest, put her arms on her knees, and her head on her arms. Tears were still running down her cheeks. Moments later, a figure was in front of her. The young girl looked up and saw her father.

Elizabeth's father, Tyler, stood at 6' 1" with sharp facial features, had jet black hair, and brown eyes. He had sharp facial features, and was built. He was wearing a black V-Neck shirt and black jeans. He was wearing military style combat boots. He didn't have any weapons on him, because Tyler wasn't a field man, but the communications and strategist. He was always one step ahead of the vampires, but tonight nothing was supposed to happen.

Tyler knelt down and comforted his youngest daughter. Elizabeth eventually cried herself to sleep, and he father carried her home. Once Tyler arrived at their house, he put Elizabeth in bed, and then went into the living room. He sat on the couch, putting his elbows on his knees, lacing his fingers together and just sat there thinking. He knew that he should go back to the battlefield and figure out what happen tonight and why the vampires attacked tonight. According to his tracker system, the vampires were moving again, which was odd for this time of year. Tyler sighed, the other thing he knew what he had to do was figure out who killed his wife and his oldest daughter. He knew that Elizabeth knew who attacked the trio during their training session, but he wouldn't get that answer until tomorrow. Deciding to call it a night, Tyler went to his room and went to bed for the night.

The next day, the sunlight streamed through Elizabeth's window waking her up. She sat up and stretched the sleep out of her system and rubbed her eyes. She looked at her alarm clock and saw that it was already 1 PM. She sighed as the memories of last night flooded into her mind. She pulled her knees to her chest, put her arms on her knees and hid her face. She tried to fight back the tears that were stinging the back of her eyes. As the memories of her sister and mother came into her flooded her mind, she could no longer find the strength to fight back the tears. The tears came down her face like twin waterfalls as she remembered all the fun times she had with her family, all the times her sister picked on her, and all the training that her family had put her through. She was lost in her memories and didn't hear the knock on her door. Elizabeth was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard her name.

"Lizzie, can I come in?" It was her father at the door.

"Yeah, you can come in." Elizabeth replied.

Tyler entered her room and Elizabeth gave her dad a small watery smile. Tyler sat on the bed and held his youngest daughter as she cried. Tyler wanted to cry with his daughter, but he knew he had to be strong for her. After a while, Elizabeth calmed down from her crying.

"Lizzie, I need to know who killed them." Tyler said.

Elizabeth took a deep breath before she answered, "It was Jesse. He was the one who lead the vampires on the attack on us last night."

Tyler stiffened once he heard that name. He knew very well that Jesse was the most feared vampire alive. He was ruthless and did not care what happened to his victims. He only cared about himself and his power. It wasn't the first time that Tyler had faced Jesse.

"Daddy, are you ok?" Elizabeth asked.

Tyler nodded, "Get some rest munchkin, you need it."

Tyler got off the bed and left the room. He went to his room and picked up a picture off of the headboard of his bed. The picture was of Isabella and him on their wedding day. Both looked at each other with nothing but love in their eyes. Isabella's sweet smile put a small smile on Tyler's face while he remembered their wedding day like it was yesterday. Once he was done remembering, Tyler put the picture down and fell back onto the bed, staring up at the white ceiling. After a few minutes, Tyler sat up and grabbed his computer. Tyler quickly put in his password and looked at the maps that appeared on the screen. He noticed the red dot on screen was moving, and it was moving east.

'So he's running away again, like the coward he is. That doesn't surprise me the least bit.' Tyler thought. Tyler then noticed that there green dots also moving east as well. 'Perfect, the wolves are pushing him east. This will help Elizabeth and me greatly.'

After some time Tyler put his computer away and went out into the living room. He saw Elizabeth sitting on the couch in the corner curled up in a ball and on her IPad. Tyler could tell that the Elizabeth was still blaming herself for what happened to her sister and her mother. Elizabeth's brown eyes were red and puffy from crying and tears stained her face. Her light brown hair was in a very messy bun and she was dressed in sweats and a sweat shirt.

"Are you ok munchkin?" Tyler asked.

Elizabeth looked up at her dad and shook her head, "no I'm not daddy. I feel so bad about what happened. I should have helped them out. I should of heard the footsteps sooner than what I did."

"Lizzie, you need to stop blaming yourself for their deaths. Your mom and your sister wouldn't want you to blame yourself for their deaths. We all know the consequences of being slayers, especially vampire slayers." Tyler told his daughter.

"I know, but it's just hard right now daddy. I just feel so bad about it."

"I understand that. The question is now, what are you going to do?"

Elizabeth stopped what she was and thought about the question her dad asked her. She chewed on her nail as she thought. Moments later, Elizabeth smirked, "I know what I'm going to do."

Tyler smiled, "And that is what?"

Elizabeth's expression changed from a smirk to complete seriousness, "I'm going to avenge their deaths. I'm going train until I am strong enough to kill Jesse."

Tyler's face stayed serious for a moment then turned into a smirk. He knew full well that his daughter was serious on avenging the deaths of her sister and her mother. He knew that Elizabeth was going to have to train harder than ever before, and become stronger to be able to kill Jesse. Elizabeth knew this too. She knew that being an avenger wasn't going to be easy, but her mind was set.

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