Dear mom, they'd never tell me I'm adopted, but I'm certain.

I know it's not their blood that's flowing through my veins.

My "dad" is indifferent; my "mom" acts like I'm a shame.

I'm so different in every way; I can't possibly be born to them.

I feel alone, I feel hungry when she doesn't cook for me.

Wish you were here right now somehow, and could see

How I'm suffering all my life just because you're selfish

And decided to give me up to people who won't even admit this.

They keep on pretending to be my parents day after day.

But I don't believe them anymore, I don't believe in what they say.

Dear mom, I don't know who you are, and I never will.

But sometimes late at night I lie in my bed and my world stands still.

I wonder if you think about me even for a moment?

Have you ever wondered how I was, where I went?

This primal wound would never heal, I'll forever be

Wondering how you could be so stone cold to leave me

To these strangers who try to mould me into

The perfect little doll they can proudly show off to

Everybody and get praised for how they raised it.

Meanwhile I wake up to her screaming fit.

I've wanted to run away, but I have nowhere to go.

Where are you, dear mom? I wish they'd let me know.