Shinigami's Master

JeLLi: Hello. I'm kind of stuck on Twin Demon Sisters. I am currently watching Death Note. It is awesome. No joke. But the Death God kind of creeps me out. Well anyway, it somehow triggered something in me and I have a feeling that if I keep on writing something then some kind of interesting story would be made. So yeah. Whatever this story turns out to be, enjoy~

Btw, the main "actress" of this story will be Luna (online friend) ~

Chapter 1

Footsteps echoed in the hallway.

Everyone started as a girl with long, black hair sauntered down the hall.

The girl's stance was poised, her hair was like silk, and her skin was so pale that her red eyes, which darted around as if analyzing everything around her, stood out.

Everyone her eyes landed on shivered as they felt a chill run down their spine.

When she reached her classroom and had closed the door behind her, she heard everyone let out a sigh and mumble.

"So creepy…"

"She's insanely good looking but just scary…"

"I always get the chills when I see her eyes…"

"Yeah, her eyes are RED; it's so unnatural…"

The girl stopped listening, tossed her hair and walked to her seat.

It was the same every day. People got freaked out whenever they saw her, especially when they saw her eyes, and after she left they would sigh with relief and mumble things among themselves.

She had decided to ignore it all and live on with her top-student life.


In class, it was the same, boring routines. The teacher comes in, everyone sits down except for a few delinquents here and there skipping classes, and the lessons begin.

Right now was the English class.

"'Lieutenant Zebulon Pike led two expeditions between 1805 and 1807, travelling through the upper Mississippi…'"

The girl stared out of the window next to her. She was in the back corner seat, next to the window which she could see most anything on the school grounds. While she was observing the birds flittering around, she zoned out and didn't hear the teacher reading something in English out loud.

"Luna," the teacher called. The girl's red eyes shifted immediately to the teacher. The teacher shuddered and said: "Please translate the sentence I just read."

The girl, Luna, stood up with a sigh and picked up the textbook and flipped to the page they were on. She scanned the page, and found the sentence that she supposed the teacher read.

"Lieutenant Zebulon Pike led two expeditions between 1805 and 1807, travelling through the upper Mississippi River valley and into the region that Is now the state of Colorado," Luna translated in perfect Japanese.

Everyone looked stunned, but not the teacher. "As expected of the school's number one student."

Luna sat back down, and zoned out once more as she looked out the window. Her eyes widened.

An ugly face was staring at her from the other side of the window.

It wasn't any old ugly face; this was the face of a monster. White skin that looked as if it was painted on, bloody red pupils, black hair running down from its head to the back, and armor that was stuck to his body by nails.

It also had very sharp teeth that looked like it wanted to bite her head off right at that moment.

Luna and the ugly monster had a staring contest for a few minutes. Luna knew better than to scream, because she was sure by the other kids' reactions that they couldn't see this thing in front of her, and if she did she would look crazy.

Her reputation was bad enough already.

She looked away from the window and stared into her textbook.


The day went on like that. When the final bell rang, she walked out of school.

When she looked over at where the window to her classroom was, she spotted the monster still up there; except it was watching her.

Luna decided that this monster was just creepy.

She sauntered over to where the monster was; her red eyes never left the monster.

The monster… Demon… Whatever it was, slowly floated down and landed in front of Luna.

"Who—what—are you?" Luna asked, her eyes glinting dangerously. "What business do you have here?"

"You…can see me, am I correct?" the monster asked in a raspy voice.

"So what if I can?" Luna shot back. "Answer my questions."

"I am Zekka; I am a Shinigami," the monster answered.

"A… Shinigami…?" Luna glared suspiciously. "…What is a Shinigami doing here…? In the human world?"

"I… have come here to take someone's life."

Luna's eyes narrowed. "Someone's… life?"

"Yes," he said, his face expressionless. "I was wondering where I would find the person; thought it would take days and days. But—"He sighed with relief before continuing. "Fortunately, I found the person."

"Did you, now?" Luna said quietly, a suspicion creeping into her head. "And I'm guessing the person is…"

The Shinigami nodded once. A long, sharp finger slowly came up from his side and pointed at the red eyed girl. "You are a smart one. That's right; I shall take your life."


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