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Warning: Contains gore and violence, no bad language or smut.

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You're running as fast as your legs can carry you.

You're breathing heavily, gasping for air.

The surroundings are a blur.

You take no notice of where you're going.

All you know is that you have to get away from this place.

It's dark, around midnight.

Nobody seems to notice you as you pass by.

The footsteps behind you are getting louder.

Louder, louder, louder.

Faster, faster, faster.

In the dim light of the streetlamps you can barely see anything...

But you must keep on running no matter what.

The very sound of your heartbeat is loud.

So loud you think that your' follower can hear it.

You feel as if your' chest is about to burst open.

The bitter wind stings your eyes as you run.

Tears build up and blur your already poor vision.

The follower speeds up.

You know they will soon catch up if you don't lose them.

You must think up a plan.

You must trick your follower so you can escape.


That is the only goal at this moment.

You see an alleyway and decide to turn that way.

Your legs threaten to collapse beneath you but you carry on.

You must.

In order to survive the night.

There is a slim chance you will.

Your opponent is far stronger than you.

The odds are against you.

You hope that time will be on your side and help you win.

If not...

These last few moments may be your last.

You turn your head and see the follower come round the corner.

You look back and take in your surroundings.

The alley is narrow.

There are walls either side of you.

Pipes line the brick work.

They're high up but you might just be able to reach them.

In the distance you can see a wall in front of you.

The path is a dead end.

Just your luck.

The follower is not too far behind now.

But far away enough for your plan to work.

You come to a halt.

A few metres of path are ahead of you.

You take in a deep breath of cold air.

You allow it to fill your lungs.

It's refreshing.

It feels as if your' legs are on fire.

They burn with pain from the running.

You reach into your pocket.

You feel the pen knife and curl your fingers around the object.

This is the one thing that could save your life.

And help you complete the mission.

The task seemed simple at first:

Find and kill your opponent.

But it seemed to have gotten out of hand.

Only once before have you made a mistake.

It almost cost you your life.

Luckily Doe was there to save you.

You must not let that happen again.

If it doe's you know nobody is here to save you.

This is is mission you must do all by yourself.

You can feel the ground shaking beneath your feet shaking.

You know that your follower is coming nearer to you.

You aren't afraid anymore.

All the fear that was once present has been pushed back.

You're prepared to do this.

You must be.

It's your job.

The follower is standing directly behind you.

You can feel it's rancid breath on the back of your neck.

You clasp the pen knife tighter, still keeping it hidden.

Your knuckles turn white from gripping the weapon.

The follower can sense the fear in your veins.

The follower remains quiet.


Waiting for you to make the first move.

You do the same.

It stays like that for a few minutes.

It's quiet.

So quiet you could hear a pin drop.

No sound except the wind and your own heartbeat.

The beat isn't out of control like a drum beat.

It's calm.

A slow steady rhythm.

You know the follower is listening to sound.

It flows into it's ears like a sweet music.

The follower tenses up.

He takes a step forwards and leans over you.

Like a peering vulture.

You grip the knife even tighter.

As if it will disappear into thin air if you don't.

The corpse like scent drifts from the follower.

The smell of it's past victims.

The smell of death.

You have always been followed by that scent.

No matter how hard you try to escape it.

It always lingers in the air.

You feel the anger rise inside you.

Now you know that this creature must die.

Not later.



The follower lunges forwards and you duck.

It's claws miss your head by a fraction of an inch.

So close.

But not today.

The follower is still in confusion and you take your turn.

The sharp blade of your knife glints in the moonlight as you take it out of your pocket.

Red blood stains the metal as you plunge it into the followers body.

It lets out an ear piercing shriek that could wake the dead.

Deep down you fear that it might.

You look around to see if any of it's "friends" had heard the cry and ran to help.

No, it's just you and the creature alone.

One against one.

The follower stands up tall and towers over you like a skyscraper.

It's angrier than ever.

It's dagger sharp teeth aim for your delicate skin on your neck threatening to end it all but you leap out the way.

You jump onto the creatures back and grab one of the pipes ahead.

You curl your fingers around the pipe and lift yourself up onto it.

The pipe is slippy and you almost lose your footing but manage to stay on.

The follower turns around and claws at the pipe.

You let out a gasp as the pipe collapses.

You jump onto the creatures back and onto the ground.

The follower is distracted by the water flowing out of the pipe.

You take that as a chance to escape.

Your heartbeat isn't as calm as it was.

The fear has returned.

You make it to the end of the alley when you realise that retreating is not an option.

You cannot give up now.

The mission must be completed.

The knife is still in the palm of your hand.

You stare at the object for a while.

The weapon is covered in blood from the monster.

You run your finger accross the sharp blade carefully so as not to cut cut your self.

You wipe the blood along the fence creating a long, red streak.

You come out of your thoughts when you hear the cry of the beast in the alley.

You decide to run along the street.

Now you are at the advantage.

The creature is far behind.

It cannot see you.

However it can track your scent.

That is the factor that could lose you the battle.

You stop and look around.

You allow the scents of the street to enter your nostils.

Suddenly you smell a familiar scent.

It's faint which means it's far away but it's your only hope.

You must complete the mission.

You turn in the direction of the scent and run.

A car screeches to a halt as you run accross the road, causing you to stop.

The driver curses and winds the window down.

"OI! Watch where you're going!" he yells.

"Sorry" you say sarcastically before kicking the front of the car and running off again.

The driver beeps his horn angrily.

He is shocked when he sees a beast running towards his car.

The driver screams and winds the window up just in time.

The follower glares into the window and roars at the cowering driver.

It leaps over the roof of the car and bounds down the street after you.

The driver lets a squeak before buckling his seatbelt up and driving home as fast as possible.

You see a gate and jump over.

Now you're in a field.

You continue running along the grass.

A cave can be seen in the distance.

The scent gets stronger.

You stop when you reach the entrance of the cave.

Here, the scent is strongest.

You look down to see a plant.

As you thought, odour grass.

The smelliest plant in the world.

You take the grass and rub it on your clothes.

That ought to mask your scent.

But it won't keep you hidden from sight.

You run into the cave.

The follower easily rips down the gate to the field.

The wood splinters all over the grass.

The cave has no other passage ways, just a single tunnel.

It becomes narrower and narrower as you continue down.

You reach a wall and stop.

This is where you shall complete your mission or die trying.

The follower goes into the entrance of the cave and smells the odour grass.

It cannot see in the dark so it must search around.

It pleases you to know that the odour grass.

You must remember to use this trick again sometime...

If you survive this mission that is.

The creature comes closer but it still doesn't know you're there.

Followers don't like the scent of odour grass so it won't come dangerously close.

You now have the advantage.

That fact brings a smile to your face.

But it soon disappears when your realise that the follower isn't dead yet.

it's still lurking around the cave.

It knows you're in here somewhere.

It could still find you.

Followers don't give up easily.

But neither do you.

A follower is a worthy opponent.

You have met your match.

The follower cannot get through the narrow part of the cave and stands there.

Trying to see in the darkness.

You hold the knife out in front of you, ready.

The follower catches the scent of odour grass and wrinkles it's nose up in discust.

It turns around, it's back facing towards you.

You take the sharp blade of the knife and drive it through the skin of your opponent.

It lets out an ear piercing screech.

The dreadful sounds echo off the rocky walls of the cave.

You pull the knife out of it's body.

You missed it's heart.

Now it's more angry and more dangerous than before.

The follower aimlessly thrashes it's arms around trying to hit you.

You duck to the ground to avoid it's swings.

You try again with the knife.

This time it pierces the creatures skull.

The follower opens it's mouth and a green gunge pours out.

It's eyes turn black and begin to smoke.

The followers body turns limp and falls to the ground.

The corpse combusts and the flames begin to rise.

You must get out quickly.

You retrive your knife and run towards the entrance.

The smoke is thick and you can't see around you.

You begin to choke and hang onto the walls.

Your vision is blurry and your eyes sting.

You feel faint.

You use the walls to guide you out of the cave.

You finally make it out onto the field.

The fresh air makes your lungs open up.

You take a small yellow bottle out of your pocket.

The contents is green and translucent.

You allow the liquid to slide down your throat.

It tastes foul and bitter.

Immediately it takes effect.

Your vision comes back to you.

The mouth of the cave is blazing hot.

You turn around and run as fast as you can accross the field.

You see the gate ripped off and realise how strong the follower truly was.

You're lucky to be alive.

Suddenly the flames spead along the grass quickly.

Within half a minute, the entire field is engulfed in fire and black smoke.

The trees catch on fire.

You step back so as not to get caught by the flames.

You look accross the street and see a pay phone.

You run along the street and step inside the booth.

A sign ahead says "50p per minute".

You put your hand inside your pocket and pull out 45p.

Not enough money.

You look outside and see no money.

Suddenly you hear footsteps and jump up in a defnsive position.

You see a man dressed in rags.

You don't come out of defense.

One thing you've learnt from experience, don't trust anyone.

Even if they do look harmless.

"Who are you?" you ask.

"Me? It doesn't matter" he replies calmly "I just wanted to help you out".

The man in rags holds out his hand and shows you a 5p coin.

"Thanks" you say, taking it cautiously.

"You're welcome" the man replies before walking off into the night.

You step inside the phone box and put 50p into the slot.

You quickly type in the number and listen to the phone ring three times before somebody answers it.

"Hello?" asks a feminine voice.

"Purple, 583" you reply in code.

"Oh, it's you!" she replies "How'd the mission go?".

"Great, it would've been easier with you there Doe" you say.

"Sorry about that, I had to do another mission up in the oasis desert" Doe replies.

"It's ok, I need a cover up though, a whole field's on fire" you report.

"A whole field? What's your co-ordinates?" she asks.

"957534" you say.

"Alright, make sure you report back to HQ soon, you're needed. Over and out" she says before the phone line goe's dead.

You walk along the road.

A car comes speeding past, nearly knocking you over.

It pulls up on the curb.

A man runs out, it's the driver who almost ran you over before.

He looks terrified.

He runs up to you.

"Monster, a monster!" he screams clinging onto your shirt.

He must've seen the follower.

You take the knife out of your pocket and flick a switch on the side.

You make a small cut in the drivers arm.

You take another potion out of your pocket, this time in a blue bottle.

You pull out the cork and pour a drop of the contents onto the mans arm.

The driver falls asleep instantly.

You pick up his limp body and carry it to the car.

The keys are still in the car luckily.

You look through the door compartment and find a wallet.

Inside is a few credit cards, a coupon for pizza, a drivers license, a picture, keys and various coins.

You look at the license, it reads "Name- Travis Loan, Gender-M, DOB- 18/12/75 Postcode- TY4 9KJ".

Now you know where he lives.

You see the car is low on petrol.

On the map it says the nearest petrol station is 3 miles away.

Should you just leave him here?

No, that would be far too suspicious.

He must wake up tomorrow thinking it was all just a horrible nightmare.

If he wakes up next to a burnt field he'll be in shock.

You have to take him home.

Not such a difficult mission but it'll take some time and it's not exactly the most exciting mission ever.

Doe said you were needed at HQ.

You'll have to go back to the pay phone.

You look inside the wallet, great, no change.

Time to go to that petrol station.

You check to make sure that Travis is buckled in properly.

He'll be out for sometime.

His street is over an hour away.


You lock all the doors and windows so nobody can get in...

By opening the doors that is.

You've got your trusty knife and a whole stash of different potions.

Easy peasy mission.

But even the simplest of tasks can get out of hand.

You know that from experience.

Suddenly you hear a knock on the window and you spin round.

It's the man from earlier that gave you the 5p.

He smiles at you and gestures for you to open the window.

You caustiously wind down the window, all the time holding onto your knife just in case.

"Did you make that call?" he asks in a friendly tone.

"Yes, thanks for the money. Do you want it back now?" you ask.

"No thanks, I'm glad I could help" he says before walking off down the street.

You wonder why he didn't question you about the unconsious man next to you.

Probably thought he was your friend or brother or something like that sleeping.