Date: January 15th, 2012.

Today, the body of Tina Rachel Pruca-Martin was found in her bedroom, next to the following letter and the phrase, written in her blood, I never break a promise.

Dear Tina,

It's me.

You thought you were safe, here in your little home, in your little town, where no one can get you, even with the best technology out there.

Well my lady, you've forgotten one thing.

I don't need technology to find you.

I know you well enough already.

Tina darling, you're too self centered to go to a place with people higher then you. Even in hiding, I knew you would never step that low.

Now, which small town, you may wonder? Ah, now this was easy. Of course you would stay close to Long Island, able to get to your home in a matter of minutes. And so, you only moved over two towns!

I must admit, it did fool the cops. But then again, the cops aren't Rico Pruca, now are they?

Now, for my reasoning. You owe me something. Someone I should say.

I saw the body, surrounded by his own blood, with that lovely note of yours, written in his blood: I never break a promise.

Tina, listen and listen clear. I told you he would rather die than live with you, and I never meant it to be taken literally.

Why did you kill Tyler?

Tina, why in the world did you kill our baby boy?

Tina, I promise you will die,

Rico Pruca

P.S- I never break a promise