"This is Cassandra," Amy said, the second we walked into the house.

"Hello Amy. This must be Miley," I was amazed at how Cassandra looked. She had long brown hair and dark eyes. She was a little taller than me, and seemed to know everything about this place. And this was just on a casual glance.

"Hello, Cassandra?" I said, unsure. She nodded.

"I think we should go and talk. We should go to the darker room," Cassandra walked away, obviously expecting me to follow. I looked at Amy. She nodded.

Cassandra closed the door behind us and turned on a light. There was a wardrobe, a closet, and a bathroom.

"First, explain what this 'bracelet' was. Second, we give you a new look." Cassandra looked at me.

"First, I am not even asking how you know about the bracelet, but it was signed by a man named Eddie Manpier, and that's all I know. Second, what do you mean 'new look'?" I was horrified.

"Eddie Manpier is a man who deserves to be in jail for a very long time," Cassandra looked angry. "And new look, we have to make you unrecognizable." Cassandra went over to the wardrobe and pulled out a black tank top, black leggings, and black boots. Then, she went to the bathroom and pulled out a bottle of hair dye and a small bag. Finally, she grabbed scissors from the closet. "Put this on, then we will talk about the rest." She handed me the clothes. I put it on in the bathroom and walked out again. "Gorgeous. Now, look, I know you probably won't want to hear this but we have to change your hair." She looked up. I nodded. I understood. We walked into the bathroom and she took out the scissors. She caught off about 5in of my originally 13in hair. I flinched. Then, she grabbed the dye and applied it. I looked in the mirror. I had short black hair. I had no idea what to do.

"What's the bag for?" I asked. I was scared to know the answer.

"Makeup," she replied casually. I nodded. "Close your eyes and sit in that chair." I felt soft little hands on my face, as if there were little children playing on my face, but were begin extremely gentle. I smiled. "Hold still." Cassandra was being gentle as well. "All done." I looked in the mirror and felt like screaming. Cassandra applied the most makeup I had ever seen on a person, and I felt as though I didn't belong with my face. My face was so sweet and beautiful, as I am, but now I looked dark and scary. Cassandra must have noticed me scared and she patted my back. "Come. Laura should be finished too." I nodded and we walked out of the room.