What does this word really mean

Just because someone enjoys things that the "normal" people deem insane, creepy etc.

doesn't mean they are emo or will grow up to be the things they hear and watch that

brings them happiness such as serial killers, rapist, or get involved in the unimaginable

Weird people are destined to be successful in life, invent things that we can't live without or things to make life better

Weird people are the ones destined to change the world and those people you called weird, emo, or just plan sick are the ones that will be a big success one day

As an added bonus the people who call their selves "normal" or think that you're better than everybody than you're the strangest/weirdest of them all

Authors Note: yeah just a little poem I thought of while talking to my friend about different artist and their stlyes on how they look