Another Game

Ariana Wiley

I want to believe this is for real,

But I cant help but feel,

This is just another sick and twisted game,

Something new to clear your name,

When I look in the mirror ... the person staring back screams shame!

You look me up and down and think..she's such a shame.

My head spins,

Im so confused now,

Your arms wrapped around me for an embrace,

This feels so wrong so out of place,

I feel tears burn behind dark eyes,

I plead for them to stay in place,

Beg that they wont stream down my face.

I can't let you see...

What your words and actions did to me,

Can't let you in now!

I just can't remember how.

Your smiles are branded into my brain!

I look outside and see the rain...

Maybe...just maybe it will wash away this pain.

The tears start rolling ...

I find I'm still sitting here hoping...

Please dont be just another game.