I slam the door of my dusty silver Prius. Contrary to popular belief I don't find them cute, but my mom bought it for me so I'm not one to be picky. She said it was just 'so adorable' and I know that she loves the idea that she can borrow it now. But I haven't washed it in forever and it had those dusty rain spots and pollen on it.

Knowing my mom she'd get me to wash it myself somehow.

I unlock the front door and rush over to my mother, wrapping my tiny arms around her, "Mommy!"

She's marinating some sort of meat, "Brielle sweetie you just saw me like a week ago."

Unlike me, my mother it tall, but so is my dad so who knows where I went wrong.

"Well…could you help me unload my car?" I look up at her with my best pleading look and bat my eyelashes.

I had shipped over most of my stuff within the month. My dad insisted that he help me pack and send over all my stuff from Washington to moms in Chicago. It surprised me considering that he hasn't been back in the states since the divorce. I guess he wanted to spend some extra time with me since our summer got cut short.

"I'm cooking."

"And I'm tired," I groan, "And lazy." I add muttering under my breath.

"Why don't you go across the street and ask Adrian to help you?"

I detangle myself from my mom, standing rim rod straight, "Adrian?"

"Yeah he's back at home with his mom. You know to help him get on his feet as he looks for jobs and internships."

"Oh," I touch my dark brown hair. It's ombre meaning that it's a dark brown color at the top and gradually goes to a blonde gradient. I had to explain it to my dad what it meant, but he still doesn't get it. And to think that he lives in the fashion capital of the world.

"Oh what?" Mom gives me a sly look.

"I just didn't expect him to be home." I shrug my shoulders.

I hadn't seen Adrian Tyler since my freshman year in college. To say that we left on bad terms wouldn't be totally wrong, but it wasn't exactly good either.

He was helping me paint my room and my roommate wasn't arriving until a week later. Good old Adrian stayed the night with me. We were covered in paint and having a good time. We ordered Chinese and well…I guess I just looked oh so ravishing because he kissed me. If you asked him though he'd say that I kissed him. But anyway that's a menial detail. We kissed and kissed and kissed…we ended up sleeping together. Actually we ended up having sex about three times before he left that mid-morning.

It's been a while and Kelsey says I'm probably repressing a few things, but I don't really remember how Adrian and I decided to end things at that little fling.

I haven't really seen him since. A glimpse of him during one Christmas since, but otherwise there hasn't been much contact.

"Well you can either ask Adrian to help or unpack yourself. It's your choice." My mom shrugs.

I groan and head back out the door.

Unfortunately my laziness didn't overshadow my desire to avoid any awkwardness with Adrian.

I head to the house across from us and one over to the left.

I've known the Tyler's ever since we moved here when I was five. Mom and Cassidy Tyler have been best friends ever since. I even have a key to their house.

I look for the key that's painted with the Steeler's logo and coloring. With a pout I unlock the door.

"Aunt Cassidy? Adrian!" I call out. I head for the kitchen, but so far it's eerily empty. Just like our house theirs is quaintly cluttered and oh so homey.

Except Aunt Cass is an artist and designer so hers is more of an artsy kind of clutter. Ours is just because we're lazy and shop too much.

I frown as I find the place empty. I feel someone touch my back and I jump.

"Adrian!" I scream thumping his chest. Or I guess his abdomen area since he's a bit taller than I am.

He's laughing which causes my frown to deepen.

"Adrian I hate you ugh!" I hit him again and he touches the spot hurt.

"Okay that kind of hurt." His deep husky voice finally enters my ears. Man I love his voice.

"Well that's what you get for scaring me!" I hit him again for good measure.

"Okay, okay stop. I'm sorry." He wraps his toned, firm and oh so muscular arms around me tiny frame. After a moment of awkwardness I return his hug. He smells like American Spirits, Old Spice and nice fresh laundry.

Adrian kisses the top of my head and let's go, holding me at an arm's length, "So what's up?"

"Could you help me unload the stuff in my car?" I ask innocently.

"Damn you're lazy Bee." But he doesn't object and heads out the door with me.

"So I heard you're staying with your mom." I bring up.

"Yep. I have this one government job that I'm considering, but they have to do background checks and whatever. But otherwise I just have this nonpaying internship at this lab."

"Well aren't you just great."

"Bitter because I graduated a year early?" He teases.

"Um no. I think you're bitter because I'm just so pretty."

"That's totally irrelevant."

"Well that's the only comeback I had so," I shrug.

"You've always been so pretty, but no so bright."

My jaw drops and I hit him again.

"I'm kidding!"

"Mhm hmm…"

Adrian shakes his head and opens my car door to pop open the trunk.

I possibly glimpse at his nice ass. I shake away any thoughts I might have about his ass and open one of the backseat doors. I lean in trying to grab one of the two plastic boxes. Adrian drops my laundry basket filled with pictures frames and paintings. He pulls my lanyard out of my back pocket and gives my ass a slap.

"Adrian." I scold him. He stops in the doorway to unlock the front door and winks at me.

Well I guess things haven't changed much between us.

By five I was moved into my old room and dinner was ready. Aunt Cassidy was sitting in the kitchen with mom and Adrian was seated on the couch. What a nostalgic scene.

For up until I was thirteen it was mom, dad, Aunt Cassidy, Adrian and me. Then my parents got divorced and dad moved back to France. With or without dad though mom and Aunt Cassidy somehow were inseparable.

Mom and Cassidy are both so alike yet so different; much like Adrian and me. Except Mom and Aunt Cass are best friends while Adrian and I aren't.

We're not enemies though, so we're just kind of good friends.

"Brielle!" Adrian's deep voice calls out to me, "Come watch How I Met Your Mother with me!"

"No!" I groan. My face is planted on my so comfortable bed. Although I love that show I'm just exhausted.

"It's the Edward Fourtyhands episode!"

I make a sad face and roll out of the bed. Begrudgingly I trudge down the stairs and fall into the couch. Adrian is laid out so I sit on the small bit of empty space and lay my legs on top of his.

"Adrian! This is not How I Met Your Mother!"

I cringe at the current episode of Supernatural playing.

"Whoops," He smiles and I dig the heel of my foot into his thigh.


"You know I hate Supernatural."

"Oh come on Bri, it's not scary."

"Not to you," I sass, "You laugh at scary movies."

"Because they're funny and ridiculous!"

I scoff.

"Get up you two! Dinner." My mom calls. I groan and get up. Adrian holds his tattoo clad hands out to me and I attempt to pull him up.

"You're too heavy."

"Are you calling me fat?" He jokes.

"Yes definitely." He's has quite a bit of muscle mass but he's so toned. He never was and never could be considered fat anyway. Sexy is more of the word.

Hold his hands examining his tattoos, "You need a bit of a touch up there."

On the upper part of the three sections your finger has he has SAIL on his right hand and AWAY on the left. On the other two sections are pictures which are still pretty vivid, but the words are starting to fade.

Adrian puts some of my hair behind my ear.

"Yeah…you should come with me." He smiles.

When I turned eighteen he convinced me to get a tattoo, and then when he turned eighteen he convinced me to get another tattoo with him. I stopped at two, but Adrian has quite a few I guess. He has one black band around his arm, the LOST numbers on the back of his shoulders and those fingers tattoos.

The tattoos also add to his sexiness.

He's been smoking ever since he was sixteen though. So despite his so called bad boy demeanor he's a really smart guy. Adrian loves science and is sort of a genius when it comes to it.

"I swear Adrian you always convince me to get another tattoo-"

"Brielle! Calm down," He laughs, "You know you want another one."

"No way."

"Oh come on. You always get well hidden ones so what's the big deal?"

Both my tattoos are behind me ears and admittedly I love them. But I'd only ever admit it to myself.

"The big deal is that you always get me to do things." I pout.

"I get you to have fun babe and you keep me in check. That's how it's always been."

Adrian drapes an arm over my shoulders and we both head to the dining room.

Contrary to Adrian's statement I do have fun. He just gets me to go things he wants me to do. Like get tattoos, watch things I don't like and eat foods I don't like.

"So Brielle baby, tell me all about France." Aunt Cass says as she eats her salad.

"Well," I swallow a bite of my pork roast, "It's fabulous as always. Monica, you guys remember Monica she came to visit back when we were sixteen; she always knows the best places to shop at. I got you a thing or two Aunt Cass."

"Monica is that horse face girl right?" Adrian asks.

I frown and throw a piece of bread at him.

He scoffs and throws a croton at me. I return it causing Adrian to grab an ice cube from his glass of water. He reaches over the table and drops it down my cleavage.

I jump up and scream, "Adrian!" I'm so tempted to wring his neck. I reach down my low scoop neck t-shirt and grab the ice cube. I throw it at his face but miss.

"I hate you." I pout.

"You've got some nice cleavage going on though Brielle." He admits.

"Thanks," I frown and sit down, "You suck."

"It's not my fault you wear such love cut shirts." He holds his hands out.

"But it's your fault for calling my friend a horse face."

"Is it my fault that she has such a long face with such big gums? No."

"I think she's pretty."

"Yes but that's only because she's your friend." Adrian finally continues eating and so do I.

"Adrian stop insulting Brielle's friend even if she may look a bit like a horse." Aunt Cass comments.

"Aunt Cass!"

"Bri dear she does kind of look like a horse." My mom adds.

"Fine! Whatever clearly I lose this conversation. Anyway mom, Aunt Cass, you got the macarons I sent you right? Aren't they to die for?"

"Well," Aunt Cass looks over at Adrian who smiles to himself, "Your mother had to share hers with me since Adrian ate all of mine."

"They were really good! And I didn't eat all of them. Anderson ate one."

I roll my eyes, "Anyway dad had this girlfriend when I got there. She was stupid and eventually she was dumped."

My mom tries to hide a smile.

"Speaking of which, any French boys after you?"

I clear my throat a little, but Adrian doesn't seem fazed, "Well I mean there's Thierry, but he's just my friend. And okay I did have a thing with one or two guys." I admit.

"Tell me more about Thierry. I got the few pictures you sent of him, but otherwise not much else." Mom asks.

"He's just a friend of mine. We met when I was 17 and he was 19-"

"This kid seems a bit sketchy…" Adrian mumbles.

I ignore him though, "He's Monica's older brother's friend. I'll show you some pictures later Aunt Cass."

"You better. Also why haven't you shipped me over a nice French man?"

I smile and take a sip of my water.

God I've missed these dinners.

Adrian and I made a quick run to the grocery store to get some ice cream and movies from Redbox. Mom and Aunt Cass went out to get coffee leaving Adrian and I alone.

Adrian put the bag of ice cream on the table as I went to the kitchen for spoons. I paused when I caught sight of Adrian grabbing some blankets from the closet. His dark brown hair barely touched his eyebrows but left his ears exposed. His black v-neck was a bit tight around his shoulders. God he has such broad shoulders.

He's always been so attractive, but it wasn't anything that bothered me. Knowing him for so long just made me slightly immune to his charm. Emphasizing the word slightly.

I shake my head and head into the living room.

"Just like old times." Adrian smiles as he sits down. I drop the spoons on the coffee table and take the movies out of the bag.

"Fright Night, One Day or 50/50?" I ask.

"Fright Night! Hands down."

"No! Not even."

"Well you did ask." He gives me a knowing look. His blue eyes twinkling with mischief.

"No," I whine, "Adrian I don't like scary movies."

"It's not even scary! It's about vampires and slaying and-"

I make a pained face.

He rolls his eyes, "Okay I'll make a deal with you. We'll watch One Day first then Fright Night. I'll make sure no monsters come and eat you up Brielle."

"Can't we just watch 50/50 instead?"

"We can watch that later. I've been dying to see Fright Night."

"Fine." I groan and take out One Day.

"Victory is mine." He smiles his oh so wolfish smile and I glare at him.

After an adorably sweet yet sad movie with the fabulous Anne Hathaway we moved onto Fright Night. Our pint of Cherry Garcia was empty and the pint was Chubby Hubby was halfway gone. Adrian had his arms securely around my waist I was nestled against his solid body.

Back in high school, and even middle and grade school we spent plenty of Friday nights on this couch. Sometimes our moms would join us or our friends, but it'd always be me and Adrian together. Of course when college came things changed. I went away and Adrian stayed pretty close by.

Most people expected us to stay close, but even for being so 'close' we never considered each other as a best friend. I stayed really close with my best friends Kelsey, Natalie and even most of my really good high school friends. I guess it's just that Adrian's my friend when he's there. If we're not close in proximity then we're not really close otherwise.

Admittedly I've missed him.

The movie gets a bit quiet and darker than usual.

"Brielle? Bee babe, I've really missed you…you, your beautiful face and your pretty little self." Adrian admits. He's got such pretty eyes. Everything about him is just ugh.


Suddenly there's a loud noise and I shriek clutching onto Adrian. Damn movies.

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