"Nate we are not going to take him to a strip club or a circus." I make a face, "If we want to give him a good birthday then clearly it can't be too…flamboyant."

He rolls his eyes. Natalie had left for Oxford a few days ago. Kelsey was almost gone-she's leaving in two days for Berkeley.

"Well B, what exactly do you have in mind?"

"We should just have a dinner. With Adrian and his closest friends. We can have it in his or my backyard. We're going for simple here."

He makes an impressed face, "Sounds cute, but could we have at least something flashy? Can we have a piñata at least?"

I make a pained face, "Nate…we can work out the decoration details later."

"Okay, okay fine," He chews on a pretzel, "Now the second most important part-whose going to be there?"

"Well you, Anderson, Taylor, Aunt Cassidy and probably me and my mom; he doesn't have a girlfriend right now does he?"

"No," he shakes his head, "It's actually been a while. One girl after Mallory, but otherwise he's as single as a protozoa."

Nate's hair is a light beige color that matches his sister's hair. Naturally as twins they look a lot alike, but Natalie has more of a baby face while Nate's seems older and more angular. This boy definitely needs a haircut. It's longer than Adrian's and looks like he's been living on the beach for a few months.

I oddly feel a bit relieved, "Okay then well I don't really know who his other friends are or who he kept in touch with so…"

"His cousins Trick and Lucky for sure. You know them but Marisol and Greg; also Penny, Lacey and Mitchel. If he wants anyone else then I think we'd have to get a second opinion."

I finish writing down the names, "We could call Anderson or Taylor?"

"Well Anderson has a summer class right now. Let's try Taylor." Nate unlocks his phone and looks for the boy's number.

I curiously wonder who Marisol and Penny are and if they're pretty… I know Lacey from high school and she's always been pretty good friends with Adrian. I'm guessing Marisol, Greg, Penny and Mitchel are friends he's made from college.

"Hey," Taylor answers.

"Hi," Nate and I say together.

"Hey Bri, Nate. I'd be over to help you guys, but I've got a girl here."

Of course between the three Taylor is the most promiscuous. He sleeps around a lot and I know Adrian used to at least when he was single. Nate is a bit more of a romantic though and loves going on dates. He's the type of guy that falls fast and hard.

"Because whatever stranger you have in your bed is clearly more important than us." I playfully joke.

"You know me and my needs," He chuckles, "So what's up?"

"Small dinner? You, me, Bri, Trick, Lucky, Lacey, Penny, Marisol, Greg and Mitchel. Plus Ms. T and Mama Monnin. Anyone else?"

"No Natalie or Kels?"

"Nat left for Oxford and Kelsey is leaving in two days." I answer.

"Damn I should visit Kels then…but anyway what about Kyle and Brady?"

"Oh true! I forgot about them. Don't you think Kyle would want to bring his girl Jenny?" Nate shoves a couple of pretzels in his mouth.

"Nah Jenny is studying abroad this semester. She's at her place in Maryland."

"Okay sweet," Nate takes the pen in my hand and adds two more names, "Then that's it for people since we've got to keep this small."

Taylor laughs, "Because if you throw him a huge birthday party then he'll probably punch you in the face and disappear for a week."

"Dear god," Nate looks at me, "Brielle you'll never experience it, but getting punched my Adrian Tyler is in the top three of bad things that could happen to you."

I snort, "Yeah it's not like he didn't punch two of my seven boyfriends in high school."

"Ah well Brielle," Taylor adds, "One of them cheated on you and the other…well he just deserved it."

"Sure Jack was a jerk who cheated on me, but still Adrian was a bitch to his face."

"Well you know Adrian adores you B. We all do, but Adrian just has a temper." Nate shrugs.

I bit nostalgic I say, "Don't I know. But anyway Taylor we'll let you get back to your-"

"Latest conquest." Nate finishes and hangs up.

I figure that all the weed Adrian smoked in high school was what made him so friendly. He's really open and willing to get to know people, but he's really good at holding grudges. If he doesn't like you and you give him a reason to he'll probably kick your ass or tell you off.

I rub my eye and head into Adrian's house. I had dropped her off at the airport with Taylor. I think that he could secretly be in love with her, but that might just be me.

I yawn and lean against Adrian's bedroom door frame.

He's passed out on his bed. His mouth is slightly open and his face is planted into his pillow He's got a wife beater on and his sheets are wrapped up all over him.

I hate to wake him since it's so hard for him to actually fall asleep.

"Adrian," I say quietly as I walk over to him. His room is cluttered, messy and small; but his bed is pretty damn huge. Even though he doesn't get much sleep he loves his bed.

I shake his arm but it doesn't do much.

I get on my knees and ruffle his hair.

He laughs and rubs his face, "Brielle,"

"Kelsey's gone."

Adrian moves over and I climb into bed with him. He pulls his comforter over the both of us and holds me. He nestles his head into the crook of my neck and sighs.

"How's Taylor taking it?"

"As he always does. I mean I don't know your friends as well as you of course, but he seemed secretly sad."

"Oh he is. You'd think that he'd say something about it by now." Adrian mumbles.

"I can't believe Kels hasn't picked up on it yet."

Adrian chuckles, "We'll see where they end up."

I let out a soft breath and play with his fingertips. He gives my hand a squeeze then runs his hand along my side. Adrian wraps his arm around my tiny waist and holds me as close as can be. I get a little heavy feeling in my heart but it passes.

"Sorry I woke you up." I mumble. My eyes flutter shut. It's not even six, but damn does Kels love early flights.

Adrian turns me over so my nose is pressed right against his chin. My hand finds its place against his firm chest.

"I'd rather get an hour of sleep and wake up with my baby Bri than get ten and wake up on my own."

I can't help but smile and feel a bit of heat in my face.

"I feel bad though if you just fell asleep an hour ago." I meekly try to keep up my argument.

"I'll sleep when I'm dead." He jokes.

"But if you don't sleep then you'll just die early."

"Who said that?"

"Well you need sleep or you'll die. Or go crazy, but either option isn't too appealing if you ask me."

"To die by your side; what a heavenly way to die." He smiles at his cheesy quote of The Smiths, "You know I have to admit I find (500) Days of Summer to be a guilty pleasure of mine."

I frown, "I hate that movie. I want to like it, but I just can't."

"Yes but that's because you secretly dislike any movie that isn't Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, Fight Club or The Notebook."

"Don't forget 10 Things I Hate About You," I add not even bothering to deny his accusation, "But it's not like you even like The Smiths either."

"I honestly don't like them at all, but the quote fit."

"Yeah well it's not like you can go around quoting OFWGKTA." I snort sarcastically.

"Wow you wake me up and you judge my musical taste? Wow…just thanks B."

I shoot up and hit his arm, "Adrian I knew I was bothering you!"

He smiles that brilliant smile of his and pulls me back down with him, "I'm just kidding B."

I squirm a bit but stop when he pulls my face close to his. Our lips are nearly touching and my eyes try to avert his intense gaze.

The urge to kiss him is nearly unbearable. But apparently Adrian can't bear it. Gently he touches his lips to mine for a second then he kisses me again with much more pressure. Both of my hand grab his hair and he rolls on top of me. His knees are digging into the bed and somehow are bodies are both too close and too far.

I don't want to stop, but he does and catches his breath. He rubs his nose against my cheek and his thumb caresses the other. I lick my lips and Adrian's eyes briefly watch until he looks at me again.

He smirks and nuzzles against me.

"Now it's time to sleep." He muses.

I can feel his heartbeat and smile, "Okay."

He happily groans and I feel myself start to fall sleep.

Sometimes Adrian would call me consider me his 'warm milk'. I could get him asleep unlike anything else; which I always used to find as an insult. I mean it always sounded like an insult, but then there can a point where he got me to find it endearing. I comforted him. The only things that could get him to fall asleep were his body trying to keep him alive with as minimal amount of sleep possible, sleeping pills and me.

That also confused me a bit.

He'd elaborate and say that I was like a natural sleeping pill.

Again I'd get upset. He never was good at wording what he was thinking, but he was great at getting me fired up. His inability to correctly word his thoughts always got me unhappy in some way. We'd argue but then we'd quickly get over it.

Over the years he definitely got better at expressing himself though.

"Mommy can you please make me cookies?" I push out my upper lip and look up at her with big eyes.

A Saturday night had come and I was alone with my mom. Considerably I don't really have many friends here. My two best friends are gone to move in at college and otherwise I don't have too many friends. At least not ones I kept anyway.

In high school I had a considerable about of friends, but staying friends with them after graduation was another thing.

So to say that I had a bunch of people in Chicago eager to hang out with me would be a flat out lie.

"Brielle why don't you make some for yourself?"

"But I can't."

"Or you're just lazy dear. It's instant cookie dough. You just have to spoon into little balls." She gives me a pointed look and pats my head.

"I have no friends. It depresses me and this depression is making me immobile."

"Dear we both know that you don't care about how many friends you do or don't have. You just don't want to do any work. Why don't you call Adrian over?"

I roll my eyes, "Mom I'm not a little girl and I don't need to 'call Adrian over' …plus he's out because he actually does have friends." I shrug.

"Fine I'll make you cookies then. But after that I'm going out."

I dramatically gasp, "What! My mother is going out partying? I really must be a loser."

"More like you need a boyfriend Brielle. I'm just going out on a date."

"Again that secures my loser status. No one wants to date me but at least I have food." I wave my hand and fall into the couch.

I grab my laptop off the coffee table and open it up.

I try to control myself, but I can't. I call Thierry on Skype and it doesn't take long for him to answer.

"Mon cher we just Skyped only a few hours ago." He smiles at me amused.

"I'm bored and lonely; I also don't have any friends and I'm single as fuck."

He laughs, "You're just full of lies."

"No I'm not! I really don't have friends and I am very single."

"You definitely need to check back in with reality Brielle. You're beautiful, amazing, funny, charming and you clearly need to get your pretty ass over to France ASAP so I can make you feel as loved as can be." He gives me a smile and I can't help but return it.

"And people say that the French are rude," I joke, "Can you just ship yourself over here?"

"Don't start getting ideas in my head now."

"Oh please I'd be ecstatic if you actually did that."

"Well we'll see if I could ever make that happen," He smiles, "But anyway mon cher Monica is going nuts without you."

"Naturally," I roll my eyes, " She's always a bit nuts anyway."

"I resent that!" Monica shoves Thierry out of his chair. The blond smiles at me nonetheless.

"Hey B," Monica's brother Dan pops his head in and waves.

I frown, "Oh god I miss you all so so so much."

"We miss you too Brielle my dear," Monica gushes, "I met the cutest boy the other day and I was just dying to introduce him to you, but alas I nearly wanted to cry a river because I couldn't see you. I mean he had a girlfriend so it wouldn't have worked out anyway but still. It broke my heart." She puts a hand over her chest.

"Whatever heart you have." I joke. She breaks hearts like it's her hobby.

"You're the only one who has my heart love." It's very cheesy but she touches the screen.

I roll my eyes with a smile.

"But I have to ask-is there any nice Chicago boy after your heart?"

I immediately think of Adrian.


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