My heart is broken
It has been that way forever
(it was in your hands too long of time)
"fire" you said "It burns in your soul
May I ask,"Were you the one who put it out?"
Cause now im cold.

You wernt the one who pushed me to this
Are you?
No. You cant be.
You are not the one who set the knife in my hand
You are not the one who told me to hold it lightly
But you are the one who stole my heart
Who gripped it tight
I didnt know that was wrong
You gripped it tighter
Until it bled
And now?

My life is pooled at your feet
It covers your hands
Its splattered across your chest

I lay here
im so abnormal to your eyes
so crazed in her own world that she is blind
such a failure of life
such a waste of breath

Can you see it now?
How you are not the one who gave me the knife?
But how you are the one who ended my human life?

Im not human.
Perhaps your not too.
Cause I heard in science class today
That every human
has a heart.

You stole mine.
What did you do with your own
may i ask?
did you rip it out like you did with mine?
Did you squeeze it too tight?
Perhaps you were just not born with one.
Maybye thats whats wrong with you.
Thats why you didnt see the sadness in my eyes

As your family looked at me
As your mother and father judged me.
They were proud of you
Weather it was because of me, or just because of you
I wont ever know

Youve squeezed my heart so tightly
that I wonder if its there anymore
I wonder how im still standing here
with my head held high...

How is that?
How am I still here?
How can I joke and laugh when im numb inside?
How can I smile when I see you?
You stole my heart.
And you squeezed it too tight.
I thought you wanted me?
I thought...i thought...
i dont know what i thought.
Cause, appreanlty what i thought was wrong.

Your not human.
Neither am I.
You stole my heart to replace your own
How do you feel now?
I hope so.
Its what you deserve.
After all that trouble youve been through
Watching me bleed right in front of you