Time Warp

Chapter 1

December 13, 2033

The families of New Mifflinburg, New Jersey were huddled in a dusty bomb shelter waiting for the inevitable. No one talked. They didn't have to. Everyone was thinking the same thing. Even if they did talk, they would not have been heard. Their voices would be masked by the roars of war and the hum of the machinery outside.

In the left hand corner was Justin and Victoria Slommert. The Slommerts were newlyweds who had recently moved in to the community. By seven weeks, World War III had officially begun. It had only been a few weeks but they looked like they had grown old together.

In the corner directly diagonal sat Jessica. She too was a twenty- something. She also was a single and four months pregnant. Surrounding both Jessica and the Slommerts were a mixture of high upper class citizens, average people, and street bums. KATHUD! A large crash came to the left wall. Everyone edged away. After an hour or so of constant banging, it became incredibly quiet. Suddenly, the floor above their heads went THUD, THUD, THUD. Every single person paused. The main door leading to them creaked open just a crack. A gun nozzle made its way out from behind.

Then with a loud slam, the door was forced open. A bunch of tired looking men in uniform walked in. They began shouting in a foreign language. Dutch, maybe? The Slommerts were the first to stand, followed by Jessica, and finally everyone else. Chaos was unleashed. Shouts, and cries, and feet echoed off of the walls. Five minutes went on like forever. Without warning, a man silences the whole room with a bullet. In butchered English, the man pointed his gun at someone random and uttered, "Form in line and walk out door in an orderly fashion." People slowly shuffled their feet and walked out of the room.

Quiet. Everything was quiet as the people of New Mifflinburg exited the shelter. Everyone was blinded by the light of the sun when they walked out. They hadn't seen it for days. The peace was broken when a gunshot pierced the air. "Daddy!" When they turned to see, shock followed by a wave of sadness came over them. There was a little girl laying and sobbing on a man's chest. "Move now," the officer yelled. The line reformed and was led into a big rusty, brown truck.

Chapter 2

December 16, 2033

It was twenty-eight degrees Farenheight. The coldest day of the year. It felt even colder to the remaining twenty-five citizens. They had been on a truck for three days straight. Among this group were both the Slommerts and Jessica were standing side by side. It was surprising that they weren't on the ground already, though. The stench from the dead could kill. It was 7:31 p.m. and only Justin was awake. Never would anyone expect what would happen next to him.

7:32 P.M.

A small, blinding light shone inside the truck. Nobody was waking up. And it couldn't be from one of the soldiers because they were still moving. So what could it be? Justin walked toward it. Slowly at first then he sped up. He tried to touch it but nothing happened. He tried again. Still nothing. "What the h-". He couldn't finish his sentence because The Light swallowed him.



Justin was standing with his eyes closed. He slowly opened them. The light blinded him. He squinted and saw a strange, unfamiliar area. Definitely not Kansas anymore. Then again, Justin was never in Kansas but he figured it did not look like this. The sun was brighter than usual. The grass greener then he had seen before. He looked behind himself and could see the faint outline of a city. "That's more like it," he said under his breath. Justin started walking. It was over an hour later when he got to his destination. Out of breath, he sat and leaned against a silver gate. Sleep quickly took him away.

Justin slowly awoke to the smell of roses. Smiling, he looked up expecting to see Victoria. She was not there. Instead, there was a shiny purple weapon under his nose. Holding it was a black man with dreadlocks and a short beard. He looked like a bearded Bob Marley. "What's the problem, sir?" Justin inquired.

"What is wrong? What is wrong? Well man, you are in direct defiance of three major Mifflein laws! That's what's wrong," he barked in a tropical accent.

Justin gazed about. "Well what am I violating?"

"1: No foreigners may step on Mifftropolis ground without visa! 2: No-one may sleep on property they do not own! And 3: Every citizen must follow a strict code of dress!"

What's with this guy and yelling, Justin thought to himself. "Okay. Then may you show me a place to get a visa and appropriate- ?"

The guard scoffed. "Do you take me a fool? Why would I, a respected city patrol, lead a terrorist into Mifftropolis?"

"Oh no! I just-"

"Boys!" A group of similarly looking men came seemingly out of nowhere. They quickly surrounded Justin and pulled out their purple weapons. Their thumbs slide over a button on each of the staffs. The whole group became one with the air and faded away. Justin included.