I stared into her bright blue eyes as she smiled at me before I continued to kiss her. Her lips felt as soft to me as we made out. I slowly pressed her against the wall and I started to kiss her soft neck.

She smiled at me and asked with her sweet, sweet voice if we could continue this upstairs. Of course dear, anything for you. She was so excited for her first time.

I held her hand tightly as we went upstairs to the bedroom. She was giggling nervously as we went up there.

We made it into the bedroom and we started kissing again, only we did it more passionately. She ran her hands through my hair as we continued to kiss.

I pulled back from her. She looked at me, startled, but still smiling. I then smiled back as I slammed my fist into her face.

She fell to the ground and looked up at me, scared. Blood was coming out of her mouth. She asked me what I was doing. I just laughed and this time I kicked her.

She cried out in pain and begged me to stop. I simply kicked her again. This was when she began to scream for help. But this didn't do anything since we were alone. That's right, her parents left for the weekend so the whore wanted me to get my rocks off with her.

I then helped her up and apologized, saying that I didn't know what I was doing. Oh how she started to scream at me. Calling me psycho and telling me to leave the house before she calls the police.

I started to cry and I mean literally cry and say how much I love her and how I can't live without her. At first she wouldn't buy it but then I started to kiss her, first on the neck and then on the lips.

Reacting to this by slapping me, she told me to get out. I continued to cry as I left, saying how I would never hurt her.

This was when she started to weaken. As I was about to leave the room, she asked me why I did it. I answered by saying that I was just nervous over having sex with her.

The whore actually bought the trash and asked me to hug her before leaving. When I went over to do it, I instead grabbed her by her throat and began to choke the life out of her.

She desperately tried to fight back. Even as she suffocated, she tried to fight me off. She thrashed and thrashed, with her black hair flying in all directions, eventually covering her face.

She tried kicking me as well as tried screaming but well… you know why that didn't work.

Eventually she got weaker and weaker until she ceased moving. I laughed and kissed her one final time before tossing her corpse to the ground.

I bent down next to her corpse and moved her hair away from her face. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth was wide with terror. Forever in death will she be trying to scream.

I love you darling. You know I do, in my own special way. I always will, forever and forever.